Dark Lyrics


1. Still Reborn

So now I see it's clear to Me
Like a mongrel discarded
Destined to freeze
A winter unknown like no other
A cold never felt
A new dominion upon Me
Commanding itself!
The fall has surpassed us My winter is here
(Can you hear?)
The shaking and trembling without any fear
Alone yet undaunted the time is at hand
Regret never noticed it is they who will stand
A trial of errors but who is to blame
The liar the silent the violence of shame
Reap the bounty of loss!
I will feed on His blood in His name
Drink in His name!
Who bringeth torture who brings Me strength
The One who leads through darkness.. Unending pain
The One who brings us darkness who lights the way
A solitary figure from two no gain
It slips away as night eats day
You can call this a life as you're living a dream
A winter discovered among Us
A cold in a heart
An old dominion has fallen now always apart
Separation. Liberation. Elevation.
Destined to be vigilant
And with intent this regiment
You will feel His wrath
But still I am reborn
Sacrifice this soul
Heat then stir My blood
Initiate His fire
They rule not My desires
I call Your name endlessly
Who bringeth torture
Who brings me strength
The One who leads through darkness
The One who makes Us stronger
Drink in His name
I am still
I am still reborn!
Separation. Liberation. Elevation.
You're fucking done..
He’s fucking done!

2. Redemption Through Blood

Dark and unseen taking the time
It has taken these years to admonish the dream
A life taking test as an order behest
This has brought Us
And brought forth the darkness
And now We infest
And like the conquerors before Us
We shall seek beyond the night
Allow the fear allow these fixtures
Permeate beyond the light
What was once lost cannot be conjured
We shall write the following chapters
This redemption through
Blood the ink of the scribe
These eyes finally opened
The unending dawning of time
The senses threaten as the fences entwine
A life taking test We envelope unrest
We are Chaos untowing your line
And like the victims soon to flourish
We shall reach beyond the night
Within the past a future litmus
Permeate within the light
And in despair You will adjoin Me
We shall write the following volumes
This redemtion through blood!
At once mistrust and dully blessed
Thee sanctified unholy dressed
Beneath Her earth, among Her dirt
We rectify to reach our worth
And rise to greet the Nameless one
Beseech the gaze I call to Thee
Never shall I falter! Never shall it be Me!
At once mistrust and dully blessed
Thee sanctified My blood immersed
In you for whom I concede!
Redemption through blood of yours of Mine
Redemption (Salvation)
Redemption through
His blood of yours of Mine
Rising rising the soul never rests
Clamps on this coffin no longer prevent
Ten thousand journeys nine hundred lives
And so it be written and finally We die
If next may be the present
The future needs to speak
The past has been forgotten
It’s burning at Our feet…

3. Eventide

I demand an answer for
I am the all knowing truth
Why do you think you are…?!
I will ascend even faster
Will you as soon follow suit?
Gorge on the blood of disaster
I’ll burn the world before
I’m through
Six million will seem trivial
Can you abide by your answer
Will you not drink in his youth
Together We walk to death
Fear no longer an issue embracing
His warmth eventide
Drown in the flood alabaster
I’ll leave your world and be the truth
Nothingness is possible!
Ficticious race imposter god
Cinders reduce you to nothing
And nothing is all…
Nothing is everything follow
Me into the all…
Another night has fed us stolen from the vine
Orgy of inception the gift of eventide
Rays of light ignite the sky in living in dying
We end while you reprise…
Gratified vilified
Read through the pages of ancients
Given to ritual feast
Selfish serving I as Wolf and Beast
Will you join Me?! We own the night!!!
Together We run to Death!

4. Seven Stars Unseen

Raven sight through the wolven eyes
One purpose redeemed as the fires feed the night
Nocturnal eternal
Left alone are you worthy of the sacrifice
Take My hand may your burning flesh envelope Me
Stench of Death this caress develope entropy
It may take another hundred years until you see…
That on this path in Death may I be free!
We have stood on the edges of existence
We have drawn back
The curtain stained with time
In the end We have become
As the serpent spit the tongue
On this path unholy liberty
Setting sun what has become
Now vanquish end of days
I Quaerere Ut Mortem Non Vitare Me
Some things are better left unchanged
Intrinsic engaged
Only a moment then the second stage…
Seven stars await your majesty
Climbing towards the precipice
A glimpse away eternity after you and Me

5. G.N.O.N.

When the fence corrodes
Which fate will you decide
Graveyards now are temples
To those who wish to die
Ever changing currents everlasting in Our eyes
My will unbroken never changing in these eyes
We will not break the circle
Burn bright the flame arise
Intact a severed head still
Bonded in ghastly symmetry
We are sinew and bone and man
Creates this test
Whats dead shall never rest
In this temple with no name
With chisel and stone fury your coffin made....
Armed in stark conviction clothed
In black and shades of grey
Draped in blood… Ceremonium
Simplify this life while reaching only Death
You’ve been relinquished
Extinguished as your breath
No more mass restriction no more faith submit to pain
Open up My sacrament I reek of days of punishment
Revel in My darkness drink the wine of terror
Insulate We must intimidate your loss becomes My gain
A manifest ordained allegiance without question
Upon your fleshen cross the crimson stain
No war without allegiance
No faith to conquer pain
Bow down I’ll urinate and wash away your name
Into the fire We rise the children of ashes
Burnt by the bond of existence and resistance
Extracting the deathgivers force
Mine eyes a blur with blinding sight
We shall urge you towards His light
Rapture is your song
The unexplained
My clarity
A given name of nothing...

6. Until The End

I am finished so close your open door
Never shall I return
Look forward to the drowning shores
Until the end forevermore
This theme requires final lasting pilgrimage
The old has become York
Total graven war
This odyssey fulfilled
What’s left to owe?
Empty hollow misery
Keep warm this leather flesh
I near the rusted industries
The steel corroded Death
These motors silent
I leave as when they left
Halfway to oblivion
Towards desert stinking breath
Total graven war
This prophecy fulfilled
What’s left to owe?
Until the end until the final score
Total fucking war
Across the thinnest air
Almost to oblivion
Will you meet Me there?
Over crimson mountain blasphemy
Sunshine states an empty place
Yet to the edge I am
We areCome aleap My destiny/
Will you meet Me there?
Total fucking war!
This prophecy fulfilled
What’s left to owe?
Dead again
Total fucking war!
Dead again

7. My Hate Is Pure

Fuck your second coming our trinity is here
I as the father you as
My son I spit on the spirit of fear
Unholy terror around Us We welcome
Our chaos as one
With hate pour the lead till thousands are dead
Endlessly seeking the darkness then We become…
Larger than life… closer to death
Sever the ties I am your breath
Stronger than life… longer than death
Spirit suffice all that is left
No constant limitation freedom from the skin
Exposing the face newly embraced
Peeling the layers within
A metamorphosis a true hypothesis
We are
Larger than life… closer to death
Sever the ties I am your breath
Stronger than life… longer than death
New is the dawn right as the left
Reign in the senses heighten Our sight
Demented invent as the day becomes night
Dethroned & uprooted I’m staking My claim
In you they will lose any hope to remain
A victim I’ll make you & take you with Me
Reliving your failures I share tragedy
One thing is certain We all live the lie
In Death may We relish no future denied!
There is no future until I have died
There is no future until We have died
Black as the past black out the present
Blacken the future no future denied!
There is no future until I have died

8. N

We are the night we are His Light
Bring on our tragedy
This beast has Quadrahorned
It’s shifting shape grows endlessly
We search the sky We live to lie
Deny Our travesty
In Our bleak december through the embers
Guide Us willfuly
In sight in body in mind insanity
A force beyond what man can see
The second it takes to breathe
Do you believe
We are all We are nothing We are one We are all
Until you take Me uphold Our fall
As I beseech thee as We are all
Until you take Me uphold our fall
As I beseech thee as We are all
As We are nothing as We are for/four
As We are all We all shall fall
We are the night His only light
Unlike christ fantasy
Thunder clouds announce His storm
& all reborn die endlessly
And you have kept Me
This is My home
Amidst your chaos never alone
As We are all as We are nothing
As We are one as We are…

9. Next Level Black

Which of thee will rest as sacred
Which of thee hast become born
And round through seven circles
And scorch the feet amongst the morn
Desperate enlightenment – I insist
Take Us through haze till We form
I swear the oath Our document
Again Our flesh has torn
A stage amongst the heavens
A shape no skin can take
A realm beyond the seven
A state above the norm
I am just dirt and feces
A species nevermore
We are what’s left no more
And for this wish forgive Me
I tread beneath your storm
In debted to the chance
We dance on tight ropes ever worn
Desolate among the burning garden
Admit this servant to take
Your flesh is Mine to take
Enraptured ensnared in your trap
Yet I’d tear off all these limbs and join You
Forever this is My quest
Raping the denizens sacrificial limbs
And for this wish anoint Me
Bathe Me in His light – as bright as night
For now accepted the trial in My sight
Spiritus nostro tuus ignis:
Pledge of the spirit hedge every bet
Darkness engorging silver intent
Blade ever red
Discourse amended needs never met
Chosen from roots in this earth planting death
Flame ever red
And for this wish accept Me
I swim between Your storm
And to this wish enlightenment
Fuck you you did not see this coming
Break the clasp We never last
Yet ask to generate no more
We are what’s left no more
Sinistra manus:
So here We are together at last
Enjoy the fruits of Our labors
Half way to six
In stature
The road is dark – yes!
Less We cannot judge nor prepare
Nor set these tables
May you have the honor
See the tapestry
Your majesty of thorns
I have made this in humble bliss
Your halls My walls adorned
Recklessly reborn
Grando mortem:

10. Under The Rose

[Bonus Track]
[originally by Kiss]

Though you may be pure of heart
And free of sin
An' though you have been chosen
To begin
An' yet you must be worthy of
The prophecy
But seek and you shall find
Your destiny

Loneliness will haunt you
Will you sacrifice?
Do you take the oath?
Will you live your life
Under the rose?

The more you hurt, the less you feel
The pain
An' the more you change, the more you stay
The same
But now before you lies the quest
At hand
And from this boy you may become
A man

Do you understand
Will you sacrifice?
Do you take the oath?
Will you live your life
Under the rose

Loneliness will haunt you
Will you sacrifice?
Do you take the oath?
Will you live your life
Under the rose?

R.G. – Drums, Vocals
G.B. – Guitars, Vocals
P.D. – Vocals, Bass
Sos – Guitars

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