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1. The Tragedy Within


All the mornings that passed
Gathering a grief to last
A new pain is born
A misery with no demise
Just a tragedy within

Many years of my life
Moaning to their divine
And the mourners i've seen
Are struggling in between
Their forgotten days... and the days to come

No words that I have
About the unknown of life
Nothing can take me (out) of
My blasphemous life

Another day had come

God is waiting... We are bearing
A day will come when no one is wrong
And a life had passed
With no one to regret the cries we lived
And the times we've lost

And I know a life will be reborn
A young sky will witness
All what I've said and more
Will be repeated on thy soul
Until the end of time... Farewell

2. Beyond Inner Sleep

It won't be the same for those who have seen
Endless lies and truth in between
Words are burning down and deep
We're left with sympathy, so true indeed.

Their sleepless eyes and plagued dead souls
With thoughts born in heaven and those rose from hell
As hard as it seems, darkness has never been

Painful and deep, shameful and real!

In his world the power lays deep... fragile drained and broken
His wish will never be served... crying the tears of the dead
Ashamed there lies his pride, wounded with cruelty

Darkness awaits, death shall take him high... just felt his blood devoured
Lord will leave him to suffer; his soul was taken away... On his knees he lies.

Let no man deny the truth, we knew he lived in shame
The end is closed on him, eternal Darkness he sees
Seeking the light in blackness, his eyes are nearly closed
And the pride he had in him... lost in the dark forever
He took his last breath as his soul is fading away.
Looked back on his life, it was only me

We all shall bleed!
In our sleep, we lay down and see
The pain crossed our times...
And the suffering begins.
We all shall bleed!
In our sleep, we lay down and grief
The moons we've lost...
And the misery continues.

3. A Deadly Path

I'm standing alone screaming today
To hear the wind, the breath I'm gonna take
Screaming silence with no words to say
Just a meaning of this empty way

The words came out in a non-spoken way
Embracing the silence and last over days
No one is hearing what I have to say
I'm with my soul and myself in my way

We are fighting together
For right and wrong
My soul is dying
And death will take her

After she's gone all what I have said
"Nothing will stop us from ending our way"

Now me and myself are trying to end this misery we live
Seeing the dark path life is giving
Myself is too weak to fight and live

The light we are waiting for has gone
There's only one way...
To die while we can take this exit
Myself had gone now
What could I say?
It's just me now...
With no one to share

A deadly path I'm taking to the end

In this moment I'll say:
Nothing will stop me from ending this way

I'm meeting my lost ones at the end
My soul and myself
They are waiting for me and that's where I'll be
At the end of today
On my deadly path

4. Passage

As I Follow My Dreams
As I hear the sound of the wind
As I look behind and know My End,
In this forbidden skies
Into my Dark Passage

5. Dead Emotion

[originally by Paradise Lost]

Struggle with emotion
Feel the pain burn deep
Within our nerves
The mourning of lost life
Commands our actions night and day

The foul realism is unleashed
Upon the earth we'll bleed

Banish all fond memories
As the lord beckons us to judgement
Degeneration is close at hand
The mortality coil is weaker
The pain is close to heart
Now leave the ruined world to your god

The kindness of deaths grasp
Relieves us from the pain

6. Hypia

Days of joyous pain are passing
Alone I drowned in my existence
She's trying to understand .. .our life
She looks deep inside... where lost souls hide

It was never as dark
And I can see further... when I close my eyes
Far beyond the oceans of time
And am dying with shame

That hollow love I'll give for you
I'll stay with you for a while... then I'll go in my way
You'll reach under my skin and hide from your fears
Alone in the dark awaiting the sunrise to end our journey

And many moons of sorrow are passing
Fixation upon this everlasting nation
Towards this dark side of living
Days of joy ended

This time I'm searching for my Life
These days will come... to remember
Upon the forever land
Days of joy

Days of joyous pain are passing
Far beyond my eternal sleep

7. 2nd War In Heaven

And there were angels
Who could not accept the lifting of man above them
And like Lucifer, rebelled against the armies
Of the loyal archangel...

And there rose a second war in heaven
My war in my heaven

And there shall be a dark soul...
That will lead other souls...
And become the inheritor
This soul will not rest in an angel, but a man....

And there I'll make my second war in heaven

Above these words... I say
Over my body of clay
Touching my dying hands I'm close to my war to reveal the
Truth of which
We'll follow...

And like the first time with fear...
Our souls drowned for many years...
And then, this war shall end
In heaven

8. A Desire To Leave

[I. Obscurity]

I wish I could escape this insanity
And with an everlasting light live through eternity

But I know the sun will leave the earth. Swallowed by darkness and no rebirth
Despite the weakness I survive, I just hope I could stop being alive...

"He knew this day would pass
And the night will fall bringing
All the darkness into his mind
And as the suffering begins
He enters his nightmares
And wonders if he could ever leave"

Why should I endure this cruelty?
And this cursed darkness of monstrosity
In your hatred my dreams are all buried
And the taste of death revives in slavery
The breath inside my chest screams for purity
And now the flesh is left in obscurity
Alone crying with a shameful poverty...

[II. Surrounding Hell]

Release your helpless soul into my demise
And feel the sweetness of your painful cries
In this path I deliver the demons
To guide you towards the restless regret
Of surrendering your life to the darkened one
The discouraged have lost
With emptiness they'll rust
With ego I shall rule you
And leave you to sink in this surrounding hell...

[III. ...Of Living]

At the moment he thought he'd lost it
It decided not to lose him
And as the new dawn approaches
He could see the bottom of his grave
All lightened with fires and darkened by shadows
But then he could feel the heat in his veins
And hear the wet leaves whispering
For the merciful gods to light his inner darkness

Hani Al-Abadi ‒ Bass
Baha Farah ‒ Lead Guitars
Rami Haikal ‒ Rhythm Guitars
Ramzi Essayed ‒ Vocals
Ahmad Kloub ‒ Drums
Waseem Essayed ‒ Keyboards

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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