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1. Dawn (Part II)

How I miss the cold winter's night,
this spring is not for me
This is the dark season of my soul,
so leave me be
This cold comes from within,
there is no way you can take part
Darkness is upon me and there is
frost deep down inside my heart

Darkness, darkness...
How I long for you to caress my cheek,
To touch me with your ice-cold hand
and whisper "Light will never be...."
Once again we'll walk like lovers,
both together hand in hand
At break of day we'll find our cover,
sheltered by our covenant

But now as light reappears
I walk with you, this is all we share
In tears I cry, we have to part
Feel the cold of my loneliness...

Nightfall, I await you,
greet me with your silent wind
In your world I feel at home,
no-one else dares thread here in
Let loose the powers within you
and pour down your rain so cold
Embrace me with your nothingness,
and at last devour my soul

2. Dividement

Divine intervention is only a dream
You give up your lives and follow the stream
I saw the prophet, preaching his lies
I heard him beg for mercy the moment he died
Under many moons I looked for you
Under many names I sought for you
I never found you, it's a minor loss
I denied, saw you die upon the cross

Dividement... The Dividement

Thousands of years they've been preaching your lie
Giving people a reason to die
And on my death-bed, I do not complain
Because you were a servant of darkness, which held you enslaved
A smile on my lips, now pass on
Bring on your heritage, like father like son
A testimony of the evil of man
And in my eternal sleep I will never see your face again

3. ...And Then I Turned Towards Darkness

A death's shadow resting over me
I longed day after day to be set free

And then I turned towards darkness

Never again will I let your will restrict me
Darkness where I belong, now at last I can see

And then I turned towards darkness

I live my life to destroy the world you built
Dream of 2000 years never to be fulfilled

And then I turned towards darkness

4. Frozen Wastes

I will see hope as a loved one you seek
I will see ice made of tears on your cheek
I will see darkness trapped beneath the sky
I will see melancholy as you cry

I will hear wolves howl in the night
I will hear beasts wail in fright
I will hear elegies hurting the ear
I will hear men whisper "Winter is here"

I will feel cold as I walk through the mist
I will feel pain in my frost-bitten fist
I will feel sorrow as snow-covered I lie
I will feel comfort as with you I fly

Frozen lands...
Frozen wastes...

5. Nine Worlds

Creeping upon my soul, the disease was blinding me
The vulture's shadow was out of reach
The carcass of hope I could not see

My spirit trapped by midnight, deeper down it sank
I gasped at the land of shadows
At last in death I found my rank

Nine worlds below Nivlhel I went
That is where the dead of Hel's domain are sent

In a dream I saw a dark figure, a black cloak was hiding her face
My empty eyes stared insane with fright
By death would I now be embraced

I thought I had found a sanctuary, could a mind so empty go insane?
But one fear trod on the heels of another
I was dying again and again

6. The Outsider

[Inspired by a short-story by H.P.Lovecraft (1890-1937)]

"Climbing up the tower, I'm on my way to light
Escaping from the castle, I've been locked up day and night
Have to find my way out, or I will go insane
Lust for light is leading me, flowing in my veins

At last I am free... what strange things to see
Marble slabs and columns staring at me
I'd better keep to the road this dark night
So I will not be led astray in my search for light"

Voice of fate:"Longing for light, you're to find death instead
Out from the dark into darkness you're led"

"Following the road to a castle in the night
People there are screaming, going insane with fright
What could it be there that scares them so
Well... I hope that I'll never know"

Waiting until day-time he sleeps beneath a tree
The wild animals avoid the thing they see
Not even the wolves of the forest dare come near
It wakes in them an arcane fear

Looking for water when he wakes up from his dreams
Thirsty and dirty he goes looking for a stream
Finding a river he sees his mirror image in it
The thing he sees, he knows it is himself

"This is too hard to live with", he cries in desperate tears
Recognizing the unearthly fear
Drowning himself is the only escape
There is no way to escape your fate

7. The Tranquillity Of My Last Breath

Darkness now surrounding me
I gaze into eternity
A burden I had to endure
For a heart that was unpure
A feeling of tranquillity
At last my soul would be set free
But the last thought in my mind
A memory of faded crimes

The wrath of darkness in your eyes
I see it as I cry
A wicked laughter, betraying smile
I knew my life to be a lie

Night I am awaiting thee
Soon I will cease to be
A life so long, a life of pain
An evil side I could not tame
A feeling of tranquillity
At last my soul would be set free
Regretting now but it's too late
I step forth to meet my fate

[Plea of the dying:]
"I see your hand, a palm so white
I dream of day, here's forever night
I know that I will never see
The realms beyond, they are not for me"

8. Burn, Fire For The Ancient Vampire

Carpathian dream, bloodthirsty beast
Preying on man, every drop of blood a feast
A wraith in the night calls your name
At the mountain top burns the eternal flame

And from the flames they will come
Seven times seven
Vengeance of the ancient ones
Defier of heaven

Dreams of the living shall be no more
The dead shall rule this rotting world
Demons returning from the other side
Heaven is burning, there will be no more light

And from the flames they will come
A memory of the evil ones
To once again walk the earth
Arcane horror set to birth

9. Forever Night

Pray for darkness, pray for the world below
Pray for winter, pray for forever snow
Pray for the sun never to rise above the hills
in the horizon far away, far away

Forever night
Ah... Forever night!

Pray for sorrow, pray for melancholy
Pray for sadness, happiness will never be
And at night, we'll walk together, you and I
And pray for your soul not to perish in the darkest of nights

Chant of the Witch:
"Spirits whispering in the darkness
Shadows dancing in the night
Fear the demons, ever present
Run in panic, scream in fright"

1996 Season Of Mist

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