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1. Baphomet

Cry of flesh and spirit
Eternal pleasure and pain
Land of endless fire and ice
Timeless Baphomet's dominion

Horror for eyes and mind
Power of past and future ages
Steel rivers and icy mountains
Everlasting Baphomet's might

Timeless Baphomet's dominion

Vital triumph of death
Logical sowing of madness
Vortex of absurd emptiness
The sun is under the throne of Baphomet

Lord of the empire of no map
Sovereign of troops of invisible servants
King of the realm of thousands ways
Master of wishes and passions and goals


Deep in the ocean and over the heavens and stars
I feel his breath and his look and answer the call
I change my soul and heart on the wings of black steel
I'm imperial subject - I'm cold wind -
Now I'm free

The empire of Baphomet
The cold call of Bathomet

Lord of the empire of no map
Sovereign of troops of invisible servants
King of the realm of thousands ways
Master of wishes and passions and goals


[lyrics by Abysslooker & Para Bellum
music by Abysslooker]

2. Under The Spell Of Black Moors


3. The Falling Of Gold Jerusalem

Crush the city of Jerusalem!

I hear the virgin's squeals from below
Just men's moan echoes through the icy vacuum
In darkness I see the cracking pearl
And flows of melted gold around

The twelve gates were blown up by fire
By fire from hell, by fire of death
No one will enter the city and leave it
Diabolic fire roasted the holy spirit

Last sacrifice
Is the final mighty battle
Nobody can find the enemy for hell
Piety is a direct way into the slavery
The end of time is the beginning of the new aeon

Wings of Satan covered the abyss of cosmic chaos
There is no second death for the Beast and hell
In burning universe
Seven angels are condemned to eternal death
By the court of the dead
Three demonic spirits and kings of the earth
Extol the victory

Menstruating tree of life is turned into ash
Its leaves will never heal the peoples
Ridiculous cubic city is only past now
And its name will be forgotten

Crush the city of Jerusalem!

"…Und ich sah die Ruinen der heiligen Stadt, die Ruinen des neuen Jerusalem… …Und einen Tempel sah ich nicht in ihr; denn der Herr, der ohnmächtige Gott, war ihr Tempel, und das Lamm. Aber sie waren tot. Und die Stadt bedarf nicht der Sonne noch des Mondes, daß sie ihr scheinen; denn alle waren tot."

("…I saw the ruins of the holy city, the ruins of New Jerusalem… I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God, the Impotent, and the Lamb, were its temple. But they were dead. The city has no need for the sun, neither of the moon, to shine, for all were dead.")

Crush the city of Jerusalem!

[lyrics by Abysslooker & Para Bellum
The last verse is taken from the Revelation to John (Chapter 21) and perverted for the text of this song
music by Abysslooker]

4. Dominus' Dusk Hammer

Titanic hammer is raised above you

Dusk light heralds
Darkness of black metal mass
In the abyss of universe,
Where stars are never born,
This hammer was forged by those
Who had risen above the gods
It is destined for master,
For dark overman

Oh! Destruction!
Domination is over each and all
Bend the knee and think away
Your follies and pride
Because this power is higher
Than your fucking understanding

Titanic hammer is raised above you

Nobody will overlive
World on world falls in nothing
This is beauty
It's worth seeing…

On and on I look into the abyss
And the abyss looks into me
My emperor
Lowers his hammer

Oh! Devastation! Supervision is over each and all
The noise from heaven bursts my eardrums
My frightened mind is beating in the cranium
I can't lower my head - I'm paralyzed by this greatness

I wait…

[lyrics by Abysslooker
music by Abysslooker]

5. The Black Snow / Dance Of The Red Donkey

The black snow
Dancing on poisoned air

White snow is one from a heaven
Black snow is one from a hell
White snow is frozen water
Black snow is volcanic ash
Cold snow is falling upon the earth
Hot snow is falling upon it
Black breathless steam is birthed by them
It's rising to heaven with poison of hate

Volcano which is everywhere
Destroy all flesh with dirty earth
Volcano which is apocalypse
Kill the good shepherd again
Death from the black underground
Come here with darkness and chaos
With the streams of the blasting lava
With the fall of black snow

Heavens cannot put out this diabolic fire
How much whiteness they would dispatch
Apocalyptic volcano woke up from waiting
Nothing can stop the anger of hell

I see the black snow dancing on poisoned air
And I know soon I'll see the triumphal dance of evil

Dance of evil

[lyrics by Para Bellum
music by Abysslooker
The Red Donkey is a symbol of Seth]

6. Seven Towers Of Satan

Seven gates of godless hell
Seven abodes of fallen angels
Seven dens of wizards and werewolves

By power and fire you fettered the world
All earth is your foundation
The face of moon is seen from your tops
You are so old, you are so great

O seven towers of Satan!

Dead warriors for whom the war will never end
Hungry demons for whom the fire is eternal
Violent winds for whom there is no rest
They wait for your command to blast the peace

O seven towers of Satan!

Bristled fortress of unleashed hate
Brilliant sickle aimed at the civilization
Dark arch from Niger to Ural
Poles of evil which remember the future

"Nor is it to be thought, that man is either the oldest or the last of earth's masters, or that the common bulk of life and substance walks alone. Seven towers were, Seven towers are, and Seven towers shall be!"

Power doesn't stop growing
End is approaching
Light is sucked in
By seven towers of Satan

[lyrics by Abysslooker & Para Bellum
Based on René Guénon's knowledge
The penultimate verse is taken from Necronomicon ("The Dunwich Horror" by H. P. Lovecraft) and adapted for the text of the hymn
music by Abysslooker]

7. Apocalyptic Dream

I dreamt that I worshiped the wind
Four spouts rushed at me
And I reached forth my arms towards them
Bewitching sounds rang from under the ground
And demons and witches whispered me that
I would never wake up

[lyrics by Abysslooker
Based on Abysslooker's dream
music by Abysslooker]

Para Bellum ‒ Bass, Vocals
Abysslooker ‒ Guitars, Vocals (backing), Vocals (on track 7)

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