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1. Promise

In the beginning...
God promised to Me
That My life would be My paradise
...So far it's been Nothing but the Hell in disguise

2. Snakes And One Heart

I'm the one who survived
From the daylight into nightmare
Oh, can you be my savior
In this endless and sleepless night in time
when I can't be the prayer
Just hold my hand and be mine

I'm hiding behind disguise
That's why I'm lost and blind in my paradise
I'm living my ideal life
That's why my judgement is to live behind daylight

I grew up in a place where light use to stay
Oh God, I swear it was heaven to Me
Now my mind is like the mind of a werewolf
I want to kill it what I love most

I know who I am but who are you
The silhouette of my bitter deja vu

The prisoner without jail
The bride without veil
Two against My heart
Snakes and one heart

I'm the one who has survived so far
From the pressure of snakes with one pure heart
I can't never realize how much it will cost
That's why my paradise is lost

3. My Cradle

Oh, there was a time
when I reached the sky and you were only mine
Now is the time when you tell me only lies
I know now is the time
when you leave me and I'm a child again

You make me face my first day alone
I can't handle it
You make me build the shelter above me for cupid
'Cause everytime when I cured my heart
You took another piece away

I remember you and your hand that rocks my cradle
'Cause you were the reason for my failure
Your hand that rocks my cradle
Because of you my heart is so pale

I will not survive from the labyrinth of your heart
Tonight I'm not sure when I finally face the light

Please share your kiss with me in this abyss
Now after midnight it's raining outside
You're laying on a floor
and I feel I want to die for you

I let this be my sacred prey on my secret path through the time

When all the flowers that you gave me died
In that time it's easy to cry but so hard to smile
And after all, I rebuild my shelter for cupid
I was stupid
But when I can love again

I still remember you...

4. She Wants More

Fear...My body is shaking
My head is aching
My tears are falling
Shame...My mind is collapsing
She was My score

I'm in this weird place
I know I'm so unsafe
They keep on asking for so much more
I think I've been there before

After absinthe
My mind was blank
Now My heart is colder than winter

I was there between the Adam and Eve
I was third wheel in the garden of Eden
I was the snake in Paradise
I was the reason for lust in Eve's eyes

'Cause She wants more
And I knew She wants more

Tears...Are falling from My eyes
They will undress My ice-cold disguise

They'll uncover My heart
2000 years are far away from the time
when Our kiss became a scar (of mankind)

I'm in this weird place
I know I'm safe
but They keep on asking for So much more
They know I'm here...On and on

After absinthe My mind was blank
That makes Me shift through this all
...All once more

'Cause I was there...
Lies are easy to bear
'cause I was there.

5. Loneliness, The Usual Pain

Every night when I close my eyes
I think I'll never face so much lies that I've faced
Loneliness, the usual pain
I'm so far away from grace
'Cause You never embraced Me

When I'm alone...I remember that part of Me grew inside You
When I'm alone...I remember that part of Me died inside You
I m afraid...threaten by the empty walls around Me
I m so afraid...threaten by the dirty thoughts inside

Just yesterday...You said You ll love Me forever and I believed
Just yesterday...I saw You laughing but You laughed at Me

Mind and heart betrayed and used by love
Lies against trust 'til death do Us apart

You lay beside Me but it feels like I m alone
You put Your arms around Me but it feels not the same anymore

Abandoned, unborn...is Our love and the fruit of it
Abhorred, buried...That s Me, insipid

...And while I sleep I m with You
And the sweet unborn child of Mine.

6. The Vow

On this road...
If You stay with me I ll promise
that you ll never be alone
'Cause with this ring I ask You to be Mine

I do

Beyond that road...
I'll stay with You
and I ll always light Your way in darkness
'Cause with this ring I ask You to be Mine

I do

7. Predator's Bride

When I saw your emerald eyes
First time in My life
The sweat filled My own eyes
When I touched You for the first time
Now My heart is beating the rhythm for Your funeral song
The same song was the tune for Your happiness

The song in Your wedding
When hell was above Us
When You said "I do"
When I prayed for forgiveness

This is Me poisoned by the deadly spider
While You're the predator s bride
You use to worship the black side of sky
and tear Our love away from Our sight

I keep on dreaming, hoping, praying without You

I use to put My trust in You
but Your heart was like the wickerman for unholy god
Until today...I saw You hanging from the roof
like an unpainted portrait on a wall
Why You gave Yourself away
Why You gave Your life away

For the love that makes You bleed
Now hell is above Us
You said "I do" I prayed and now I regret

Now...You may kiss the bride.

8. The Place In Heaven

I remember those days
and the holy serenades and Your golden age
When those fools believed
that Your light can cover the shadows of night
but one weak mind in the fear so blind
The truth was hard to find
That blind trust became the kiss of a betrayal

He is searching the truth forever
The place in heaven or palace in hell
After sundown He and noose together
far away from the place in heaven

You say "I don t believe what I see"
But there is no one else who I can be
Cause there is so much to do with His reasons
To be somebody else and see You have to disagree with life
and survive those four different seasons

On and on...year by year...
on and on...tear by tear...

The looking glass tells
the beauty is just an illusion
When You'll face the truth You will cry
The same tears that I've cried

I'm in Your mind to stop His second coming
That will raise Me to the top
And when You stop loving
the golden gate is sealed up

I remember those days and the separated ways
Where You walked with Your people
and I m sure I was not alone
When I felt the heat
the great burning of Rome...

It's His truth forever
His place in heaven or palace in hell
After sundown His town together with flames
far away from the place in heaven.

Thanks to juice_x for sending these lyrics.

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