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1. Broken Icons

Stuck in the shapes you gave me
Those shapes that will never change
Condemned to be the same forever
In your eyes

What to do, what to say, where to go, whom to pray
You tell me, you tell me
I’m just the frozen one in the paint
I can’t move, I can’t move on

I’m locked in a strange room
Where the sky is made of gold
I’m locked in a strange room
Where I cannot move at all

But I won’t give up and let it go
Give me the chance to reveal and
Set me free from the ones I have been
I’m gonna break these icons!

You keep me prisoner
Of an outdated-me

Can’t you see the paint fading away
Colors becoming drab?
Can’t you see it cracking from the inside?
And the split releasing my pain…

I’m gonna break these icons… Of me

2. Edge Of Insanity

Alone on a bench of the playground
I’m watching their little games
No one to look at my misery
But the ones who like to jeer

Did you know I was weak
When you stabbed me in the back?
Did you know that I was in pain?
Did you know I could fall
From the edge of these depths
That I was disturbed?
No no no no!

You can’t ignore the threat
Whispering in your head
It will burn your kindness
To drown you into madness
Will you blame it on me?
The things that should not be
They’re not here cos’ of me
You’re the one who screwed up

Your teases like a little pretty spark
That bursts into fire…
Did you know that your words
Woke something up in me?
Did you know I could be insane?
Did you know that I would
Lose my mind and revenge
Standing on the edge of insanity!

Feel the anger growing inside
It destroys my sanity
See all the strength it’s giving me
To forget all the rules

Tonight I feel like I’m on edge
On the edge of dementia!

So ladies & gentlemen
Welcome to the theater of fools.
Time to hear the lament of a psycho
Hear the story of a fragile heart
Who was just like you but
Too sensitive, too frail
For this world of yours.
It could have been your face
In the paper this morning…

Here I am
Standing in front of you
Begging for mercy!
Look what you’ve done to me
And remember
We’re all on the edge of insanity!

3. Wrong Reflection

Sometimes, it’s just a single word that is uncalled-for
Sometimes, it’s just a little sign that you dare ignore.

I can barely talk to you,
I can barely hold your gaze,
I can barely understand your thoughts!
I hate these moments when you’re a stranger to me,
When you’re so far, so far away from what I’m feeling now!

I can’t play the part that you cast me for, I’m sorry
I can’t face this version of me you reflect like a broken mirror

Always, a little risky when you bring me there
It always starts from nothing and it leads nowhere.

You keep pushing me away,
Am I supposed to suffer it?
Am I supposed to feel guilty about it?

What was unfair,
In my despair?
Why aren’t you listening to me?
What wasn’t told
Behind our lies?
Why do we have to fight?

4. Fallin' In Sin

An angel fell,
And lost her innocence
Dirtied by the hands of Beast,
Can’t find why,
This sin is out of sense,
How have I turned to the darkest side?

Forgive me Lord,
Forgive me my love….

I confess my Lord,
A sin of flesh and blood,
Prisoner in the kingdom of Evil
Couldn’t find the way to escape….
Shame on your face petrifies your skin,
You are the one who fell in sin
It’s time for you to serve your sentence in hell!
You’ve been given to temptation,
Now celebrate your damnation,
Here comes the time to serve your sentence in hell!

Steal my life, release me from my pain,
How could I forgive myself?
Better die than meet your eyes again,
Crucified by the memories of my fault…

5. Ticking Time Bomb

Once there was a hero
Believing he would live
Forever and ever more
That's how the story goes
Humans forget the laws
Eternal, immortal
They try to have it all.

In your arms, your brother died
In his eyes, you saw your own future
In your heart, a doubt is rising, growing more and more
What do you hope from your quest?
You can't fight the stream of time
Moments will pass, whoever you are, king or slave

I cannot renounce my timeless illusion

Can you hear the sound of your wasted days,
Saying "Tick-Tock", time's running out?
How long is the lifeline Gods drew for you?
Does it haunt you, hurt you, to reach the deadline?

You beg for a minute more,
What would you do if you'd get it?
Would you spend it crying on your own fate and losing your mind?
Somewhere a clock is ticking,
Sometime your bomb will burst,
What would you cry for when you reach the end of the line?

6. Stranger Me

The girl they’re talking about
She can’t be me, she’s someone else
And the distance between me and her
It hurts me so bad
Straight through my heart, straight to the core
As if I were never prepared for it

Deep inside you know it is true
Some have to live, some have to die.
Deep inside a voice reminds you
That you’re not part of the chosen ones.
Will you give up for a few ones?
They don’t know what they’re talking about
Will you stand up when it gets rough
And take the chance to be someone else?

Look at this child in the picture
I’ve never fit within the frame
Cos’ this place has become too vast too soon
For the soul that still belongs to the little girl
And that is not strong enough to fill this body.

How can I be the one I’ve seen in your eyes
I hate the way she is, she’s a stranger to me
I cannot recognize this face full of lies
How can I bring myself to tame this stranger me?

7. The Seventh Cage

8. Evergreen

They say everywhere
It’s too late to care
About our old sick world
(You can’t stop the course)
They tried every time
To prevent the crime
Of lese-majesty
(It was not enough)
To mother Gaïa
But no Messiah
Came to change the course
(No one came to save us)
In two thousand twelve
They say the death knell
Will ring out on earth.

Shall we cease the fight?
And forget the light
On our sweet cold skins?
(Don’t give up on us!)
Shall we stop hoping
For better ending
And wait for our loss?

You kept desecrating
Our holy legacy
You didn’t give a damn
You provoke our fury
We’re out of control

Will you deprive our child from the song
Of the wind in the evergreen that you loved once
Chink in the leaves when the rain came to fall
We’ll make it evergreen in our recall.

What will remain of our guiltiness?
Now we must realize the treasure in our hands
The treasure in our hands that will crumble too soon.

9. Start From Scratch

It's not what you are
It's not who you are
It’s all about the one they want you to be
It’s all about the one you’re supposed to be

I'm sick of all your judgments
How I wish I could start from scratch
You can't run back the tape
You cannot start from scratch

I just wanna take a little time out
I just wanna kill this fake myself
I just have to die to be another me

All you can do
Never enough
Hard to get through
Better be tough

I'm sick of all your judgments
How I wish I could start from scratch
You can't run back the tape
You cannot start from scratch
I'm sick of all your comments
How I wish I could start from scratch
You cannot start your life from scratch

Let me be
And break the chains that strangle me.
Let me breathe, let me struggle!
I have enough of acting all the roles of this play
When will the curtain finally fall?

I can't remember when all went wrong
But on this very day:
I colored the angels gray,
On the book that taught how to pray
I colored the angels gray
On the paintings that showed the way
They told me to build this wall,
A fortress against the world
But I couldn't lift the stones,
Much too heavy for a little girl

So I colored the angels gray,
On the book that taught how to pray
I colored the angels gray
On the paintings that showed the way
Now they besiege the soul
That was left defenseless
Years ago by a child
Who could not know the consequences.

10. My So Called Friend

This little something in your eyes
Still makes me feel alive
Can’t believe you’re still inside (my head, my heart)
This furtive word you let escape
Shows that you still care
It isn’t so easy to fake…

You called me “friend”
Is it the way you see me?
Or is it just a comfortable lie?
Cos’ I’m not buying it

I’m afraid we’ve lost
All the things we got
It’s not love, it’s not hate, it’s not us anymore
I’m afraid you’ve lost
And became a ghost
It’s not us, it’s not our time anymore

It’s time now to turn the page
Time to erase all the rage
May you rest among my forgotten regrets
And become the best of them all

You didn’t say a word
There’s nothing left to share
Friends are not supposed to be
Strangers to each others.

Much more and much less than a friend to me
But I can’t tell what is worse…
We can’t be friends without reservation, without a slice of desire.

11. No Warning Sign

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