Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

2. The End Of Pain

This is the empty hearth

That I never found what I’ve been looking for

I saw the immortal beauty shines

Take me out from the darkness that I hide,

Let me follow the row of a candle light

That would bring me to heaven

Aku menatap sebuah cahaya

Dari gelapnya ruangan kelam

Di himpit dinginya dinding sempit dan lembab

Terbalut putihnya kafan.

Kini dalam kesendirian telah kuhancurkan debu derita

Yang lelah ku pikul , erat menggemgamku

Forgive me for my mistake before

Wiped out your tears and smiling for me

Don’t you ever remember what I had ruin

But just take a look what I’ve done

This is the end of my pain, the end of my endless pain!

3. The Holly Man

Hunting to find the answer
Closing comment you’ve to told me
I believe with my decisions
No reason to betray my self.

Fuck holly man, I know what I must doing,
Fuck holly man, this is my self.

Save all your breath that you can breathe
Engulfed your words
Don’t ever to talking bullshit

Fuck holly man, I know what I must doing,
Fuck holly man, this is my self.

Everything that you told me
Engender hatred

I am a grimmer
With the soil sin.
And You feel the holly man
Whereas, you’re the liar with a gold mask
I am so fuckin sorrow

I can’t escape from a shadow
Your lied still remains in my arm

I’ll wait the salvations
From a putrid mouth around my face
Stop to make me paltry

4. Sisi Kelam

Biarkan rasa ini mati
Terbenam dalam kealpan ( sisi kelamku )
Buuta dari baying-bayang tuhan
Terlilit gema kemiskinan jiwa ( sisi kelamku )
Kehancuranku.. takan ku ratapi
Kan kulahap semua derita
Ku nikamati duka laraku
Kegelapan memilihku.

Kehampaan tak pernah lelah menyapa
Bagai peri malam yang tersesat untuk pulang
Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Laknat memang hidupku kelam sudah langkahku

[Reff:] kan kutantang mautku
Dan ku tunggu ajalku
Sisi jiwaku kelam

I know my life such a piece of shit
But I think I know my fuckin choice
Don’t ever try to judge me..
This is my life , this is my way
So, fuck you and leave me alone.

Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Laknat memang hidupku
Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Kelam sudah langkahku

Tuhan.. aku bagai peri malam yang tersesat untuk pulang.

5. Seventh Deadly Sin

Brave means nothing
It’s the only thing to be blame
Killing, aching, hating everywhere
They live in a hand of times

Love was such an easy weakness to live with
Stole the joy, stole the smile, even stole the sun
Anarchies become the world famous number one

[Reff:] Booming like poisoned mushroom everywhere
Seventh deadly sin, seventh dead of destructions

Killed by the name of life
Guide by the name of god
Whistling sound from the deepest hearth
Crash my enormous thought of us.

6. Aku Adalah Tuhan

AkuLah derita ,Aku bahagia,Akulah gelak tawa
Dan aku airmata, Aku binatang
Akulah setanUntuk diriku sendiri aku adalah tuhan
hati pikiran dan indraku adalah miliku

atas nama jiwa , atas nama diri,
aku tuhan untuk diriku sendiri

Kungkahkan kakiku menuju surga
Kulangkahkan kakiku menuju neraka!
setiap nafas yang ku hirup adalah hak
setiap hak yang ku miliki kan ku genggam

atas nama jiwa , atas nama diri,
aku tuhan untuk diriku sendiri

Kalian mencoba merubah takdirku
Dengan menyeret nyeret rentanya sayap jiwaku
Mencoba membungkam nafas pikiranku
Caci makiku untuk kalian.

Bebaskan hempaskan setiap rantai kekang di otakmu
Bebaskan hempaskan setiap caci maki yang terucap
Teriakan setiap nafas

7. Testimony Peyesatan

Aku adalah pendusta bertopeng emas,
Menghasut fitnah liar mengucap kata
Aku adalah prahara hilang nurani
Terbalut belenggu nafas derita

Aku adalah puitisi kegelapan
Merangkai menguntai kata2 kelabu
Aku adalah jejak langkah dewa pendosa
Ungkapkan penyesatan sebuah keimanan

Untaian kata indah terucap,
Seburkan dusta padahal laknat
Lidahku kelu untuk mengungkapkan kenyataan
Jiwa tersesat , pikiran mati

Hidupku cacat langkahku kelam
Tanggung laknat hidupku derita
Kan ku tangtang maut
Dan ku tunggu ajal

8. Dosa Adalah Sahabat

Lari berlarilah
tutup mata bungkam mulutmu
Khianati pungkiri hatimu
Tataplah.. dosa mengikuti setiap nafasmu.
Jangan kau pungkiri , takan kau dustai

[Reff:] Tatap jiwamu tatap hatimu dan akui
Bahwa dosa seperti sahabat
Apa dosa adalah sahabat?

Setiap langkah dan nafasmu..
Harumnya dosa mendekap hasrat
Setiap langkah dan nafasmu..
Mencoba membunuh pahalamu

Coba berlari..
Aura hitam memekat
Khianati pungkiri
Kegelapan semakin gelap

Lari berlariLah ..
Umpat kau mengumpat
dosa kau dustai
ratapi dirimu!!!

9. All Of My Hate

The time has begun,
It’s time for against the enemy
No time to waste And killed them all
I want them seeing my fucking wrath,
I’ll Making them running like a dog.
I hate everyone, who always fuckin hurt me

Face to face, Realized your angry
Face to face, i will make all crying

I want to make a half of my live to be better
I wanna feel a better, and I will make it true

I just want to be my self
I’m not who you are
So don’t ever try to push me,
Please don’t ever insist your desire,

[Reff:] God damned , mother fucker
I’ll got you, I killed you
This is all of my hate!!!

I want to make a half of my live be a better
I want felt a better and I’ll make all be better

10. Sincerity

I scream in fear trying to wake up
A thousand questions aggrieved my self
I can’t find harmonic bliss between the black and white
I don’t even know how to find a way
Lost in the darkness that I hide place

I follow the hollow a broken wing that I adore
The theology has lead me to the grey days
I don’t even know how to find a way
Lost in the darkness that I hide place

Even thought I know that will lead me to the valley of decay

Take me out, take me away
From the deepest of decay hole
Take me out, take me away
God give me sincerity

I wish upon a falling star
I’m still waiting that I can talk with god
But the light of salvations never has comes to me
I’m falling again to the valley of decay.

11. My Black Diary

For a half of my life,
You brought me to the darkness side
Living in the most darkness fear
I am blinded by my weakness

Dying in the most torturing pain
It sheep beneath my skin
Stuck inside my broken soul

I am too damaged to be heal
And you’re too dead to be conscious
then I lost in a shattered dreams of being with you

Standing in the most sacred place.
Watched me suffering half to death
Sedated with thousand promises
But it never coincide

These see thing anger,
Got me feel with desire to hurt you
It’s a great way to end your life
Lead you to the oblivion

[Reff:] I’m running as fast as I can and never looked back
Carrying my deepest sorrow away from you

12. Outro

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