Dark Lyrics


1. Worship The Fire

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Infernal heat sweeping over the earth
The summoning of the Lord
A diabolical and impure birth
Fires raging without control

Scorched flesh and burning limbs
Ashes darkening the sky
Cries of torture, screams of pain
As the ones of Jehovah die

Hail and Worship the Fire
Heed the Devil's Desire
Hail and Worship the Fire
Light Lucifer's pyre

In the dephts of the flames of Hell
Where the Demons dwell
Souls are tortured in the fires of Hell
There's no return you will burn

Burning corpses covering the ground
The stench of death fills the night
The flaming dead, to Hell they descend
Eternal torture for the ones of light

Total destruction, death and pain
As the flames come to life
Satan's soldiers make christian blood rain
They cut through flesh like a knife

2. Under Satan's Spell

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Cursed blood in the chalice of death
The dagger is raised to the sky
A sacrifice of a newborn child
Demons gather as the chosen one shall die

On the altar the blood is spilled
The sacrifice is done
Ritualistic cannibalism
Giving strenght to the Devil's sons

There's a fire burning within me
Scorching my soul
Unholy reign of chaos
It's taking control
Soulsinner, soulslayer
Damn me to Hell
Infernal Majesty
I'm Under Satan's Spell

Candles are lit in the ritual chamber
Incence fill the air
The stench of blood growing stronger and stronger
And demons from Hell appear

An infernal orgy of mayhem
A sadistic feast
Ritualistic cannibalism
In honour of the Beast

3. Victim Of The Cult

[Music by Vargher, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr]

The Masters of Darkness and Death
We've seen through your lie
The Demon steals your last breath
We'll teach you to Die

Trapped in Chambers of Hate
You'll pray for your life
As the Cult seals your fate
With Lucifer's knife

Victim of the Cult

Children of the Devil
With Blades of Steel
Legions of Satan
Who bears the Hellcult seal
Sons of Damnation
With lust for Sin
The Underworlds pride
Infernal Evil Within

The Masters of torture and pain
We've risen to reign
Raped, you lie screaming in vain
We're fucking insane

4. Rise Of The Antichrist

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Burning winds, raging flames of Hell
Demonic Evil is on the rise
I'm here to slay
He's come to reign
Lord of Evil, damnation is near
Jehovah weeps as his creation sears

The spawn of Satan growing stronger and fierce
Demonic forces mock Jehovah's tears
I'm here to slay
He's come to reign
Burning winds of blasphemy
Seals the death of Christianity

Rise of the Antichrist
The demise of the feeble Christ
Rise of the Antichrist
Ends Jehovah's lies

5. Sacrificed In Flames

[Music by Vargher, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr]

Flaming pyre of Evil, in the darkest of night
In the Valley of Hinnom, the pile of corpses burn bright
Lined up for the Fire, awaiting the Offering
Mothers cry in despair, fathers fall in the summoning

Sacrificed in Flames
Souls without Names

Children thrown in the Fire, hear the high-priests roar
Dark Lord Moloch's desire, this Night they'll please Him once more
In the Valley of Hinnom, where the Fires are burning high
To the Valley of Death, bring all your infants here to Die

Sacrificed in Flames
Souls without Names

BURN! In the Fires of Hinnom they burn
Sacrificed to Him they burn
BURN! In the Fires of Hinnom they burn
Sacrificed to Him they burn

6. Hell's Triumph

[Music by Vargher/Dmon, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr]

In the Ritualchamber, invocations are read
The cult poisoned by mystical herbs, incantations are said
Recite the spell inside the burning Pentagram
Cups are held up to the sky, filled with blood of the ram

Bring before us the sacrifice, the one to be slain
Daggers held up to the sky, we take a life in Satan's name
Powers of Hell, Infernal beings of Blasphemy
Bring Damnation to earth, misantrophic sorcery

Hell's Triumph

In the Ritualchamber, in the stench of the dead
A Demon rises through the darkest of mist
Called forth by the Blood we shed
Powers of Hell, Supreme Demonic Birth
In the Name of Lord Lucifer, bring Hell upon earth

7. The Rippers Return

[Music by Vargher/Blackheim, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr/Blackheim]

As the Ripper returned from the Dark
With a strong urge for Blood
Seven deadly blades, with the Devil's mark
Satanic tools to slay the ones of god

The Ripper's Return
You're going to burn
And Die by the Blade in His hand
The Ripper's Return
Nowhere to turn
Blood is spilled all over the land

You try to hide, but there is no escape
You're one of the dead
By the Ripper, your soul was raped
Your christian blood runs red

"As the first knife, rode the wings of the night
The second one sunk into a sea of flesh.
While the third knife gazed into the heart of men,
The fourth one reflected the horror of midnight death.
And the fifth slaughtered all the women and children of god,
While the sixth blew out all other candles of life.
And finally, the seventh knife is now staring into the eyes of

As the Ripper descended to Hell
Called by the horned Lord below
The Hellcult unleashes His ungodly spell
All victims are tortured in Hell

8. Bewitched By Evil

[Music by Vargher, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr]

Hellfires burning within my chest
Darkforces now takes control
Bringer of Evil, never to rest
To Satan I've given my soul

Burn in Hell

Forcing myself upon those who are pure
Raping their souls with my hate
Hellbent for torture, I'm Lucifers whore
They scream but it's always too late

Victims left dying and writhing in pain
My secret is still left untold
The ground is all covered with bodies I've slain
The prophecy is soon to unfold
Powers of Hell, I'm under the spell
Possessed by the Demons of Night
Father of Hell, I'm under your spell
The children of christ I will fight

The Devil's Son - Bewitched by Evil
Unholy One - I've risen through the gate
The Only One - Bewitched by Evil
The Devil's Son - To earth I've come to desecrate

9. Prayer Of Desecration


Vargher - Vocals/Guitars
Wrathyr - Vocals/Bass
Hellfire - Guitars
Stormlord - Drums

Recorded in Wolf's Lair Studio
Label: Osmose Productions

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