Dark Lyrics


1. Renaissance By Death

2. The Invitation

Freedom is nice
So why do I lock myself in chains?
To live in sin is death
So why does it reign in my brain?

My God of mercy has heard my cry of desperation
I seek His face to free me from this lustful perversion

No more no more
Can I live this shame
My thoughts, slave of depravity

Pleasures of wickedness is offered unto me
Impurity's dominion is calling out to be received
The invitation, an offer of sensual gain
Extended arms of death, self control falls to be slain

Plagued with sorrow
Reaching for false dreams
Lies have filled my head
I must run instead

Grace has freed me
Why I feel this need
To go back to a way
Of false love I've played

Resist the devil, he must flee
Resist the touch, God save me
Break the control, upon my mind
I'm freed indeed, the past behind

The idea of pleasures
Is not always what it seems
An enticing way of seduction
Has a wage to be paid

The world revelling in their pleasures
Is inviting with appeal
But the devil through this lust
Come to destroy, kill and steal

3. Fallen Deceived

Indescribable sounds of horror
As another screams to die
Rising up in sorrow from hopelessness
As millions in anguish they cry

Heckling demons mocking their victims
Emotions given to fear
As they ever burn in the presence
Of the father of all lies

All I keep hearing
Over and over again
Is I could've gone to heaven
And escaped eternal torment

Some have been here thousand of years
With no ending to come

We pray for final death
Free us from this pain

The deception of hell is a realization
Of a lie found too late
As the saints go marching into heaven
The unrepentant will receive their fate

Peace and treasures
Is what they'll enjoy above
But we'll all rot in damnation
Since we've turned away from God's love

4. More Faith Than Me

Hey Madalyn
Why are you shooting rubber bands
To scare away the lions
Tell it to Ann Rand

Hey Nietzsche boy
What got in your head
Turns out you were wrong
And only Freddie's dead

You have more faith than me
You have more faith than me

Hey David Hume
Your statements make me pause
You don't believe in miracles
You just believe in first cause

Hey Jean Paul
Write another play
The truth exists and so do you
And you can't make that go away

We did not follow myths
We did not follow lies
Proof of the resurrection
Stands before your eyes
Professing to be wise
They have become fools
External power have been seen
You are without excuse

Hey Charles Darwin
It's a natural selection
If it's there and no one can see it
It escapes detection

Hey Mr. Skinner
I hear you today
It doesn't matter if it's true
You had to say it anyway

5. Escaping The Alter

Once upon a time there was a modern fair maiden
With a lifetime that looked ever bright
Last of pure and innocence was her guard
Yet she's open for attack

But wanting excitment she sought
To fulfill a desire deep inside
Now comes a decision for love and forgiveness
She said, "I don't need this foolish Christ!"

Instead it was time for a dive into life
To see how far she could go
Throwing away her freedom
She's looking for her chains

With a heart turned hard, back to a way
That could save her life
She ventures out in a curious fashion
With no caution or fear
To see what she could find

Huh? What kind of story is this?

Recriter with crafty evil
Looking for their prey
There's an evening of high evil approaching
Thieves of lost and lonely children
Sbatching lives for deadly gain

Feeling secure
In a crowd that gives you welcome
Friends who you know
But you don't know

She loves their mysterious ways and the presence
They bring to her life
But what she doesn't know
She'll prove curiosity killed the cat

"Sure I believe in Satan"
She exclaims with unstable thought
She goes through a door
And can't get back through
Now the test

The night came
When unspoken wickedness became reality
Before me they showed
Their truest evil and every form of lust, perversion and blasphemy

With hunger for more
I scream, "I can't get involved in this!"
They smiled, "you're already in
And soon you'll be the main event!"

The night has come, ceremonial alter
Waiting to be painted with the blood of the weak
Black robes surrounding the sacrifice
To be slain in white
Her body and blood brings them power
They hunger for the feast

I can't express the horrors
And sadness of this place
As hell itself is visiting
Through a five pointed star

I hear chanting sung by demons
And a choir of despairing void
As they prepare ceremonial alter
For their lord Satan

I'm running for my life

A despairing victim with no escape
I caught and returned to the alter of death

My face to the black sky
Winds begin to stir
I lie a wait for my fateful death
There's a dark one now I can see
Waiting to take me down

I realize the life I could've had
With the God of love and power
But I turned and spat on his face
And sought a foolish desire

There's no winner in the game they play
The killer and the prey
Will burn in torment
Screaming and pleading I beg for life
Then I stop and only cry

The draw and encircle
About me for the time has finally come
Oh Lord, please God help me
The dagger's coming down!

6. Assassins In The Midst

No tall tales time to understand
A sinister clan has a master plan
They're dedicated to evil intent
Into vulnerable lives is where they're sent

Their cause
Is hate
They'll prey
On the weak

Perverting values and God they abort
Morals and order their goal to distort
They pray and fast in diligent attack
For the pleasure to see a righteous man turn back

God's power
They shun

Sent to the chapel on an early Sunday morn
Just to show the arrogance and scorn
Demonstrating defiance determined to mock and resist
The satanic visitation is easy to be missed

To see
The church
To fall

Families in disarray
Senses attack
Of indescribable strength
Who will fight

Your mind's
Off guard
Off God
They'll kill

The marriages seemed to have a chance until one arrived
To offer immorality and infidelity disguised
Molesters and abusers watching over our little ones
But all accounts invalid because they're the young?

They know
The game
To discredit
To shame

Danger lies in waiting for destruction stay
Disbelief their victory as ignorance doesn't pay
No fabricated story or paranoia fear
Just the assassin in the midst knowing they're near

Don't discount the satanic alliance sent to deceive
Darkened disciples are plotting domination to achieve
Wisdom and discernment is where the battle's won
Allowing God's intervention let his will be done

7. Mortal Flesh

8. Stroll Thru A Wicked Age

To him oh shame, they're children, piteous babes
They slay their blood, they poured out in his name
With wailing cries and tears and rue
Called sadness need as pain they knew

The land of old centuries past has a story to be told
From a time known as the iron age to the present secrets they do hold
Scotland, Denmark, Ireland and the British isle shores
Home the history of Druid worship and the Celtic tales unfold

Darkening themselves with grim understandings of mystic Celtic gods
Blood thirsty for their ritualistic slaughter they commit human life
To death they fall in wasted form to appease the earth and gods
Burned and slashed and drained of blood they're given in vain with ease

With grim grappling they reared this wind worm
Rain racked ring of late
Someone digging found a drift of white pebbles
A bronze knife and children's fire charred bones

Circular stones erected as a place of sacredness
Arranged for their temple of dedicatory offerings
Monumentarily built thousands of years before the Lord's birth
These stones cradled little children to their incinerated death

Beltain fires burned a blaze atop the hills
Waiting for offerings they kill for the sake of the living
The fear of sickness and famine compel to dance this ceremony
The sun and the moon is for them death and life as they pass
Their fateful tears through this wicked age

Intervening the church witness the need for reform on their Godless pagan day
Yeilding to these calendar high points but people yearn for these festive times
They change the name of their holiday to assume Christian status
Will they forsake ceremonies of old, do the religions of the seasons fade away?

Now a day given much feeding as children dress
For trick or treat but under false lying pretense
Is the Autumn festival of Samhain
Funny how we celebrate the innocent slain

Through wars and age the practice seems to have passed away
But traces of that dark culture still surface today
Our culture plagued with fear and superstition as true evil
Burns it's way through the age, will it's never ending
Destructive touch find a place in your life?

Our ancestry to these spirits
Life was given so life could be sustained
And forthright season by season, death by death
Through that brief generation
Of that departed age
Brings us now to the present
And much can be explained

9. Prophets Of Baal

Abandonment of Lord
Performing spiritual adultery
Forsaking God their Deliverer
Prostituting themselves to Baal

Sent to end this apostasy
The last prophet enters the story
Standing in the power of God
Sends words exclaiming, "Elijah is here!"

The challenge is given to the king
To summon the prophet of Baal
And the people of Israel upon mount Carmel
To settle who is God, Lord or Baal

Elijah instructs, "prepare two bulls
Cut into pieces and place on an altar
You can call your god, I'll call the Lord
And the one who answers by fire, he is God"

Calling and babbling, ancient chanting arose
450 prophets of Baal danced around
The altar all day with no response
"Shout louder!" Elijah taunted
"Oh yeah Baal is god, Ha! Ha! Right
Maybe he's off somewhere travelling
Or taking a little nap, just maybe!"

The prophets of Baal shouted louder
Slashing themselves, letting the blood flow
Continuing frantic prophesying till the eve
With no response, no answer, no fire

Elijah smirked, "drench my altar
With water just for fun"
Then he prayed, "Lord let it be known
That You're the God of Israel"

The fire of the Lord fell
Consuming everything and burning the altar
The people fell face first and cried
"The Lord is God! The Lord is God!"

The Elijah commands, "seize the prophets of Baal
Don't let them get away
Slaughter them according to God
For you've seen the Lord's authority today!"

10. Plead The Blood

Blood shed, down Calvary's cross
Is the place the story starts
It continues when you know Who it was
Who shed His blood for you and me

God's only Son gave His life
So you and I can live and reign
Death and hell's flames have no hold on us
So claim Christ's name!

In the midst of hell's attack
With backs against the wall
Think upon a Saviour's blood
The cross and the shedding of His blood

There's a power in the blood of Jesus
It breaks the chains that bind
Stand your ground let grace abound
For victory you will find!

So you say you don't need Jesus today
But who will you call on when your soul is burning away?
Will you plead for His blood when you realize it's too late?
Receive Christ's forgiveness today by the price that He paid

The final scene the Judgement Throne
A cross and a sinner
Prosecuting, the accuser from the flames
Speaks lies, "he's mine"

You're kneeling face to the ground
Awaiting the final verdict, "no guilty!"
"I know him because
He's washed in My blood", says the Son of God!

"Enter to thy kingdom"
The Almighty God will say
Or, "depart from me you evil doer
For I do not know you this day"

For those who accept Jesus
Will live eternally
The Prince of Peace has shed His blood
What will you do with it?

Thanks to deathmariachi for sending these lyrics.

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