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1. Reborn


2. The Last Dream

On that day flowed the river of blood
In groans tearing skies hope was dying
Every drop of this flood took it away into mud
Cold earth was crying
On that day the river of blood was flowing
On that day heroes were born their power was growing

Black chains on my hands are pulling down to earth
My blades are captured
I wish I fell like my brothers but cruel fate
With out demur dictates
I hate to live on

Quick as lighting my appeal will dash off
Night feel my will
With pain call to arm
Will pierce the mind
Again their anger will shudder earth
None will flee
They will rise to follow the call to fight

But now at night
I can hear hopeful voice
She calls to me
My fate is not to be with thee

The first sun beam
I hear the rustle you approach
I never thought I could so close feel your embrace

Thud of hoofs clink of blades storm of arrows
All as one
That was price for their death
Heroes are not to be forgot

On that day flowed the river of blood
Honor outraged was restored

3. Ashes

Cold is my yell
As cold as sites of ancient fires
Like hell
My mind is burning with recollections of great days
My spirit's just the fierce force of northern gales
It seeks to break away like hell

The flame within my soul is flaring up again
There's no more doubt in my heart no chains
Strength is my nature firm will to win has been collected

I feel approach of last and fatal battle
The sky is lightened with queer crimson dashes
I will pour out my hate and threaten
My foes my wrath my hate will turn them into ashes

The shadows gather round and
Fill my soul with gloom
They never would compound
So I accept my doom

4. For Honor

Will crimson turn with blood by night
The fields that early-dew has purified
The song of battle horn is spreading far
And makes the foes flash creep
We'll fight
Fixed on the horde are the eyes
Blinded by mist of revenge
With sunrise
With the virgin sun-beam
Our ancient war-call will revive
We'll survive
In pale moonlight I remembered my days
And listened hard to winds in leafage at night
Talking to Gods
Who were looking forward to break of the dawn

Here comes the first ray
Reflected in armors and chain
Rune inscribed by my hand
To heaven of heaven flies

Quenching thirst of their blades
To Valhalla fighting through it waits
Men of honor last and great
They stood up to their fate

Revived by the battle is fading the light
The sward will cut off your war-call from night
You did know you will be killed
And fall victim it fate
Yet never turned back from your from way of might

The beam's on thy snow white wings
You've come before I've sunk in oblivion
Epistle of heaven you're
In mist of great sorrow

Jaws of the beast have been stained with your blood
Blades had been singing in swallowing fight
Into weeping of wolves the groaning will slowly change
Fires will be made to honor Revenge

5. Fed By Blackness

Endless days he spend in vain attempts to find his calling
With the gaze that night absorbed

Like mournful soul hope that was killed was lost forever
Was cradled was consoled by blackness
Will heal never

Tormenting wound that bears for ages my damnation
Is being in heaven mourned in deep distress by angels

Mighty Father help my to find my self
So that I could see my predestination

Torn to pieces, destroyed is his perception
Hope is gone but he tries to find salvation

The light of absolution hidden by the scales
Of sufferings from his eyes shone warming his tired soul
Exhausted by everlasting wanderings
Blood did not warm the cold stone against my hope
Search for fate was cut by death

6. Odhin's Raven

Majestic and unconquered you appear to my eye
You've kept the pride of olden days

My mind is taken back when I touch you
And I can hear great seas moaning
Cut asunder by your power
In deadly dance of fire
To the lost coasts
You were taking the unconquered ancient times

And though my sun of glory set
Nobody ever shall forget
The terror of my name
And oft shall ancient heroes rise
New planets in these northern skies
Through clouds of blood and flame

The Moon blesses your grand shape with light
Fierce winds will fill your weaved dress anew
You wake up to the Gods' call
Ready for the last march
Oh I yearn for your touch

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