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1. Seals Of Hate

The first seal is opened
Lion with crest full of fire say
Come and see!

There was a white horse!
Its rider had a bow and a wreath
To conquer

The second seal is opened
An ox mighty like old like trees say
Come and see!

Horse came out, like fiery
Its rider was given a sword
To make war

Seven seals are opened now
From the book and god's sentences
World's history is closed there
The time of final war is coming

The third seal is opened
Creature with human face say
Come and see!

There was a black horse!
Rider had a pair of scales
And bring a famine

The fourth seal is opened
A great eagle flying say
Come and see!

There was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death
Abyss behind him

Land of the Dead!!!

The fifth seal is opened
I saw under the altar the souls
Of martyrs

The sixth seal is opened
And there was a great

And the sun became black
And the hall moon became like blood
And the stars

Fell to the earth
There was a great darkness around

Land of the Dead!!!

2. Trumpets Of Desecration

When the seventh seal was opened
There was silence in heaven and on the earth
I saw a seven angels with seven trumpets
Standing by the throne of rainbow
The eight angel came holding a golden censer
Sweet stench of incenses scent around
The eight one filled a pot with fire from altar
Cast it from heaven into the earth

Were lightening and thundering
And screams and earthquakes

The sound of first trumpet - a hail of fire and blood
To burn the third part of the earth
The sound of second trumpet - a mountain burning with fire
Changes oceans and seas to blood
The sound of third trumpet - and there fell the great star
Name is called wormwood destroying the rivers
The sound of fourth trumpet - a part of stars darkened
Sun and moon to herald the night

The fifth angel sounded
He opened a bottomless pit
And there came a locusts
With power of scorpions
To make a pain and suffer
With their sharp stings
Men shall seek death
With gone

The fifth angel sounded
He opened a bottomless pit
Men shall seek death
With gone

The sixth angel sounded loudly
And four merciless angels were unchained
To kill all miscreants
Their armours were colored by jacinth and brimstone
And swords cutting like a wind
Heads of their horses were like a lions
Issued a fire, smoke and brimstone

3. Fallen

I saw a wonder in heaven
Pregnant woman came
With wreath of stars
There appeared another wonder
Seven-head dragon
The fiery red one

And woman brought forth a man child who was cought up unto God
And she fled into the wilderness from the tyranny

There was great war in heaven
Michael proved the angels
Inflicted a blow
Dragon with his legions
Prevailed not
And was fallen

Rebellious, cast out
United another legions
Rebellious, cast out
Stranded by the edge

And the beast came from the depths
Dragon gave her a power
Mankind gave her a bow
Its name was 666

Rebellious, cast out
United another legions
Rebellious, cast out
Descended to Hell

4. There...

Thick ichor flows from the walls
Choking vapor makes misty dusk
Freezing moisture every stone
You're standing at the gates with the golden pentagram

Blood and ashes
Fire and evil
Come in!!!

In the middle an altar spattered with fresh blood
In the distance a black velvet throne
Stench of burned bodies and bones
Stacks of skulls are laying by your feet

Blood and ashes
Fire and evil
Stay here!!!

Can you hear?
It's not a wind
Can you hear?
They're carrying flagellas
It's time for gathering
It's time for war!!!

5. War Gathering

The first leader came
For great Satan's call
To the dark hall thrones
Where decision was made

Three-head Asmodeus
Gives his beasts
Seventy two legions
Of furious ghost of hell
Demonical scout Agares
With his sparrow hawk
thirty one legions
Bringing the death!!!

Hellish legions
From the gathering
Come for the war

Seven seals are opened
Angels plays their trumpets
Under hellish banners
Steel closed ranks
Come for battlefield
Great power from abyss
Legions of ghost and demons
Bringing the death!!!

6. Seven Great Plagues

They knell by the sea of glass
And play on the harp of God
Hosts of opponents of the beast
666 is its name
And when the sun rised, there was a mark in heaven
The temple of tabernacle and certificate has opened
Seven angels with plagues came from the gate
They were dressed with linen and gold

One of the wild animals brought the charms
Seven charms full of anger
The temple filled with dense smoke
And the voice said: pour the anger from charms on earth

Seven angels left the plagues
People of beast got a malignant ulcer
Seas and rivers became purple
From the blood of animals living there
There was a heat and sun burned with fiery touch
And then came a sinister, impenetrable darkness
Demons came from the mouth of dragon and Beast
Cities were destroyed by storms and earthquakes

Seven great plagues - the anger of God
Seven great plagues - thrown on earth
Seven great plagues – blow’s been given

7. Queen Babylon

From the sands of dessert I saw mirage
Woman sitting on the wild beast
The beast had seven great heads
And ten sharp, twisted horns
Woman was dressed in purple
She shined with gold and pearls
Woman holded a golden cup in hand
Cup full of her harlotry

Her name was Babylon
Drunk with blood of saints
Her name was Babylon
Jeered from Jesus

City of great nations
Where all races lived
Kings with staff in their velvets
Made harlotry in her purple

I am the queen of purple
I seat on my own throne
And I'm not a widow
And I don't know the mourning

I saw an angel coming form heaven
Who shouted with loud voice
It's a nest of evil spirits
Abominated hide of demons
And he lifted a millstone
And threw into the sea
He sank a capital of harpers and singers
Who will weep it in their chants

Her name was Babylon
Drunk with blood of saints
Her name was Babylon
Jeered from Jesus

8. The Prophecy

Heaven was opened widely
A white horse rider
His robes drowns in blood
And eyes like flame of fire

Behind him
On white horses
Army of heaven
Dressed in silk

Sword in archangels hand
Hits all nations
By his iron rod he forces
Obedience to God

And I saw another angel standing in sun
And he called all flying birds
Gather for the great God's feast
To eat corpses of kings, leader, all of them

Beast and the rest of kings of the earth
Demons with legions of the hell
Stood against the white angel
To fight with the army of heaven

On black horses
Army of Hell
Dressed in leather

Beast was caught in fierce battle
Angel opened the abyss
Interjected and sealed the Beast
The rests of the bodies were eaten by birds

9. The Final Battle

And after a thousand years
Satan freed himself from the abyss
Nations from all over the world
Were united under pentagram

Hungry for revenge
Thirsty of God's blood

As many as grains of sand
They came to surround their enemy
In city loved by the God
They are ready to fight

Legions are screaming
Carnage have started

Hungry for revenge
Thirsty of God's blood

Final battle has finished
White horse rides bleads, his eyes fades
Sword drowns in God's heart, heaven in flames

Triumph of demons
Triumph of the Beast

666 Forever!!!

Beldaroh ‒ Vocals, Bass
Devastate ‒ Drums
Deadlight ‒ Guitars

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