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1. Infinite


2. Destined To Destroy

Go to war
Fight for peace
Politics fail
History repeats

Innocents dies
Underlying greed
Who pulls the strings?
On violence it feeds

The machines destroy freedom
March on battlefields without reason

Mankind's history soaked with bloodshed
Kingdoms rise and fall from the stench of the dead
Human nature is violent at its core
Destined to destroy ourselves we go to war

The noose is
Around your
Fragile neck

To how our world is a wreck

Fix the scope
On tyrants
And watch them scatter

Evil, greedy
Money, lust
The power chain is shattered

Lives of the poor burned on the pyres
March on battlefields for all the liars

We will fight
We will fight
We will fight
Destined to destroy

3. Condemned To Suffer

This feeling overwhelming me
Had taken over my mind
But now it has left
Just as quickly as it came

My will was broken
And all my love had turned to hate
Not onto you but to this world
Which will never be the same

Empty and alone
My soul becomes much stronger
Test my will you cannot break me

Brought to your knees I strike you down
Nothing can change my mind
And through the hate I still feel the loss

My love, Became, My hate
My love, Hidden now, I walk alone

Darkness becomes my home
The only light in my eyes
The fire that burns deep
From within my soul

I did everything I could
But it was never enough
And though I could never betray
We both know what it was

This power that I feel inside
Am I in control?
Or am I just a slave
Just another pawn

I try to forget all of that
And just think of you
Everything cycles back
My endless torture

4. Scraping At The Boundaries Of Existence

I can feel the cancer growing
Scourge to the ancient code
Perfected through infinity
It mars the preset mold

We try to see forever
Designed to doubt our ability
The mind rot with disease
Enigma to our sempiternity

You feel the forces
From beyond within
Still you are unsure
It drives you insane

Something always wrong
Festering beneath the surface
You strive for control
Your senses deceive you

Scraping at the boundaries of existence
Confined by your conflicted perception
Scraping at the boundaries of existence
Evermore a slave to reality

The cancer spreads
Malignant, life in constant wane
Breakdown of the purest creation
Is there ever end to the pain?

In search of blissful eternity
Mask to the greatest suffering
Perceive a greater power
Fall into the dark nothing

Curiosity compels us
To seek out answers
We try to breakthrough
The wall just thickens

We contemplate
Our own eternity
Random perfection
Or infinite pattern

5. Through The Gates

In the day I fear the light
Afraid of the dark in the dead of night
No where to hide, no place is safe
Except here where I stand, inside myself

I wound myself again in my search
My blood a path for you to follow
Through the gates of Attrition
Repentance, I feel so hollow

Come with me I need you here
By my side the lonely and sorrow
Through the gate of attrition
Apathy, we may be gone tomorrow

My screams are never loud enough
Not to drown you in my sea of confusion
Despite all the hate and hypocrisy
Your insignificant, your nothing to me

6. River Of Hate

When you've lost it all and you
Can see that there's no turning back
All alone curse this life try you might
But you can never have it back

Waiting in line to cross
The five rivers to hell
Caught in the glare of Charon
His lifeless finger points to me

You may not pass
Unless you pay the obol
Wander through life
The underworld one hundred years

Sorrow and dismay
River of woe
Grief and regret

Wander through life without purpose
Like I wander through the underworld
I did not pay the toll
And posses not a golden bough

Alone with the sorrow
Consumed of the flame
Will my journey ever come to an end?
The five rivers behind me

Burns but does not consume
River of fire
Forget your past life

Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon, Lethe, Styx

The river of hate
The river Styx
The river of hate
The river Styx

Now at the gates of hell
You alone will find what lies ahead

7. Black Future

Trying to contemplate an end
And see a path that leads to it
Question the will to choose

Is that which we do ours to decide?
Or does the past predict the final outcome

Are we ever really free?
The events precedently
Affect the subsequent
There is no change to the infinite

Fate is determined
Free will is an illusion
Nothing you say or do
Has ever been created by you

I see the future and all I see is black

The sands of time have been prescribed
By that which remains unknown
Your future turns to stone

The writing cannot be erased
The past is final no saving grace
Your will be done mechanically

No point to life its all a mistake, continue with no end

Suffering or bliss
Irrelevant is this
Pay the perfect price
Free will for all time

I see the future and all I see is black
Black as the night
Never ending life
Black Future

8. Vile

Vile, putrid hate, fills my veins
Damn this life, absolute distain
What purpose do I serve here?
Awaiting death I no longer fear

Born we are never free
Confined to our own reality
Cast down in suffering
Damned to exist eternally

I can't stand this place any longer
I'd revel in its destruction
To see the end you must know the beginning
Hopeless is the cycle

Sever the life from my senses
Cling to the instinct to survive
Lye in darkness await renewal
Endlessly carry on

I create, and self destroy
Bleed the hate from my veins
To cleanse the impure I defiled
Truth can invoke the change

Always wondering why
Unable to embrace this life
All colour recedes while
My hate consumes everything

9. The End I Become Death

A force beyond comprehension
Upon us now
Pure evil unstoppable
Here to decimate

No good you'll find here, none
Burns your eye to see
Your destiny, comes to be
Through me

Are time has come to an
End and you will not repent
For there is no time for
Your god to save you... now

Armageddon they'll call me
Nothing further from the truth
Your pathetic race
Has no word to describe me

An entity above all else
Only impure thought
Your destiny, comes to be
Through me

Are time has come to an
End and you will not repent
For there is no time for
Your god to save you... now

I am the one you should fear
I am the bringer of tears
I crush your world with a thought
I make you bleed till you drop

I am the end...

10. ...Perception


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