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1. One Walking Mountain At A Time

Coward, you talk big when no one else is around. Manipulator, who got your back now. You've burned every bridge you created. How can you expect to go anywhere, when nowhere is all that you know? Through all the lies. I still can't believe I have compassion for you. I feel your anger swelling. Hatred has over come. Because I wont' cave in. We all been there before, but that's no excuse to stay stuck where you are. Pick yourself up and set your sights towards solid ground. Follow me onto the path of new beginnings. And walk through fire with me. There is strength beyond this world. More glory than you can imagine. A love greater than all of us. I found strength and glory beyond this world. Tell me, what have you found, in the darkness of this world?

2. Reconciliation

This is my life. And I refuse to let you take it from me ever again. We all know how this will end. I've grown so much since then. Back up and know your place. I've seen it all too many times before. To the point I am running out patients for you. I can't handle this anymore. You played your worth out, until there's nothing left. Nightmares and horror stories, flood my dreams with memories. Reconile, Coexist, but don't give in. Now, this is me finding who I am. In this newfound freedom. I am finally free. This is my life and I refuse to give it to you. I will not endure, the pain you caused me, anymore. Back up and know your place. I've seen it all too many times. That I have run out of patients for you. Burn all your memories. There's nothing left to see. Except silhouettes of broken dreams.

3. Aerials Are For Kings

This is where I draw the line. From hear on on out. You're with or against me. One by one they fall they don't understand what it takes to be a man. Their hope is falling. Faith is weakened by the lack of morals. All they know is know is indecency. Shoved down their throats. They don't deserve the false path they've been shown. Force feed them violence. Hearts beat with bitter blood. They know nothing more but their sins and hatred. On pedestals they watch their brothers die. they can't see their insecurities. The best example that they give, eye's show nothing more than the full extent of the wretched hypocrites. They try to call me out. I am not like you I will never cave into the lies.

4. Barry White vs. Bobby Stratton

Tell me how bad you really want to hear these words again. How bad do you really want to feel this warm embrace? Of what it felt like, to be whole. This can't be what you planned at all. It's clear that you have lost control. Turn and face me. I want the truth. I'm sick of hearing all these lies. Spare me, the excuse and get to the point. I didn't take your life from you. You shape your own destiny. But you lack the common sense you were blessed with, to see the path that's in front of you. There's nothing left to take from me. I'll wait on you, forever, I'll see you through anything. Grace is in your grasp, but you have to want it. Before we can pick you up and put things back together. After you struggle, after you break. You'll never be the same. And we are not afraid. We are not afraid. When tomorrow breaks, we won't be the same. I want more, than just a broken promise to myself. I want more, than just the disappointment that buries me. We want, more than just a feeling. We want more, than empty words from empty hearts, from empty hearts.

5. The Next Level

Oh my God, what have we done? To be blessed with such a privilege, the right to make a choice. Between right and wrong. The option to succeed or to fail. We don't deserve the right for our human flaw. And I am thankful for every breath I take. I can make an impact. Everybody in this room. Get up! Get up! There is something more to this. Let's move! Let's move! We are not stuck in the past. I am living proof that over coming failures will make you much stronger. Now it's time to show that you can make an impact. Let's move!

6. Enticer

Searching for that light within the darkness. This world will do nothing but drag you down. I know there's more to life than what I've seen. It's so easy to lose focus. I fall to you. As I fall into darkness, save me. I'm numb and I'm broken, call me. As I fall into darkness, save. You are my salvation. Help me find a way to grow to rise up and overcome. Help me find a way to see through the destruction that I've done. I know the battle rages on. The war has just begun. Our struggle seems to never end. Still searching for the answers on my own. Forgive me I am just a man. Through every trial and tribulation. I'll never lose focus on you.

7. To Infinity And Beyond

Another day goes by wasting away in a make believe world. You keep on pretending. Nieve ignorance can't hurt you. What have you become? Nothing more than just a child's plaything. Makes you question, were you even really at all or are we just imagination? My ego blinds me. Set your sights to the window of opportunity. There is a way out. I won't give up now. I know someone out there still needs me. I could fly if I wanted to, but I chose not to embarrass you cowboy. I don't fly from grace, I fall will style. What I lack in confidence I make up in denial. Now hold your horse spaceman. I am the one true, the original law. And don't you think for a second you'll replace me. I've been here since the start. You are a toy and nothing more. But no matter what you have a friend in me.

8. Momma's Boy

Through these many years, you have always been there for me. You have stood there by my side, when no one else had my back. And I am proud to be called your son. I will never take anything you've done for me for granted. Through the best of times, the worst of times, this love will never end and I will always confide in you. I hope you know, you never let me down. One thing is for sure. You made your family proud. I understand you did the best with what you had. You already gave the best gift of all. Unconditional Love. This one is for you, my mother dear. No matter what I will always be here. Words cannot express the extent of the legacy that you'll leave behind. I understand you won't always be here, but you'll live on through us. And forever in out hearts. Mother, I hope you know you were an angel sent from God. To watch over me. I will give my all for you. You are the reason why I still exist.

9. I Am Not Ashamed

God, what if I died today? Would I meet you tomorrow? Could my presence introduce you to all? To be your light through the darkness. Could you grant me strength, to convey? That you are greater than any sorrow. So God, what if I died today? Would I meet you tomorrow? Father, what if I died? Could I meet you tomorrow? Could my life show, that your light could pierce the darkness? Could you give me strength, strength enough to convey? That you are greater than any sorrow. And I am speaking of the one true God. Giving praise to his place of worth. All confident. I am not ashamed. So my our lives never be the same.

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