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1. Unveil The Curtain Of Sanity

And if plunge into the past, you will surely see
What horrifying death awaits for thee
Thousands of tales and speak of pain
Uncounted screams, and tortured limbs
Engulfed by the fire or frozen yet living
Hungry, diseased, or murdered in your linen!
Now think how fortunate you will be
To just wither away and never be
Unveil the curtain of sanity...

2. Eyes Gaze To A Future Foreseen

Eyes gaze as the future unfolds
To horizons, no foot set at their dawn
Whence came this fear of dying that stole all our strength?

When elders speak of broken trees
They planet the seeds for forthcoming wind

The forces and rhythms of war
Flesh dying, a separation of souls
Their eyes gaze to a future foreseen
To horizons, no foot set at their dawn

i played for thou tunes, and sang at the choir
Circled through and fro, voices coarse and sore
Woth no lips, and no strings
No pawns, and no kings
Wisdom heard never before

Immersed in blight, in horror, I've set foot in thou mind
You let me in and i closed shut the door and I reaped you apart!

No future could suffice
For what I am here to explore
When chaos reigns I shall stride through that door
To claim all those dearest, thou shed tears upon and adore
Forlorn, and shriveled
(they'll be), to the furance them all

And you invoked me before
From the midwife's role until the burier's toll
My presence grows within you all
A drawing not for all to see
You cannot resist it yet you are bound to the part I've weaved for thee
And you, you invoked me before
Hint of a doubt, turns swiftly to gore
You cannot resist it yet you are bound to the part I've weaved for thee

Till time comed and you will recall
This body you wore
Countless eons ago
To flee from one battle
Thus loosing the war...

3. A Serpentine Crave

(In) the midst of a pit where deaths-heart, beat
At the far most point
Where several world meet
In the mist, erupts passion Where motion sets remorse
Energy flows in a shapeless course
And sorrow-forged in fire

The seeds of storm
Burst and grow to become a swarm
To hammer out your dreams
With a dreadful coating

All is but a prison when the heart is confined
All is but death when deprived of pride

My thirst arose, and now loose, I begin the search for glory
When awhim become a will and paves the way to power

When in famine
The hour always comes late when fulfilling a burning desire
When touching the core and the heart of the pyre
A scorched black path leads to my salvation
This way demands great deeds
To mock fear and despair
To put an end to my starvation

"Danger glances like a sunshine to a brave man's etes"
As honor is seductive to the shamed and shallow
And fortune a stranger to the downcast, deafen by meger cry

Danger is indeed for me, a graceful jubilation

I carve and huner
For a thunderous love
A serpentine love for hate and glory

With a vigilant eye, i observe the sky
To guide me and my flock
To relive and cure our ills
An omen from above
Our steps, led by a distant staff

When time and place will come into eclipse- we will be as one

4. Sleeping By Nightmares


5. Self Loathing Orchestration

The turmoil, the tempest and the burns
The inner lament, nothing magnificent!
Screens on the outside...
The promise, the hope and the scars
The inner voice, mute, screams way out of sight

Turn over stone after stone, to reveal a scorpion
The turmoil, the tempest and the burns
A feeble glow in the dark... evoling only to descent
A stare is enough to... put them out

Self loathing Orchestration

A shaken young man
Has aged far before it's mine
Now the days have passed
When he paved his way through the lies
They haunt him at night, and reflect through his eyes
A twich caught moth
The hunter become the hunt

Whence will come serenity that
Has no death as its roll
Where lays silence that doesn't bind with loneliness to become a whole ?

While sleeping, by nightmares he is devoured
His body inhabits a dead soul, eyes empty and hollow
Awaken! Heed our call
Don't let go until you become a whole
Live thy dreams fulfill thy desire

Dream to live
And never ever cease

6. Spiritual Soul Sunset

What shall be my tower of light, in an endless night ?
What remedy shall appease my blight ?
(And) who shall come to my aid, and who shall stay to fight ?

For the fight that lies on sight
Is won within, within the heart...
No legions, no masses
Nor mob, or a knight
Just a single soul needed
Armed with passion of a love and the vigor of a child

I have not the comfort of indulging in fantasies
And as many reflections collide, clarity seems so dim
I brook no mysticism, and no romantic inwards dream

My fate now dust But shall form my epitaph
My old flesh is dealt with scorn
Yet, in another time, another place

I am reborn

Oh "truth", leave me be!
Vanish, for only one moment
For I am betrothed to thee
And thy art my murderer and umpire
Thou art my nemesis, yet part of me
I truly believe that tomorrow brings destruction
A part of me must die
And another, the soar, the fly
I truly believe, it's time to end the lie
A part of me must die, and another to burm the sky

But the death-sting shall pass over me
A lifeless life will end, without a sigh
No blood of mine shall stain the earth
My cuts are unseen, a red thread entwined between
The earthly and the courts are held up high

Valor thy bark so week...
Valor for you i seek
Oh valor, you have caused me harm
For now you are my only companion under the sun

7. The Somber Grounds Of Truth

The hours filled with a glowing light
Now seem a distant sight
As i wallow in the somber grounds of truth
The eyes are cloaked by the void within
A rough terrain reveals
And a mere glance is enough
The air itself contaminated with sadness
Sharp shapes and threatening with sadness
...all around.. ..the wrecks of passion and desire

Oh on wings of fire
And steeds of steel
Come salvation
Harmony divine!
Whatever price it my ask from me
No matter what the cost should be

It is the key to unleash my entity
Obliterating the snares before me

Restored to earth oh so it seems
A dreamer in a nightmare!
A star follow star and all are dim
Piercing a thousand holes in my soul...

Fierce beams struck my brow
The soul of Nature sprang elate
And mine sank sad and low!

My loyal archer hate
Volunteered to use his bow!

Hope indeed appeared
And brought dew instead of tears
Here a parth revealed
But it is me, left here, to struggle through the night...

Wisdom weaved a web and there it carefully laid salvation and sacrifice

8. Stride The Corridors Of One's Mind

A story about a story told before...
Questions to answer and no answers to a question asked before

What advantage does a man have as he labors all his life under the sun ?
As the wind lashes and time evades
Forth comes the wind circles and goes forth back again...
To nurse or planet an orchid only to remain with seeds again to built, and harvest thin air...
Carried away by spirits carried away...
Perennial pain, night tears, rain and the sun in her place again
Places unknown to man, and man who don't know their place
Carried away by the spirits, carried away...

The dead son of the dead
No memories of the first and the last leaves no memory
The wise is buried aside the fool
A generation comes and withers away and the land forever standing

The end is set, and so is the beginning
Rather die as a lion, then live as a dog
Rather go with a blast, and then fade to the fog
To dream all night long, and awake at a bog
Evil feeds on good, who breeds evil again

Saw the dance insane
Saw slaves on horses (and lords on foot)
Riches turn to hay
Minds and bone decay
I saw flesh burning!
The mortal coil-rendered into ash
Oh all statues stoic, but hide a brutal demise
The days of long since past... and old I have become
All that was promised has turned to dust
Hymns and prayers have come to pass
Subdued and addicted, so perplexed, alas!
And man within the mind's corridors-lost

Saw the sounds and heard the sights
I've seen the sounds, and I've heard the sights

Nothing matters but myriad moments of grace...

9. Velvet Demise

Cold, frost beaten heart
A chasm of chills

Bleeds futile Dreams
Dull all these years

A wrecked man-child collapses into himself
Just to emerge to a miserable conscious back again

And the songs of reason subside
Their voice-distant
Deep within thy depths
Dead within the deep
A silent dirge Buried inside a human casket

Strike of strike
Whip-tongue chastise
Some strangle, some chain
And other aim to burn
Until every vein and bone are crystallized

In the vast green garden where
Tears and trees and fears grow
I can be found between the pages
Where the wind of fear blows

In the bleak meadows of the past
Pain and pebbles lie low
There lies the answer to my daily demise

And I celebrate a decade of disease
1000 steps lead straight to ethereal bliss
And millions of trails lead
To this hollow-graphic hard core
Soul shredding masterpiece and none
Could aid and nowhere to run

To rise from the pyre
Another lazarus engulfed by a blue fire
To rebuild and from earth's wonders
Rejuvenate or remain scattered ashes

Yet there comes a time
When fleeting moments leave
A tender mark on the skin
And cut straight down your spine
Maybe after all this is done
And such horror-sickness will be gone
I will get "myself" back to be "mine"...

And we will claim ourselves
From the dying sons

10. Dreaming...Dementia

In the midst of a trip where mind& heart meet
At its darkest form
Where several world beat
In mist, erupts passion

Where past motions set remorse
Energy flows in a shapeless course
And sorrow forged in fire
There a diamond burning, truth appears, flaming

A void circles you
And yearns for your sleep to ever last

All your reaches for a smile
You bleed for the sweetness of a laughter
All your days for a night of lucid dreams
All screams for silence

I hear your voice and i know your pain...

Let time bend
Run or stand
Let it end let it end...

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