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1. A Prayer For Carpenters And Insects

In my veins, I die adrift inebriate of steel and impulse
Cells and sublime confidence or rain and darkened stormdrains
Pieces of shadows and sunny days
I watch myself flickering

Wreck yourself on the stars and surrender
Struggling to gather the colors and sounds from the back of my mind
Twilight is ending a haze of dissonant silence
Along the pavement drags the corpse of a guardian angel
the same streets where we walked

Summerlands and eternal night
For only the forsaken will return and only the empty will wait

2. Heavenly Maligned

O Merciful emptiness, rain down on me
Ignoring every wound you make, Sweetly forsaking me
In this Eucharist, I pledge autonomy to nurture the apathy in you
In this tabernacle rots the only evidence that you ever existed

I have been to a paradise that burned beautifully from the depths of an endless chasm, spilling smoke and ash into the eyes of God to blind and deprive him of it's glory


All you secrets will die with me
For salvation is wasted on the obedient
Hell is overpopulated with happy people
Now I go down with the setting sun

3. The Passages Of Abasement And Endless Death

Epitome of insanities manifest as a vision of prosperity and virtue, yet nothing so alluring can conceal the hate and ugliness beneath the afterthought

Destiny of destinies, the progeneration of mass subservience through infection
Echo of all echoes, the vastness of space between the afflicted and the master
None are worthy but all are damned

Prayers land like bullets in dense vacuum
Blindness is rewarded to the abusers of indifference
In my search for life everlasting, I found only misery and constant death

Total planetary exodus, faith has led humanity into the abyss, walking side by side with every worthless inherited conviction of the fallen

4. Sanguine River

Hell is beautiful
Like white flowers and crashing waves
Neither sulphur seas or blazing forests
Just glassy still waters beside me always
The air is empty and cold
A full moon yawns from beyond some distant stars
Trembling with the night
I walked with you here
Far from pearly prisons of somber delusions
Far from meadows of razorblades
They still hurt me
But they'll never hurt you
I shut your eyes as we fled
That I alone would witness the destruction of the Heaven we built
Yet one of us must look back
Lest we lead each other towards oblivion
I fell those last constellations as a pillar of salt
I did it for you

5. My Death Will Be My Wings

6. Absolute Divine Negation

For unto me, no vision was granted, no catharsis illuminated within the corridors of my most distant dreams.
Rather, there was a vanity so profound, that despite all my struggle for utmost illumination, the dreaded light incinerated my ego and all divinity was eroded from the paths of the righteous.
Marvel at the grandeur of this majestic nothingness, the shallow grave of glorified human subjugation exemplified in absolute void.
Elevate yourself in death and escape the forthcoming floods of silence and mortality, for harsh waves erode even the strongest foundations of faith.

All contradictions perish in the mitigation of differing shades of divinity, yet the role of existence continues to flourish unchallenged and arrogant.
Penitence and desperation die equally, drowning beneath the currents of time and consciousness.

7. The Splintering Of Two Graves - Part I


8. The Splintering Of Two Graves - Part II

Two worlds colliding and self-destructing
The sides of a mirror confessing their secret convictions
Veins and pills, blue skies, fountains of poison and seduction
Twins of a parasite, gradually devouring one another
A pair of wings that burn
For once I was not
For once I was between
Complacent but dejected
I mother the wounded creature
I mothered the universe that I might be forgiven
Beneath this earth
Beneath this stone
I plunge my fist into the rock
And then, overwhelming silence
And then, overwhelming nothingness

"Finite and continual, ascension and simultaneous destruction
Faithless light, it also suffers inside of me
Constantly seeing through the horizon to the nothingness here and thereafter
And gazing toward the eternal constellations of sublime distance and asphixia
The afflicted becomes the valet of suicide
I have bled the stars and their swansong was my ordainment over angels and surpassing gates of mortal lamentations, the precedent for a cosmic shift beyond all that I have seen and felt inside my flesh
My last covenant is forever broken
Release me..."

9. Paradise Opiate

Guiltless and frozen, I plummet towards the glassy earth below me, my wings rapidly deteriorating in the atmosphere as I approach the last of the Arcadian gardens, concealed from all but the divine... man has squandered his beauty and lowered himself to a desperate echo in the dense vacuum of divine apathy.
It makes no difference, for my judgment is unbiased and remorseless, and the pious walk equally convicted with the irreverent and the insane. I gazed ever so deeply into their hollow eyes, teasing the flickering semblance of humanity with false promises of sunshine in eternity... they know as well as I what awaits them there, they know as well as I that these gates can no longer be trespassed; defilement must be cleansed by the tears of the guilty, but only the blood of the righteous can safe this covenant anew.
I am the fulfillment of antiquity, I am the healing grace of a thousand years' trespasses, and they outstretch their starving necks and wrists towards the firmament of my promised serenity.
It was always meant to be this way, for the stars have aligned favorably above you and I, and now we are granted the salvation of which we always dreamed.

I will alleviate you.
I will alleviate us.

Matron Thorn ‒ All instruments, vocals

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