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1. Blood On The Altar

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Tonight the circle meets again
Listen now my friend
Your time has come to die
As we cast the spell of death
You'll suck your last breath
Black-Magic in the sky

Blood on the Altar

As the black candles burn
The christian cross we´ll turn
Invert, upside-down
Hailing the Beast, the darkest flame
We'll recite Thy hellish name
And trash this fuckin' town

Blood on the Altar

2. Hallways To Hell

[Music and lyrics by Blackheim]

666 Black Candles burning bright
Your guide to walk into Satan's light
Obey His sins under wrath and might
Enslaved forever below an earthly height

...You're Doomed now to enter the Land of the Damned

Hallways... to Hell
Behold the Infernal sight
Hallways... to Hell
The christ in you we'll fight
Hallways... to Hell
No more colours white
Hallways... to Hell
Trapped in the Devil's night

Down the pits of a malicious paradise
Where the Flames purify truth to lies
Heaven shall kneel before Satan's rise
Holyness shall be trampled on as feeble mice

...You're Doomed now to follow the Bark of the Dark

Hallways...to Hell
Evil Blood never dries
Hallways...to Hell
Horror and Fear in your eyes
Hallways...to Hell
Christian faith melt as ice
Hallways...to Hell
Destruction and Death rolls the dice

3. Demondawn

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

King of all Evil, rise from the Deep
Infernal Majesty, who made all saints weep
I kneel to the altar, come forth through this Night
Oh prideful Lord Satan, grant me your might

Winds of Damnation - Bringin' Desecration
The storms of our Master - Satanic Disaster

It's the Dawn of the Demons
When days turn to night
The Dawn of the Demons
The decay of all light

The Fire burns, in the darkest night
They've gathered here, to fight the light
Clad in black robes, praising the Lord
To the Sign of Hell, raise thy sword

4. Night Of the Sinner

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Lustful screams, the altar is wet with sin
Orgy of perversion in the night
An abandoned church, the ritual is held within
Naked bodies seen in the candlelight

It's the Night of the Sinner
Of the holy and pure

Blasphemy, a congregation bound by fate
Sacrifices in the night
Mockery, scorning christ with hate
Souls filled with the lack of light

5. Satan's Claw

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Fire-winged legions
In shelter of darkness They ride
Possessed by Evil
In the shadow of death They hide
The Devil's Demons
They ride by their Master's side
Troops from Hell
They'll make you wish your children died

Women of Sin - Fall to your knees
Cursed is your womb - Marked by the Beast

Infant child
Into the Realm of Fire born
Satan's slave
The chains will never be torn
Fertilized seeds
Into the Abyss they fell
The Devil smiled
His claw dragged 'em down to Hell

Women in grief - Damned is your spawn
Cursed is the womb - Scarred by the Horned

6. Hellblood

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

The Flames of Hell shall rise
And burn the angels wing
Look into my Demoneyes
Watch the death they bring

Satan - Raise your Fire in me
From christ, this world will be free

We cast the spell of Blasphemy
To summon spirits out of Hell
We chant satanic sorcery
The bells of Hell will knell

Father - Raise the Flame within my soul
Lucifer, you are my Master

* We're the Devil's legions
The Horde of the Blackest Fate
We´ll slay the twelve disciples
With our hellish, burning Hate
Lords of the Abyss
Bring us all your Might
Open wide the gates of Hell
And burn this world of light

[* - vocals by Wrathyr]

7. Beastchild

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Fire-fucked, in league with sin
Spawned by flames, He grows within
Gonna bring this world to it's end
To the depths He'll then descend

Born through Fire
Infernal Desire

Eyes of fire scorching the earth
The ground bleeds flames, a satanic birth
This world is swept in infernal veil
Armageddon's here, darkness prevails

8. Cremation Of The Cross

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Hellfires blazing through the unpure night
Churches left in ashes, consumed by Satan's might
Thunder and lightening, flames reaching for the sky
This is the Age of Evil, men of god shall die

Unholy Fuckin' Evil
Cremation of the Cross

Churches and temples are burned to the ground
Demons dancing in the ashes, round `n round
God's men are fleeing but get trapped in the spell
Triumph of Evil on earth as in Hell

Unholy Fuckin' Evil
Cremation of the Cross

9. The Night Stalker

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Prowling the streets, dressed all in black
As he enters your home, no turning back
A soldier of Satan, determined to win
Slashing your throat with an infernal grin

Honouring the Devil with human lives
Possessed by demons, on evil he thrives
"Swear on Satan, swear you won´t scream"
The last words you'll hear in the knives´ gleam

A reign of terror, people living in fear
He's walking in shadows, the stalker is near
Corpses are left battered, stabbed, shot and raped
Noone can escape the Night Stalkers fate

A pentagram in blood is left at the scene
The mark of the Beast, showing where he´s been
A servant of Satan, living for sin
Lucifers child, Hellfires burning within


10. Sacrifice To Satan

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Hear the choir of Demons sing
Angels of god ripped wing to wing
The Coven's gathered, incantations read
The virgin cries, let her blood run red

In the light of the Candles she shall die
In the Name of the Devil she will die

Sacrifice to Satan

The altar is soaked with virgin blood
A sacrifice to our Horn-Crowned god
The dagger is wet with her blood so pure
Her soul is lost, the Devil's whore

In the light of the Candles she lies dead
In the Name of Lucifer she bled

Sacrifice to Satan

11. Hellcult Attack

[Music by Vargher/Blackheim, lyrics by Vargher]

We attack with spell
The mighty cult from Hell,
We Attack

Destruction, death and pain
The victims blood shall rain,
As we Attack

In the Name of the Devil
Of the Hellcult

The Torment rises strong
In a grave you belong,
As we Attack

United with demons we stand
Under Lord Satan's command,
We Attack

12. Pentagram Prayer

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Indulge in the art of profanity
Reject the word of the sacred one
Indulge in the art of blasphemy
Hail Satan, let it be done

Vargher - Vocals/Guitars
Wrathyr - Bass
Reaper - Drums

Guests: Blackheim

Released: 1997
Format: CD/LP
Runtime: 41:27
Recorded: Studio (XL Studios)
Label: Osmose Productions

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