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1. Nayward Of Python's Silence

Yes, the Python knows your future,
Because the Daimon opened his mind.
Ask the possessed about your fears.
Time has no secrets from him.

Styx and Acheron gave their waters
Stone Idol told his recollections.
Ask the Pythron about your hopes.
He knows all your numbers.


No, the Python knows your future.
Make no doubt about it.
One keeps the silence 'cos He can't tell.
About things which never existed.

Shut up! We have no time...

2. Return From Lilith's Cunt

In the land of dreams I found
Lilith, so lustful one.

Her vagina is my aim,
Her cunt is on head

I tear vulva, I penetrate.
Into a core of Lilith

I am seized with fear
And delight of Death

The King and the Queen hold.
The table of the law

They give Me the Law
I fly...

The devil's eye watches me from dark
My own dream is myself
I don't exist on any level
or maybe world vanished around

My new birth through the long row
Of incarnations is tormenting exit
Now I am
My number is
Six Six Six

3. Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero

The Creator forgot this place
Maybe he never knew it even
Over the Fire, below the Cold
Out of the Universe


Without the south, without the north
Pole of the Abyss
Without the colours, without the sounds
Grave of the light

Icily again! Fucking icily!
Into the frozen eternity!

It's horror for each of the stars
so fucking cold for light and fire
the atom vanished, the matter doesn't exist
the hardened thoughts of the icy god
wait for me
my hell will be cold

4. The Metal Flowers

I went on blazing field
Metal flowers clanked their petals
death angel gave me his scythe
black flowers like hellish souls

Look on my vivified left hand
It's damnation for all living ones

I go into the hellish smithy
the battle flowers are needful stuff
for the casting of the fighting sword
the sword for bloody work

5. Annihilate Thy Forest

Oh! It's beautiful....
...So Beautiful...

...Like the death without life...
...Like the dawn without sun...

Like the purple woman
Like the beast

6. Saturn Sector

Direct thy antennae
towards Saturn
and receive the commands
implement them.

7. Erection of Seven Towers Of Satan

Seven peaks of satanic power
seven gates of godless hell

By power and fire you fettered the world
all earth is your foundation
the face of moon is seen from your tops
you are so old, you are so great.

O seven towers of Satan!

Dead warriors for whom war will never end
Hungry demons for whom the fire is eternal
they wait for your command to blast the peace

O seven towers of Satan!

Seven peaks of satanic power
Seven gates of godless hell
Dark arch from niger to ural
Poles of evil which remember the future

Power doesn't stop growing
Hagseeds raise from the holes
Light is sucked in by
Seven towers of Satan

8. Confession

Satanic embassy is in my heart
Black metal is flowing in my veins
Invasion on heaven is my sin
and I want to eat up all flesh

9. The Apocalyptic Sacrifice

Black Sun's beams fell on your eath
they waken those who will kill
all mechanisms are ready
for making the sacrifice of the planet

still warm victim agonizes
on zodiacal alter
the master is propitated
again we'll wait for his anger

10. Obey Baphomet

The empire of baphomet
the cold call of Baphomet

Cry of flesh and spirit
Eternal pleasure and pain
Land of endless fire and ice
timeless baphomet's dominion

Deep in the ocean and
over the heavens and stars
I feel his breath and his odour
And answer the call

The empire of Baphomet
the cold call of Baphomet

Obey Baphomet
Obey Baphomet

11. Rising Of The Cold Killer

Ice-nimbed stalker rises
on the black mountain
the bounds are behinds
the underworld is below

To the top...alone....

Lead staircase led out
from the yawning chasm
the warmth of the victims
is feeding killer's coldness
Back on the heaven
replacement of the master


Observe the supreme law:

12. A Masque Of The Black Death

[Bonus track]

13. The Number

[Bonus track]

Unholy number is the name of the beast
resplendent number emanative the black light
enigmatic number demolishing
the great and small mysteries

Kneel before six six six
Worship six six six

Loud number is the call of Satan
Majestic number of the hand of warrior.
Blazing number is the explosion of the paradise
Strongest number on the brow of slave

Kill for six six six
burn for six six six

Triumphant number is the
will of the darkest supreme
Magic number, give me your power
ominous number is the fear of the holy creature
infernal number, lead me on heaven

Join the legion of six six six
fly up together with six six six

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