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1. Through The Fog (Intro)


2. Forgotten Kingdoms

Under the ashes of a kingdom
The Antichristian flame borns

We are the knights of darkness
The hate that we keep in our hearts...
Will be the sign of our retaliation

My soul remembers
The pain of those warriors
That died fighting for their gods
Against the false christian faith

The moon is dark
And the forest, our hut,
Where the elements and darkness join up
(Remains those Forgotten Kingdoms)

The large branches of the Great Holy Tree
Sieve over us

Now we are united,
We will hear the antichristian call,
Resounding as the song of the night spirits,
Now we keep together: Arm with arm, fire with fire

3. The Great Celtiberia

This is the land.
The land of our ancestors.
The fire of our hearts...
The great Celtiberia
Another were the glorious times of the pagan splendour.
Two great villages: The mighty Celtics and the sage Iberians
Swords and shields united with the same finality...
To defend the territory of the invader.
At the heart of the forest
The pagan men congregate.
The union of clans will be the sign of fraternity
Reverence and union of the clans
A great kingdom is born of Celtics and Iberians
The great Celtiberia is borned of two great villages
We'll guard from our fortified castors
In the high up of the watch tower.
The concord will prevail,
The accord will determine at the Holy Teseras.
We'll guide us under the sky and stars
Preserving the cult to the millenary idols.
Woods and mountains will be our hut,
none culture will be stronger than ours.
We are La Tene?s sons
When the new race forged.
We are in carry of the banner of hate
Which will endure for ever and ever
Our race doesn't set back.
Death better to fall in the invader's presence.
This is the land.
The land of our ancestors.
The fire of our hearts...
The great Celtiberia

4. Funeral Pyre

The forest reveals before my eyes.
The pain invades my body.
I feel the fire signs.
Mother Earth! My blood was offered to you.
And now I come to the forest
To offer the life who gave it me.
We were the elected
To guide our kingdom
Carrying to the new lands
The Pagan Fire
Shadows in the forest... are the ravens
Fire in the sky... is the sign
I feel the silent death
But it doesn't humiliate me
And full of pride...
I fall exhausted.
The pagan fire carries my soul and my possessions.
My sword and shield carry me to the eternity.
My body is offered in this funeral pyre.
The gods are with me in this funeral pyre.

5. Votive Gift In The Sacred Forest


6. Raven's Fly - Black Horizons

Feeling vengeance and hate... We think of last times.
No one never could see an army as mighty as ours.
For centuries, they ruled with their false authority...
Now we have the chance to end with them and to implant our Empire.
Dark Clouds cover the sky where we are,
And the nerves gradually hold down our bodies.
We long for cut the enemy's necks with these swords.
We windward and we can hear the movement of their troops.
A file of ravens accompany us from the departure, and we feel stronger with this.
The four elements guide us in the path
While the wolves wait in the mountains.
The berserk we put in the front of the troops.
Brave, as no men, without our help we can't defeat.
We will be the firs in attack for get weak to their men.
It's the time to fight... Thousands of bodies fall quickly.
We are convinced of the victory, for this, few of our men die,
And the men that die, do it with pride and honour.
This plain will cover of graves announcing our triumph.
This plain will be proof of the change of empire
After the battle, the landscape, that be left, is devastator.
Our wounded will recover and the deads will be moved to our lands,
So that the peasants can acclaim them as heroes.
Then the heads of the enemies will be hang at our homes as trophies.
Finally we have liberated our lands,
Later generations will thank it to us.
Ravens fly - Black horizons.

7. Forest Of Souls In The Wolf's Land

The long wait is over and now we expect the battle.
The weapons were forged with our ancestral hate.
The union of the lands will give back the Ancient Laws of the Kingdom.
The traditions will recover and we'll expel to the invaders.
Following the wolf's steps, confidently we go to the battle.
In the battlefield the rite will be complete.
And our souls will obtain eternal power
For conquer the wolf's land and drain their blood.
We are the legions of Darkness so we haven't fear
To the christian god and the traitors
We'll magnificient to our beloved Celtiberia
Spreading our culture until death.
The unity is the only way towers the victory
Thousands of swords will pierce the chests of the christians.
And thousands of shields will protect to our rough territory.
We go blind by the Rage Berserk, we enter in the battle
The devastator power of our souls
Will unleash our innermost beast
And the invader's hegemony
Will fall by means of the edge of the iron.
Our hearts pump brimming blood of hate
And our bodies will be the seed,
Which, fed by our blood, will give rise to an oak grove.
Every oak tree will contain the soul of a dead warrior,
And the forest will symbolize the eternal union of these souls.
Faithful nature! As faithful as we are before hers.
She will go with us in the final tour,
Being our single companion.

8. Imboic (Outro)


Frozen Wind-Drums
Lord Monk-Bass

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