Dark Lyrics


1. Black Mass

Under cover of darkness
Born to the wickedness
They are marching on
Toward the gathering zone

Fascination and devotion in their eyes
Celebrating Darkness
Tranquillity and calmness on each face
Before joining the mass

Under cover of darkness
Advocates of Lucifer's power
Gathered around burning flames
To await the mysterious hour

Half-naked master
Now hits the gong
Half-naked master
Now raises his hands

The ceremony has begun
Time of worship
Dismal chants
Narcotic dance
The ecstasy of Pentagram is wafting all around
Surrounded by prayers
I am delighted

Lucifer! Hear my call!
Your presence will honour us all
Time of sacrifice
Spilled blood already found
The smell of opium and fertile wombs is wafting all around
It is night
The Devil's night

The words of a prayer
In nomine Satanas!!!
A response to the hell
In nomine Satanas!!!

The bible into flame has burst
The crucifix broken and cursed
All symbols of Jahwe
Downtrodden to the ground
In hatred toward the Nazarene painful pleasure we have found
It is time of vengeance
Time of pandemonic truth

Dancing demons I can see
From dead bodies blood flows free
When the ritual's fulfilled
Collective orgy in blood spilled

Living shadows cast by fire
Make much stronger our desire
Delight, magic, pleasure (from deep Hell)
For glory of our Master - Lucifer

The drawn-out sound of gong
Means the ritual has last too long
The hill is left without a trace
But the smell of pleasure remains

The shroud of darkness descends
And pale dawn slowly breaks

2. Born To Revange

Like a river
From the source
Reaches destination
Like a (burning) flame
From a spark
Devours all

In the recesses of my soul
Vengeance is born

Like a wind
From a breeze
Tears everything out
Like a storm
From a drop
Floods everything

In the recesses of my soul
Vengeance is born

In my soul - revolt
Against nonsensical dogmata
In my heart - hatred
Of the Christian god
In my hand - a sword
Aimed at the symbol of cross
In my mind - revenge
In the name of Satan

My vengeance
Like an element
Slowly sprouts
In my sick mind
A vision of the end
Of my sweet revenge
Is the heaven ablaze
Flooded with angel blood

3. Suicidal Ritual

I lie on the cemetary
Sacrificial blond,
Unholy water
For my funeral
Body- alive yet
But skon to be dead
Soul remains alive
But stall be sacrificed

Final hour,
Final night
Take me

Bless my ceremony of migot
I hail my funeral
I satisfied my Hunter
For my blond
Red stream stains my hand
Flesh is thirst for sand
Jezus come and taste
My knife of death

4. Final War

When the infantry is marching on the earth begins to quake
Above the army black standards with pentagrammatic shapes
The beasts from Hell need to satisfy their lust for blood
It is the time of Armageddon, no mercy for votaries of god

The sky is flooded with clouds
Bloody rain drips the ground
There is only hatred in our eyes
Hear a powerful ominous roar

Black armours shine
Swords ready to kill
Strength and blasphemy
The mighty sinister scream

Tight armies clash in battle
Heads fall off, dead bodies drop
Mercy failed, crucifix covers by blood x2
Infernal victors uplift a black flag


The era of Antichrist has finally come

5. Son Of Pure Viking Blood

In the times of moral fall
Times of mayhem, filth and false
Your life was a battle-field
A ship at the high seas

Your words were not forgotten
They still echo in my mind
With the wave and hum of the sea
With the lightning in the sky

You were the son of pure Viking blood
You were a warrior to you existence

I still hear the hoofs of horses
Crackling of fire, sound of horn
I see the war and the swords of steel
Christian blood upon my hands

I hear flapping of the sails
Smell the scent of the sea
Feel the hail lashing my face
I feel pride in my heart

You were the son of pure Viking blood
You were a warrior to you existence

And the candles are still burning
'til memory smoulders in our hearts
But your war is still around
And your sword was taken up

Live your life in Valhalla
The way you always wanted but
Until life in our hearts
The memory of you still remains

You were the son of pure Viking blood
You were a warrior to you existence
Now it is time to find your way home
Among green forests and unbounded seas

6. Towards The Abyss

Dark clouds
Have flooded the skies
Thunderstorm makes me
Open my eyes

I follow my instincts
Into the night
The forest invites me
With branches spread wide

Sometimes a lightning far away
Illuminates my blackened way
Through the gate of nature I pass
The one plaited from wet leaves and grass

Black in darkness
I disappear
Where the hum of wind
So clearly I hear

The gale winnows
My already wet hair
And icy-cold rain
Flows down my face

And I smell a scent so fresh
And intense
Now I can feel the Lucifer's

He is calling on me - Lucifer!
Into the abyss (of Hell)

7. Demoniacal Possession

A prophetic dream
Awakens evil
My thoughts
All around you
I feel power
Blood imprint
I will give vent
To my hatred

The symbols of cross go up in flames
Christian churches collapse

Infernal truth

Always loyal
To the pentagram
I follow you
My Lord Satan
The symbol of Hell
Engraved in my heart
Possessed soul
Unbounded abyss

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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