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1. The Antihuman Manifesto

Humanity, filth of this world
Carcass polluting the planet
Destroying the ancient order
Enemy of nature
Brainless maggots unable
To conquer their weakness

Death! Death to mankind! Anihilation!
Extermination of pitiful race
Death! Death to mankind! Anihilation!
Full of the kingdom of stupidity and falsity

Brainless mass humiliating earth by its existence
Slaves of dogma and false truth
Cursed species full of contradiction
Disabled beings anihilating each other
By religions and false concepts
The days of mankind draw to a gloomy end
The end of pathetic work of god

Death! Death to mankind! Anihilation!
Extermination of pitiful race
Death! Death to mankind! Anihilation!
Full of the kingdom of stupidity and falsity

2. The Dark Is Coming

Ancient dimensions of pure evil, ascend into mankind's dominion
Technology is not a salvation, reliigion is our damnation

Nightmares will come alive
Fear will bring doom, hope will abandon the living
Death will reign, the dark is coming

Pain grows inside my head, explodes with thousands of razors
Each scream tears my body apart, images of the end of days
Flash before my eyes
It is near
It is now
The dark has come! Mankind's doomed!

3. Decomposition Ov Life

Overwhelming pain runs through my veins
Death lurks at the threshold of being, creating false images of heaven
Maggots transform the flesh into blasphemous entities

The burden of life shall never concquer death
Morphing into nothingness, reaking beasts of heresy
A bow to the dark

Never ending suffering lures the demons of madness
Lures the conquerors, let them feast upon my flesh
Decomposition of life, creation of death
Live and be forever dead

4. Gate To Immortality

5. Path Ov Death

I abandon my flesh
I leave my deeds behind
My consciousness enters another dimension
Funeral songs echo around
I walk proudly onto the path ov death
No return
I step into immortality

I transcend dimensions of time and space
Astral world reveals its secrets
Everything becomes a logical whole
I walk towards my dark destiny
Forever my blessing and curse

Path ov Death - The way to immortality
Path ov Death - The way to victory

My senses are becoming sharper
I discover a new reality
I travel through places and dimensions beyond reach for mortals
No boundaries exist anymore
My soul is a mirror of the universe
The land of death lies in front of me
Darkness welcomes me to its kingdom
I belong with the shadows!

6. The Void

When the flame tears up the throat of the earth
The dead raise their hands in the prayer of scream
When the razor blade cuts the white boy
The seas of blood start their symphonies
When the last stat falls
Era of the nameless void will come
When the last human being turns to ashes
Harbinger of the god of nothingness will arise on the gory sky
When the last dead child cries with a gory tear
The bastard's kingdom will fall
When millions of tears run to the kingdom of pain
Scream of the glory will arise above the piles of corpses
When flash of the nuclear triumph arises above the grey heavens
I shall kneel down praising the power of pain
When the last of saints decays on the wooden pole
Thousands of angels from the forgotten nothingness
Will stretch their arms towards the abyss
When the last of the holy books burns on the pile made of black bones
The human's body will become the cloth of history of the eternal pain
Let's praise the pain
Let's praise the tragedies
Let's praise all of what sheds blood of millions
Let's praise all that what tears the soil in the perennial fire
Let's praise the extermination
Let's praise the nothingness, because there is meaning of death
Restoration, decay, void

7. Widmo Śmierci

8. Kingdom Ov Razors

In the labyrinth of decay
My body, drowned years ago in cold abyss
My soul is crying with astral pain
Ohh, my abyss come and kill me
Of my desires come and feed my lust
Lust of cold feeling of nothing
I opened the gates of filth
Reality is forever my grave
My consciousness is burning with failed ideas
I want to forget any symbol of life
I want to forget any symbol of human kind
I am thorn in the eye of god
I am poison on their tongues
I am fear of their material dream
Death is my future
Without reality and past
I build my kingdom of razors
I build my own grave of cold touches
Taste my blood and drink my suffering
I want to end my life without any symbol of birth

9. Death Fanaticism

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