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1. Intro

2. Void

[feat. Remy Provencher of Obliterate]

Now, there's no one holding us back.
I can show you how easily I can break necks, you coward.
I'll prove you everything you have ever heard.

This is real.
I'll make sure you never heal.
You'll beg me to stop when I make you drop, cunt.

There's no way I won't end your days after what you did.
You should've known that there's no one here.
I don't know what came through your mind
Thinking you might have the upper hand.

I'm not sure you're ready for this.
You shouldn't have accepted to fucking face me.
Say goodbye to your mommy,
before you came in here to fucking fight me.
But you know it's too fucking late.

What is running through your fucking mind
When I'm pummeling you with the rage so blind.
You came so unprepared and not a second will be spared.

Now that there's no one left to help,
I can show you how easy it is to end you.
I'll hit you so hard that you will be left crippled and toothless.
I won't show any feelings from hearing you squeal,
Except for this grin as I take away your last breath,
from your cringing body.
There's no one here.
What came through your mind?
You thought you could bring me down?
Think you had any second thoughts?

You won't get to live the life you had.
You must keep looking forward and accept your fate.
It's too fucking late
I won't let you go back
There's nobody that will make me stop.

3. White Noise

The images of my past mistakes
Reminding me of my filth
Rotting from the inside
Digested by sin my mind is going in reverse

Hear the sound

The lack of sound revealing the true nature
Of a wretched man I am facing what I deserve...

Make the bitch squeal.
Show me who you are.
Make the bitch squeal.
Show me who the fuck you really are!
The feeling of my dick
Rotting through every orifice
grinding slicing her throat using her fluids for lubrication!
I don't regret my action and I will do it again!

4. The Puppeteer

Chained, concealed.
Locked up in your mind
Every word she says will tighten the bind
These illusions are not letting you out.
With her own inflicted distorted reality
She pulls the strings attached to your lifeless body.
You can scream your lungs out if you please
Your freedom in our hands obedience is key.
How I possess the knowledge of the puppeteer
Is that she had her grasp on me
Feel the grasp of her illusion
Welcome to the puppeteer's delusion
...puppeteer's delusion....
She is the key to your freedom such a malicious demon
You can scream but the keys are
..the keys are with the heathen.
Feed the grudging puppeteer
She grows as you drudge in fear
Feel the grasp of her illusion
Welcome to the puppeteer's delusion!

5. Wanderer

[feat. Tyler Shelton of Traitors]

The blinding sun awakens me
All I hear is the screeching noise of the lost souls begging for mercy.
I hear the sounds of desolation, and I fear I follow the noise to reach
The chaos walking around my area.
I hear the sound of desolation, and fear I follow the noise
To reach the chaos
As the sun beats down upon my face
I awaken to the noise of lost souls begging for mercy.
Dissonance through the silence, I hear the screeching, now
I'm hypnotized and mindless.

I am surrounded by chaos and the sounds of desolation.
Lost souls beg for mercy, for total decimation.
They're all still here lingering, shifting and moving gruesomely.

I've realized they're also following the discordant commotion.
Dissonance, through the silence, I hear screeching.
I'm hypnotized and mindless.

I am not a sheep
But this sudden siren has me in a trance.
My soul is not to keep,
I am just a lost soul. Lost soul.

6. Death Sentence

I am what's left of a man
I hate myself everyday for what I do, what I did.
I don't believe myself worthy of any attention, any song.
What I need is a rope around my neck, and a delete button over my existence.

A couple years back life was simple and clean.
Love who you love.
Fuck who interfere, then you grow up and realize fuck everyone.
This ain't a game it's a death sentence.
The second I see sunlight it means the end of the tunnel.
Believe me when I say it's the end.
Your body is a tomb.
Let your feelings and thoughts get through the body
Even healthy is worth nothing
Except for a glorious place in the... grave!
My life is the remains of a broken man's dreams.
Kick the chair fall down. Cracking sound. Done.

A couple years back my life was simple and fucking clean.

Thanks to Fred.Habib for sending these lyrics.

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