Dark Lyrics


1. Intro


2. Medusan

A journey through a world of mental exhaustion
I seek a new path into your world once
I considered the weakness new ideas are open to extraction
there was a time when these words were unspeakable
but now the waves of unworthy cowardice bearers scour the grates of the most worthless
how could it all come to such a devastating end
that we could form a manner of speaking of knife wounds
I would like to get to know your wounds
and embrace the ashen remains of you these possibilities of impaled heats
impaling this heart of stone is impossible for at one time your medusan image
reflected upon it pure as the fallen snow undone by bloodshed
and when you walked that path of burning statues without hesitation without remorse

3. Idol In Human Form

How could this be all that was held true now is burned under suns of madness
ruins of the beautiful structures graves of the fallen angels
the angels that sang your name
I am burning my memories they are too painful
I am burning my memories for they are killing me
like a blackened earth barren and desolate
so I find absence in harsh words why can't I remember
it as a moment of trust when the words that redeem
strike me with former thoughts
I relax my soul fire in the earth and in my heart
the relative circles and the intertwined majesty
the only way to enlightenment was through pain a birthing
ground for disaster when the words that redeem
strike me I know it can only be a dream
I felt her will to be reborn and daybreak
destroyed me wishing away the deeds of the pasts
throughout times in the earth maybe an end will erupt from the earth
and swallow us all let the eruption take place
I want all of it to burn to prove my dedication
I will prove myself worthy screaming for closing worlds to burn
it was always deep inside now it has died

4. A Potent Wind

A potent wing lies helpless away as a burden
a potent wing lies worthless forever seen as an anchor
accept the world as a war of the ages to expose the softest and embrace

nothing rears are scorned with zealous rage emotions are hidden away
a breath taken is a dollar lost and madness mistaken for ambition
hordes of whores tear through the symptoms
like maggots upon an early grave
moral boundaries smashed to nothing
worlds of grief collide
endless seas of heroes died
flood the earth forcing the illusion away
for the shortest time a potent wind flows breathless
spreading sickness to human crop
a potent wind blows callous true being lies in ruin

5. Faceless

6. Awaken

Awaken from dreams that are not my own
to experience a mass of expulsion
wars pouring from an empty figure
the spirit of time is abandoned
I walk the earth searching for stars
I blake the victims for what they've lost forever
in wails are true feelings trapped only to search
beyond pass over the one who frees you and shun the essence of life
to escape the air like a bird of prey is to live forever
I will not leave you behind

7. A Homicide Divine

Disgust drives deep into my flesh and the lightest of day lifts me into your longing
to live surpassing our standards and once again falling into your final branded
the weak I fell it burn I see the fire beneath you eyes your hate for you leaves
these scars bleeding imprisoned myself in your narcissism
I am surrounded by words that mutilate my mind
and beneath my skin your lies clot within turning my insides
cold envision your blood streaked across the tiles drying
like paint around my hands battered I lie on the floor as a child coming closer
to death I wonder what makes me chant conquered
you've left my aspirations I fall with your help we abolish creation
your hatred is for yourself your rain lashes hard upon my shoulders
I fall to my knees wishing that you could see yourself

8. Lift High The Banner Of Falseness

Blackened earth and sphere pronounced stronger than before
it bleeds for all reason it bleeds for the earth and sun
I cannot recall the choices that taste of relief
feel the essence choices made out of pure lust
dull the concerns for the universe is lost will I join the circles of madness
or will I nurture the ghost the illusion of repetition
is no illusion to emanate for earth and sphere wasted
flesh and the sphere of light combining the earth and
its retribution and I become the signs of lust dawn of war
and flesh-ridden spheres scourges of truth and if so it ends
I grind the statues in my madness
I have forgotten how this fells but
I cannot learn from ashen wounds and corruption incarnate
banner of falseness fire-cleansed flesh dull the
concerns for the universe is lost warring mentalities will hear me

9. The Birthing Apparatus

Focus in the ourward direction the chaos direction
I expand in mental conquest and burst like a spore
cloud into the populous no destiny too great
an infinite journey in all directions
look to the south and recover the worthlessness
all will feel the force emanating from my carcass
a fall of mankind's everything no one will understand
nothing is left dissolved by the immortal conscious with burning
hands clasped around the birthing apparatus and spilling from its convulsing tubes
I worm into a hiding spot and worms join me in death only enlightenment
the flesh a tome of strength and the mind beyond the limits
destroy the body and embrace the universe to the reprisal of stars and spirit

10. A Subtle Texture

A subtle texture subdued by continuous motion
to prove a from previously nonexistent
illuminated by one's own mark exclusive to specific motions
these are motions that can only be emulated in their truest form
by their creator
this cementing one's own individuality in the medium
which acts as the true root of human existence
in this state we can create and understand our nature
purified and devoid of clutter
that consumes free thought
the physical manifestation of betrayal
lies in the surface area
mentality with nothing to anchor to
there is no hope reaching for an epidemic
to strike the world and free myself
trapped by an ever-changing countenance
with a static mentality an abundance of lust
finds its way into the beautiful world
and taint the sexless whore
an illusion of hope beckons
who will answer its call
who would answer at all
on and on into the world
devoid of life never forget what they did to you

11. Outro


Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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