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1. Humans & The Dark Affiliation

2. Blooded Forest

Doors wide open...to the deathful faces
Previous days are burnt away...
Breaking the edges with no victory declared

Will bravery live...will bravery die?
And justice shall cry!!

The trial continues ....bereavement is yet to stand
You know your destiny
Shrouded with beauty ... your voice is loud
Though everyone is deaf

I can hear the resonance ...the sounds of rain drops
Tears of angels ...
Drifting away ...
The sun light is so far ...
Like a dim in the mists ...

Will dignity live? Will happiness die?
And then I shall accept a lie!!

Who will live forever...I can find no answer
I'm searching for your essence ....
The source of life
Waiting for the white knight to come ...
And tear down the fence...
The throne is more likely to be yours
You were killed by betrayals...

Darkness is so weak ...fought by the dead
Living souls ...dying once again
Resident fear ...smashing its heart
The blood runs down like water falls ...

Will you live? Will you die?
And be the lords' only bride!!

3. The Dead Sea

Humans falling into the cursed land
The Blood running in me won't be disgraced
I can see the blackness taking Place
But the time of my skin is near the end

Now this is what I will need
In this salvation that I should bleed
We walk into the silent lake
To end the way in a dying sea
Start a life where the ship gives birth
And then drowning Deep in the Dead Sea
And this is what I will need
Only from your skin I shall feed

No more pains from abhorrence
For the rules of humanity
Souls were sold, to their life divine
The forbidden reasons that must be said

The place was damned upon Thee
A life time curse Blasphemy
Through ages the stories were declared
More tails I'll say on that sea

Days Proved the No exist
Plague had come with no mercy

Am a Dying Sea

4. Ebtehal

A Dark Raining Dream, Alone a soul is crying to her beloved god
Before the sight of dawn, screaming the holy words will curse the darker ones
And take out the cancer inside her heart.

The pure heart screams to god,
Please god hear me now
Please god with your holy words
Please god you are my only salvation
To free what's left of my soul

Please god you know the truth
Please god end my misery
Am dying from what's inside me
Oh lord please forgive me
My long last escape from the world I live within.

A new born has touched the earth
He cried from what he had seen
A land filled with darkness, filthy blood spread on his hands
You took his soul from me, an angle he better be
To serve you lord forever and watch my land to burn...

Raised from dust i felt him, burned to ashes i saw him
As clear as your sun...dear lord i need my son
The light of day is near and my words will reach the sky...
The day ill rest in peace with my only wish to have
My life again together with my beloved ones

"Rest in peace my child...and close your tearful eyes...a new day has begun"

5. Inoculate

Darkness is taking a human form
I never imagined "that" the eyes of god will be there on us
And we will survive... "Ingrained"
The souls are protecting us...shelters from the end
Our own flesh and blood,
...Our forces affiliate.

Humans we are inoculated
Into the dark forces of death
Into the sound of souls essence in fear
Into the path to the end
Into the Flames till they burned

One sided war has begun...the spirit of evil and the soul of light
Never ending battle we live in but then it's a war within us
And I hold my final breath for the moments remains...
Sacrifices were made.

Into the bleeding dark we embrace
Into the pain of days
The last souls of us
Into The plague
Into the mind, into the grief

Into nothing we'll remain... Never Ending

6. Pure Wicked Sins

I'll hold my heart and cry with my faith
Forgotten, From destiny by my pain
The only sin that has no birth
Her beauty has gone, Left burning brains

Stealing the sound of hopeless creation
Feeding their pain with a frozen stone
That punches the blood of impure imagination
With the black rose of sepulcher cone

The roots of dark are on her grave
The sins of perdition are on her waves
The story of death is on her nave
Shall blaze tonight in a choky cave

Her beauty, Her skin, Her eyes, Her lips
Made from pure wicked sins...

7. The Stone Of Hate

In Silence

"The burning flames...behind this cold black stone
A scared child ... dropped his rage on them
A desperate Need...Hate is screaming inside
What else to come?... A divined Promise...
Words that have been written in blood

A Black misty vision...The description of life
Truth, it's clear as the sky filled with dying souls..."

BILOCATE - Sudden Death Syndrome was recorded between December 2007 and March 2008 By BILOCATE.
Produced & Arranged by BILOCATE
Co-produced, Mixed & Engineered by Jens Bogren
Mastered at Fascination Street Studios, Orebro - Sweden by Jens Bogren
All Lyrics by Ramzi EsSayed except: Blooded Forest by Waseem EsSayed, Pure Wicked Sins by Abdullah Al-Khaldi
Music by Bilocate & Music on "Humans & the Dark Affiliation", "Pure Wicked Sins" and "The Stone of Hate" by Waseem EsSayed
Drums by Ahmed Kloub & Waseem EsSayed, Recorded by Ahmed Kloub & Digitized by Waseem EsSayed, Engineered by Jens Bogren
Guitars and Arabic Oud recorded by Rami Haikal & Baha' Farah
Bass recorded at "The Phexagon Studio" with sound technician Mohannad Bursheh, Amman - Jordan.
Vocals recorded at "In The Mix" studios with sound engineer Nash Planojevic, Dubai - UAE.
Keyboards, Percussion & Pianos recorded & Engineered by Waseem EsSayed
Pre-production and editing by Rami Haikal
Art Direction by Dennis Sibeijn & Bilocate
Illustration, Digital Arts & Layout by Dennis Sibeijn, Amstelveen - The Netherlands
Bilocate logo created by Christophe Szpajdel, United Kingdom

Thanks to igor.davkoski for sending these lyrics.

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