Dark Lyrics


1. Programming The Populous

Droves of civilians play into the plan,
It's a shame mediocrity is in demand,
With short-dime demeanor so clumsy my hands,
Hold on for one more phrase,
Lets be honest, be honest, this has got to stay off limits,
If we can't take these headaches that are bound to come with it,
Just say the word and I'll come to your coast,
I'll be the virus if you'll be the host,
Bore dumb defense for the absentee ghost,
Just slightly out of range,
It comes and goes but for the most part it's just not as bad as you once thought,
It starts to show, it feels like all of these braves thoughts are so fucking store bought

2. Sophisdecay

Will this discontent breed progression or insanity,
At least I'll have something to outlive my body,
Through the city we wonder like a dog without a collar,
I'm the same sword swallower, not much has changed,
Takers that vomits lines from dead philosophers,
But your vocab doesn't quite match your posture,
Through the city we wonder like dogs without collars,
I'm the same sword swallower, not much has changed,
And we won't be impressed by pseudo intellect,
We won't fall for that,
We won't carry paperbacks as props and never crack the cover,
We won't fall for that,
Contrived sophistication is a parasitic invasion,
When you've got no imagination, prosthetic humans,
Through the city we wonder like dogs without collars,
I'm the same sword swallower, I just keep on moving

3. The Measure Of My Worth

There is a desert in my mouth complete with tumbleweeds,
A billion grains of sand, cactus and coyotes,
There is a battlefield in my head complete with cannons and cavalry,
Helicopters overhead, and they're searching for yours truly,
Send me the bill for the mess we've made,
You survived the renaissance with souvenirs of powdered wigs and
Corsets for your cracked ribcage elegant figure,
Another living dead ballroom dancer shouting from escapes like
They've got the answer, come down and we'll converse, can you help
Me determine the measure of my worth, you know that our nightlife,
It runs into daylight,
We're the type of cats that bring an axe to a knife fight,
Its such a scene you second guess your vision,
I swear we're not dumb we just make bad decisions,
So go ahead and get me wrong, I'd rather not be gotten right.

4. Opinions Are Like Addictions

Here is an inside joke but you're all on the outs,
And that's what we're about so don't try to get in,
All fresh at the controls, stretching out these bars,
So all your hips can move and shake with the dance part,
The quickest of fixes to nurse my needs, lets survey the options,
We all know opinions are like addictions, everyone's got one,
See me you just might go home and pick a fight
Then we can rack and write without any backlash,
Another inside joke and your still on the outs,
That's what we're about so don't try to get in,
Don't push me because I'm close to self destructing,
Lets hope all these come ups don't end too abruptly,
Getting over is a nightly ritual
So keep those late nights coming with photo albums full

5. Public Art

Old west, couch bound and reaching for the reset,
Sure bet, ten to win on "sorry's not an option",
We get paychecks to help support the habit,
In debt, it's all part of the process,
We hate when conversation gets the back seat
To the cold cold coldest shoulder and you're left in full retreat,
Hey room, I think we ought to separate pretty soon,
I've been stuck, it's like the way the waves depend upon the moon,
Shit luck, that's an excuse that we've been known to use,
Enough, this botched rhyme scheme has seen enough abuse

6. Arbitrary Stimulation

This lethal spacecraft makes crash landings on the beach,
And our bodies dehydrate like earthworms in the summer heat,
Articulate reptilians pull the bodies from eroding shores,
Articulate reptilians won't wallow in the mud anymore,
Vanish we will, notice you won't, we'll pioneer the atmosphere,
Ambitious thoughts get put aside,
Street urchins with nowhere to hide,
Like arbitrary stimulation matters anyway,
When they're onto you, they're onto you,
They nursed us back to health with help from public slaves,
We danced all night and feasted on invertebrates,
So we'll remain here and blame it on the intense gravitational pull

7. New English

I'd have to say we came a long way from the island,
It was a scene it was a drunken mess,
Now do you really miss what we left,
It may seem scripted like a movie,
How they pay me to sing about what moves me,
So we act the part and wait,
We wait for our big break,
A nervous gent abusive gem another trip to the Jave.,
The lines are hot exhale your lung with something we call the fresh new English tongue,
It may seem scripted like a movie,
But it drains me, the inconsistent jewel thief,
So we act the part and wait,
We wait for our big break,
You stepped on my tiny lines but I'll let it slide,
And their sorrows on display,
Is it such a shock when you see it's all been fake

8. Born Again Virgins

Dear bad feelings, I'd say I'm through with you
Leave this body, go and find someone new,
Or retire, you've got no practical use,
We show up flawed at the perfection assembly,
Free handouts for the student bodies trembling
You can't teach a lesson on a subject that you've never experienced
And you can't just write off these nightmares likes it's a coincidence, it is not
With high fives, and back slaps, the stories they reenact,
Now tell me, and be exact, how bad you want your virginity back,
Disappointed treasure seekers dig a hold in your face,
You can live with my strangers and the gallery opening is never
Sure as the sun rises at dawn I thought that bird would always sing to me,
But this morning was a silent brick to the face dose of reality,
Not another album soaked with liquor and gimmicks
You see it streams from my grey matter and I just spit it
Like broken knuckles courtesy bar fight
Another souvenir of the New York night life

9. Employment

Please check your ego at the door
We gather to embrace our flaws, no corrections,
See I can write romantic songs,
But one on one I get it wrong, every time
Youth is a waste and wisdom comes too late,
An ambulance lights up the street,
So much for keeping it discreet, just deny
While spectators line the block
Now might be the best time to stop, and start over

10. When Future History Became Current History

It went like this, pistol Pete packed his bag and he split
He said "It's so hot and we might cave in"
So thanks for letting me crash back jump Justin
We struck again
And I'll be waiting up for no show Joe
Hanging with the smoked out savior
Seven taught me how to flow, we're on ill behavior,
You try to play it casual, let me know how far that gets you,
The bad seed Danny joins the navy eight,
And the workers always roll too late
You know that we'll be gone without a trace, not guilty
You try to play it casual, let me know how far that gets you,
You try to play it casual, I'm talking about the favoritism
It happens when you're in the loop,
And you'll be dancing to disintegration
And if the dean says that you're expelled
You know that I'll be voting reinstatement

11. Damaged Goods

I have to be careful with what I say
I'm feeling dreadfully honest and I might give too much away
The truth is best kept secret when the secret will cause you pain
To confess it with some cliché lyric, well wouldn't that be such a waste
Show me something that is free from traps and drawbacks,
They've all got the sense of confusion,
But some more pronounced than they'd like to let known,
And the problem with living in general
You can make the effort and find your own direction
But if you lose anymore weight they are going to start asking questions
Maybe they're a shortage of ways to pass the time
You keep washing down those P.M.s with the blood of the vine
Now I've seen the logic behind your decision
It makes me feel remorseful like a born-again in prison
With a quick confession you start with a clean slate
If your gods that much of a push over then I guess you'll be OK
Show me something permanent and I will show you dissolution
I know that's sounding miserable but
That's just the impression I've got

Thanks to poptarts13 for sending these lyrics.

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