Dark Lyrics


1. Chamber Spins Three

It's a motherfuckin' homicide, just deserts
A shotgun painted right where it hurts
From the inside, the ones you can trust
You got connected to a serious bust
You thought you were a hustler, a boy that was rude
But now you're in the dirt, can of underground wormfood
Stupid motherfucker, you thought you would last
Well took the wrong path, now your name is in the past

Another fuckin' lowlife connected to the first
A crooked cop on the take, nothing could be worse
Twenty one gun salute, the widow lays the wreath
The whole police department covered up he was a thief
Yeah the city's finest, caught in deepest shit
Never tought the day would come, bang, a fuckin' hit
You call yourself the finest in the city, huh!
For scum like you,I have no fucking pity


Pushing and scumming, disribute all your poison
You call yourself a man, well you're nothing but a boy
A real man works hard, starves to climb the ropes
Not killing for money, on the corner selling dope
Money isn't everything, I guess it was to you
Did you control your own life or greed controlled you
For the lives that you destroyed, so morally depraved
For the people you left grieving, I spit on your grave


So it seems, this is the system, and I'm sorry to say
Dealers pay the cops to turn and look the other way
On both sides of the law, justice has been done
Not by a judge and jury but by the trigger of gun


Everybody scratches and tries to get ahead
You took the easy way, it is easy being dead
The chamber spins three, grab the trigger then you pull it
The game is called roulette and you just won the bullet


[Chorus 2x]

The chamber spins three

2. Punishment

I question not me, it only happens to others
I can't deny reality as life gets smothered

If the lines can be read between
Maybe you can tell me then what it all means
Cause he who paints the big picture runs the whole scene

Locked down, I gotta get it out
Impending doom, a cloud above my head
Why me? My faith has been devout
Blasphemous? Am I better off dead?

Pusishment, for all my sins

A burning thought inside my mind
Has me full of pity for all of human kind
As we move forth, we fall further behind

Fear of death, will my life go on?
Controllled fate? On the corner rolling dice
Punishment, but I've done nothing wrong
In my eyes, who really pays the price

My lament, for the human race
Guilty, punishment for all my sins

Dread the day that brings the truth
Punishment for what I've done
Sentence me for all my sins
Bound in fear for what I've got
Though not much it seems a lot
Life is death and no one wins

Bustin' my ass, another day another dollar, as I kneel down and I
confress to the father that I'm suffering a burning question of
the truth, wether or not to pull the trigger or to jump right
off the roof, 'cause I did things normal and just like all my friends
but now I'm positive and life it all ends

Punishment, for all my sins, I repent

In reality, we all must face the fact that the majority
of the people are out there smoking crack, getting doped up,
shooting that shit into their veins, the question must be asked if
we have any brains left, or right or wrong in this son, a
question we all ask and must answer before long, 'cause no one
is safe in this world, what's the deal, the sentence is death and to
what court do I appeal?

Punishment, for all my sins, I repent


3. Shades Of Grey

I make now a stand for belief that I'm steadfast
In hating all of the bullshit you give me doubt my future, present and past
Who are you to infringe your values upon me, I've learned the hard way
Stepping on my toes, you've put my back to the wall, my back to the wall

I've been told a thousand times to give respect when due
Why do you find it so hard to believe I've got none for you
It's my heart and my mind that I'll always follow, I will not break
Nor will my balls, altough that I've seen that you've tried
Why are people fake?


Maybe you're older, wiser on your own right, it's your mistake
I'm gonna do my own thing regardless, my choice to make
I am real, in touch with my feelings, and I know my place
You have shown, on the other hand, both sides of your face

I see the world in a different light
Things not always black and white
Through all these years still, to this day
My hardened eyes see only shades of grey

I would never try and tell you what was right from wrong
Maybe that's why you feel that I don't belong
Always put me down for things I've said and done
Can't you see it's a war that can't be won


A war that can't be won

Living in your world seems so clear and concise
Shutting out reality makes everything so nice
Paint a pretty picture black and white everyday
See my tattered canvass bleedign shades of grey


4. Business

I'm fed up, I've had it up to there
Tell me what is good for me and my career
Fuck you and your selfish advice
You've never been loyal to the same things twice
In your sheltered little lives, you don't know the scene
Doing as you're told, puppets of the big machine
Changing faces, revolving door hypocrisy
Who do you work for now, yeah, I see

[Chorus I:]

Music's for you and me
Not the fucking industry
You fucking tell us what is cool
You see we came from different schools

You got no crowd but you got a big push
Kissing asses till your pride turns into mush
You might change your style for the record company
Fingers down your throat, you heave your integrity

You're weak, give it up, throw the towel and the flag in
And get your pussy ass of the motherfuckin' bandwagon
Never for a minute were you real in the first place
So far up someone's ass you got shit on your face

[Chorus II:]

Music's for you and me
Not the fucking industry
You fucking tell us what is cool
You see we came from different schools
To us it matters what you say
Not the fucking games you play
You're full of shit, it's plain to see
The whole damn fucking indrusty

If you think for a minute this song's about you
Step the fuck back, cuz it's probably true
The message in the music is the reason that we're in this
Music is for you and me, not the fucking industry
Try to tell us what is cool, we came from different schools
It only matters what you say, not the fuckin' games you play
Full of shit, it's plain to see, the whole damn fuckin' industry

[Chorus II]

5. Black And White And Red All Over

Fascism, the epitome of ignorance
Listen up, I'll give you a for instance
People go hating for the color of skin
Won't they learn they'll never win
Play nto the hands of the media vultures
We must learn to unite our cultures
Violence constantly tears us apart
Show the world that we've got heart


Blood is spilled on black and white
Different colors, why do we fight
Face the facts, stone cold sober
Black and white and red all over

Thousands die and kill each other
Someone rapes and stabs their mother
I think it'ssick to count the death toll
On and on the media rolls
Drive by shootings, homicide
Nobody cares about the mother who cried
A family's grief stepped on by ratings
Understand why I keep hating

It makes no sense for us to be pawns
In the chess game that the media plays

If the streets are where you run
There you die, why? Find yourself a way out

Black and white and red all over

Ruling out the positive and any hope for peace
This will only kill morale, paper sales increase
This shit has got to cease

Black and white and red all over

Believe half of what you read and half what you see
Put two and two together and you'll have reality
Can't you see my reality?


Turn on the TV and what do I see
Killing, murder and blasphemy
Rape, arsan, robberies
People die of incurable disease
Crashes, bashes, people on crack
Scandal, war and heart attack
Always strife in the middle fucking east
If war sell papers why don't peace

6. Man with A Promise

A man with a promise smashes down my door
He sees a future with me, he's gonna give me more
"Give me all your trust, I'msure you won't regret
Just sign the dotted line, and I'll do so the rest"
He says I can't make it alone, not without him
But I've always been on my own, he doesn't know who I am
And now I'm starting to see just what you are to me
A parasitic leech of my life


You feed off the art that I bleed
You're a man with a promise but you ain't shit to me

A man broke his promise and he wants reparations
He sold me up the river, cause me grief and frustration
I gave him all my trust and got stabbed in the back
A lucky motherfucker that he hasn't yet been whacked
You ain't no fucking artist, spend your life exploiting others
Try all you want, you can't break me or my brothers
A business man vulture,no honor, no class
Take your money and your lawyers and shove 'em up your ass

[Pre-chorus II:]

You feed off the art that I bleed
Numbers to you is just pain to me


Now the tables are turned
Can't you see motherfucker that you've been burned
You're a man with a promise but you ain't shit to me
You ain't shit to me


[Pre-chorus II]


7. Disease

I found a way out, a solution inside
From the things that are bathering me
It's been too long since I felt htis way
From your sad life I broke free
Don't ever think that you ripped me apart
And walked away with a price
Cause you can not penetrate my cold heart
ANd fill it with your disease

I wonder now how I lived before
Deaf, dumb, dead and blind
I moved my life forward and I'm never goin' back
And I've left you far behind
There's a lot of things that I've now realized
From the way that you treated me
It's bullshit and it's hatred you epitomized
You were blessed to have been with me


You filled my life with your disease
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees
Disease is flowing through my veins
I'd rather die right now than live in pain


Looking around at the past and the present
Things are so much better now
Your misery wanted my company
But you can't keep a good man down
Whatever made me want to be with you
Is something I can't understand
Cuz if I never saw your fucking face again
I'd die a happy man

[Chorus 2x]

8. Urban Discipline

Growing up I've seen a lot of shit in my time
I've seen hunger, hunger, pleasure, pain, violence and crime
I have learned from the mistakes of my friends that have died
And from those who have gone down in life that just never
Life is just too short I realize that now
I'm gonna get my shit together and try to make it some how
Cause one thing that I have learned is that you only live once
So now I'll take life by the balls and squeeze until they crunch

Knowledge of the streets, a valuable tool
Type of education you can't get in school
Many hard times, losing friends, getting burned
Nobody to teach me, I just learned
A man like clay molded by his surroundings
He starts to take shape of the beating and the pounding
Assembly line that I've been through
A hard motherfucker with a bad attidude
Maybe its just the times we live in
Maybe its just urban discipline

The ways of urban life are not as they seem
Standing up and fighting is what living here means
In order to survive you've got to earn your respect
The only lessons that you learn are from things that you regret


[Verse II]

Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens
Standing up and fighting is what living here means
In order to survive you've got to earn your respect
The only lessons that you learn are from things that you regret

9. Loss

Not even for a second when he wake up did he ask
If today was gonna be his last
An average day in the middle of a life
Terminated by a sharp knife
Killing, spilling the liquid blood
As his boyz found him lying face down in the mud
You might say this song is in poor taste
But I must discuss the waste

[Chorus I:]

Of lives of friends that I have lost
Who pays the price, who pays the cost
Can't cry, just anger till the end
It burns inside to lose a friend

Walking thin lines, anything to cop a dime
Labelled habitual, a loser three times
Just fucking' around, knuckles bloody to the bone
Whatever, the future's unknown
Unless you believe in predestination of fate
The letter read termination
It was fucked up I couldn't make out his face
Through the blod, what a fucking waste

[Chorus I]

[Chorus II:]

My friend was there until the end (my friend)
Can never be replaced
The pain that I taste (It's over)
What a fucking waste

[Chorus I]

Cold blooded murder, suicide, another body laid to rest
Untimely demise, homicide, my faith is put to the test
Is there a god, sometimes I just can't believe
My friend who is dead was shot and then robbed
Something quite hard to conceive
People dying everyday there's got to be a better way
The losses blow my mind away, the stain of blood will always stay
Like the memory of a friend who stood with me until the end
The losses blow my mind away, the stain of blood will always stay

[Chorus I]


It's not for me that I grieve, but for the families left berieved
I question whether life is fair, I wonder if I even care
We think we know what life is worth until they lower us beneath
the earth
Mother crying, forever hurt, my face like stone I shavel dirt

[Chorus II]

10. Wrong Side Of The Tracks

You're a fish out of water on the wrong side of the tracks
Gather up the boys to come and take your back
We stand all together against the opposed
We'll die for our brethren, that we have chose

On the wrong - side of the tracks
On the wrong - side of the tracks

Escalation, war in the streets
Catch one sucker and he gets beat
What you see is what you get
Soft motherfuckers will soon meet their end

On the wrong - side of the tracks
On the wrong - side of the tracks

And when you're in fuckin' Brooklyn
You best watch your back!

It took you damn long
To hear me sing this song
Cuz I'm the motherfucker from the wrong
Side of the tracks

Yo! Hey I'm from around the way
You'd better not stray on the wrong
Side of the tracks
Ducking from the 5-0
Didn't know where to go
Never should've stepped on the wrong
Side of the tracks
Hey! Yo cuz I'm good to go
I gotta get back from the wrong
Side of the tracks


Across the tracks
No one takes your back
Across the tracks

The boys in the gang
Want to see me hang
Well I had my bells rang on the wrong
Side of the tracks
Strapped, a broken pact
Caught in a trap on the wrong
Side of the tracks
Wrong or right, I had to fight
I ran for daylight to the right
Side of the tracks
A lesson to learn
When the tables are turned
YOu might get burned on the wrong
Side of the tracks



11. Mistaken Identity

Looking through these bars and wondering why I'm here
Accused of a crime I did not commit and the police make nothing
Stipped of my rights by the words of another
Locked in a cell with my victimized brothers
In this country, the land of the free
I'm an innocent man arrested guilty

I stand accused, innocent of the crime
Not yet been sentenced but I'm already doing time


Mistaken identity, handcuffed face down
Mistaken identity, my freedom gagged and bound

Surrounded by convicted felons, locked down in this cell
What did I ver do to earn this living hell

Busted by cops in need of a collar
Eating donuts four to twelve to earn their dollar
In this country, the land of the free
I am an innocent man arrested guilty

The criminal justice system plagued with dishonesty
They should judge themselves instead of crucifying me


A pussy power trip throw me in the joint
I feel sorry for you because you're missing the point
You picked the wrong motherfucker and followed it through
Let the hammer of injustice fall on you


You have right to remain silent
Was the bullshit that he said
Put your hands where I can see them
Make one move and you're dead


To fill a quota and treat my life
Like a number or a statistic
Make once innocent youth outraged
Angry and ballistic

[Chorus 2x]

12. We're Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)

Early man walked away as modern man took control
Their minds weren't quite the same, to conquer was his goal
So he built his great empire and he slaughtered his own kind
Then he died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind

We're gonna die
From our own arrogance

13. Tears Of Blood

I sit and pick my brain each night
With an axe in my hand held tight
Bity my nose to spite my face
Killing myself, I can't escape the rat race
Wallowing in neck-deep misery
Quicksand dissent, pressure free
Deepest wounds are self inflicted
Should I hope to be vincited

Always alone, society's abortion
Self mutilation, the daily partion
Resentful past breeds hopeful future
With tears of blood, I remove the sutures

Dying inside, emotions they hide
Irreperable damage from the tears that I've cried
I climb from the sewer, the years that I have
Self mutilation or my environment

[Chorus 2x:]

Tears of Blood, Tears of Blood
I cry, I cry
Tears of Blood, Tears of Blood
I die

Deny myself for fear of being
Is it over now, has my heart stopped beating
Lying here just self defeating
My mind is empty, it won't stop bleeding
Twisted anger screams my brain
Over the edge, I hang in pain
Mouth locked shut my mind won't swallow
With tears of blood alone I wallow

No one to blame except myself
What you call masochism I call wealth
Maybe its just a matter of pride
Too sweet to end with suicide

Peel the scub, pour salt in the wound
Torturing myself, I'm forever doomed
Looking east and west each and every moon
A peaceful rest comes somebody soon

No one to blame expect myself
What you call masochism I call wealth
Is death life and do we live in hell?

[Chorus 3x / Lead]

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