Dark Lyrics


1. Nemesis

In my den of limbs where I've been sent by the immortal gods
I reign and I count your days
Do you believe in atrocities of divine punishment
Hovering above your head?
I judge you die
Stones of my edifice will slowly become my throne
My venom gnaws your founding
The sinner pays for the fault

Behind the loop-holes I will witness and then I'll designate
Who shall answer who shall die?
Asepticized brains hidden behind the mirror of their lies
Nothing will be forgotten

I judge you die
In my domain, I reign
I count your days, human
Your blood is my emblem
Nothing will stay but the silence that dominate
The silence that I hate
I judge you die

I am the divinity, the sovereign
See in me the phantasm everyone is looking for
Rising high in the sky, my shadow above you

Ready the fall the arm of justice
Womb of the earth is deadly infected
The arrival of my command
For the advent of a dehumanized world


Such a violence in a room is very impressive
Smashing her face on the walls
A disconnected woman

2. Collapse

He said he is just seven years old
Don't understand what he is doing here
None of us can enter the secret spheres
Mechanisms which brought him to dementia

All that he can see looks so strange
His hands are different, old and wrinkled
They are covered by tortuous veins
Entire body's decrepit

Seized with a great distress

At dawn of his birthday
The day of his eight years
The night when he is gone
Fallen asleep in a breath
And never, has never awaken
Dandled in sweet rest

Even his own-voice has changed since the last time
Tired, hoarse and breathless

Asking what kind of disease he's got, he feels exhausted
He can't stand up
Nobody told him that a cancer is growing in him everyday

He can't recognize anybody around the bed
He asks for his parents to come but they won't do
He keeps the impress that he leaves without having lived

Who are these persons near me, all smiling
With tears running on the cheeks
Why do they claim that they are my children?

3. Identisick

Tous ces tourments et l'omniprésence de ce vide
Ne sont que le reflet blafard de cette peur que tu traînes
Laisse-moi apprivoiser cette conscience mensongère
Et fouiller les caveaux humides où ton identité se terre

Je vois tes yeux mais je n'entends rien
Débarrasse-toi de tous tes artifices
Laisse-moi pénétrer les immondices
L'obscure mémoire qui témoigne de ta douleur

Je ne cherche qu'à te libérer
Ordonne à tous les autres le silence
Une partie de moi meurt à chaque instant
Au fil de l'entretien recommencent les sons

Discordance, absence de raison
Parasites, hallucinations, décompensation psychotique
Des projections symptomatiques, une incohérence croissante
Et tous ces yeux qui nous regardent
Autour de nous, les murs s'éloignent, nous ne somme à présent plus seuls
Discernant à peine ta présence

"Pourquoi refuses-tu de me rendre une quelconque réponse?
- Je n'ai posé aucune question et lentement s'écoulent les secondes
- Et ce que j'ai dit...
- Depuis le début, le silence. Et juste cette peur dans vos yeux...
- Laissez-moi sortir "


4. Sex-Addicted

There's this strange feeling invading me in all my being
It prevents me from all kind of thoughts
Without humanity
Inaccessible things torture me, gnaw my entrails

I am slave to this unknown entity
A burning demon watching me in each place I can go
An external part makes my life unbearable
My last moments of peace are when I see it bleed
As I pierce it through an through
My reason is drowning in an
Absence of delight

There's this strange feeling invading me in all my being
It prevents me from all kind of thoughts
Without humanity, inaccessible things torture me, gnaw my entrails
Disharmonic nature between human being and animal kingdom

Blind is the soul as you rise in bestiality
Psychotic world ruled by twisted sexuality
Nowhere to hide if you need to escape
I mutilate

As the blood runs from the sores, I feel guilty
The days are gone, only stay the scars of my wrath
Hidden in silence, followed by its presence
Can't be delivered from my own-existence

Tomorrow the time will come and the wounds will be closed
The constant persecutions will never end no more
Once again I won't be alone and will lose the control
And you'll take the entire place in me, my dark tormentor


5. Mourning Affliction

I dreamt I was in the skin of someone else
And everybody around me
Told me that I was this man
Preferred blindness to lucidity

Truth is a blinding sun that sight can't stand
To fill the emptiness with flight

Mourning affliction makes the lie
Makes the madness
Torn away

Ancient trauma, epileptic passage, the rebirth of rage
Deceased person, his face comes to my mind
So familiar but so frightening
Lying powers dominate

I'm the sum of the identities which compose me
As pieces of puzzle
The real one falls in nothingness
Lost in dark parallel spheres
Let it die
You lie, let him die
Escape by all means the conscience of the mortal state


6. The Twins

Darkness and nothing else in his eyes
And once again he awakes in this closed unknown chamber
Explaining parts of childhood coming to him
His remembers are woolly, no birth-date
Past forgotten
Vicious, dangerous, incurable

As all the other times he's searching for his brother
Supposing that he owes him this new solitary confinement
Fixed glance, he pricks up the ear
Assuring us he knows who's behind the door
Negation of our existence
He begins to speak alone

Who are you? Are you the other me?
How could I know who I am? I'm just a half of myself
Again I feel this pain

Do you hear my voice behind this fucking door?
I hear you my brother
why have they put us in a strange place?
Why don't I remember?
I have to tell you something, we've done something evil
We have murdered our father
We've done it together

Dissociation of mind always torn between fraternal love and hate

He refuses to pay the price for his fault
Fit of anger he violently breaks the door
And as he realizes what stand behind
Not his brother but absolutely nothing


7. Ransack The Soul

The serpent ransacks the soul
Uttered howling in the night
She always does the same dream and she awakes in sweat and fear
Absolute loss of control, preventive way from suicide
Post-traumatic neurosis

Forced to live
Defenseless, ravaging the inner most being
Let the serpent ransack your soul
Defenseless, ravaging the inner most being
Ransack your soul

She explains the nightmare as she was pushed in a pit of serpents
Paralyzed in the swarming mass, hypnotized by their vicious eyes
Feeling them entering her
The coldness of their skin
The suffocation and the sufferings
Unable to move, praying that all stops
She's imploring Death to welcome her in its kingdom
She asks us for dying

Unable to eat, afraid to let anything penetrate
Surviving against her will, catheters in her arms
Terrorize her, she feels the medicines poison the blood little by little
Wrapped into silence, laconic and motionless

Uttered howling in the night
She always does the same dream and she awakes in sweat and fear
As a mental impalement
Once the serpent has entered, it stays in you forever


8. Blind To The World

Doctor, I've read your last diagnosis
About my pathology, this chimera which obsesses you
Are you serious when you call me psychotic
Just because my reality is not yours
I would be insane for that, look at your world
You live behind a wall of lies
Your children born in laboratory
Developed in bottles, fed with plastic
You dare to call it progress

Are you so far from insanity?

The physical inferiority increased by the slow destruction
Of your body with old age, illness and death
These are ill's I've never dread

You work so hard to cause your own ruin
Colonize environment as a never sated parasite

Finding your pleasure in pain of the others
Domination you can enforce
Because I refuse this state
This human nature which chains up to eternal mediocrity
You think I'm deranged, affected by disease
Psychotic as if I was blind to the world
Blind to the world

I just wait my rebirth in a superior entity
To all these creeping larva, reminiscent of naught


9. Spiritual Manslaughter

Aucun nom et la menace de ce chaos obscur
La terreur, l'angoisse, des mouvements convulsifs
Des flux électriques traversent ses viscères
Les blessures sur son corps
Bien réelles, rappelant des cicatrices de stigmates
Des marques qu'il garde comme le souvenir de l'infection

N'étant ni ange ni bête quand le froid l'envahit
Les vents glacés l'amènent dans un monde où
Le rêve et la réalité ne font qu'un

Puis les craintes cessent, aucun mal ne pouvant plus l'atteindre
Persuadé du pouvoir de la réincarnation

Insupportable aliénation au service de Dieu
Étendre les horizons spirituels
Il décrit sa présence dans chaque cellule de son enveloppe charnelle
Condamné à mort, ces pantins agenouillés autour de lui

Il nous appelle inconscients car nous refusons de croire
Des mots dénués de tout sens, obscènes et blasphématoires


Et un jour, le vent devint plus froid encore
Là, ses proches, enfin, retrouvèrent sa dépouille
Le visage grimaçant
Et le corps ballant, pendu au bout d'une corde

10. Iscarioth

(You killed Jesus, we expect to hear your shrieks of pig
Macabre realms of your bestiality
You don't deserve to live!)

Voices told me I killed the Christ
I hear them at night and day, whispering
For centuries I've supported the weight of my shame
Threats, mockeries

When I will be dead, voices will leave me
I'm a betrayer and I deserve to suffer
I feel so guilty
Before the entire human race

I beg for a vain forgiveness
During weeks I've not sleet
All my fears become stronger in the dark
Shadows pass in front of me
And show me with their incriminating finger
I'm God and animal at the same time
In a shroud of mystery
Triumph of the unholy ones
Once I'll be dead they won't be able to catch me


Foetal essence of darkness
Drained in immemorial times
Hidden I choke down a sob
Now that I stand at he gates of madness I will escape
My body shakes all over
And my name will finally sink into the oblivion
Can't kill what's already dead

11. Suffer The Children

[Napalm Death cover]

Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse

Promises of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan

Just face the truth or fund the farce

At one with your god
your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent

Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non believers pushed to the floor

Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgment through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars

When all is done
Who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands

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