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1. Bestial Breeding

Hurt my eyes, dear sweet daylight
In this sticky and damp cave
Where my body lies
Unmoving with my ravaged face deep in the mud

Feeling the lashes of whip
Love conditioned in violence
Bestial breeding

Squestration, parental molestation
Learning by the blows the reality of life

Existence through sufferings
My only one wish is to return
This life I never asked
Flesh is hurt by the beats
I hear the steps coming near me
And again he started to molest my body

"Beast, bastard,
You feel the wrath boiling into me, you compelled me to do that
Cast down your eyes and don't defy me
You know what is waiting for you !"

Confrontation, humiliation
Sweat burns my wounds, it's not enough
I ask for more
Bestial breeding.

2. Stay Brutal

Have you ever heard the rattles of agony ?
When each minute seems like an eternity
When the silence is broken by the screams of anguish

Perceptions altered by rage
Enclosed in a cage
Encircled by morbid visions
Which take all the place in me
Submitted to emptiness
Envolves merciless spirit
I have made things I cannot speak
Dreams which never die in me

Dead human bodies are treated like simple toys
Macabre games where victims are my near relations

Inhuman practices come to me by insctinct
Invading my heart with dark insanity
Accepting this pulses pleasure is growing more and more
How I like this feeling of culpability
Delectation without name
Remains of humanity
Inviting anyone in my circle of madness
And my need for violence is boiling in my veins
Gutting all the bodies until the last

Stay brutal

Chained up, muzzled, blinded, molested
Stay brutal
Beaten, borken, strangled, mangled
Stay brutal
Slowly dismembered alive
Stay brutal

Voices told me : "I am the one
Full of hate who guides your arm
Forget all notion of the asset of life"
And I still standing with my eyes closed to this sublime work of ferocity
Voices tell me : "Do it again, stay brutal !"

3. Foetus

Organes détruits, conscience trahie, mal-être intense, cultivant la terreur,
Infestant les profondeurs, se délectant du supplice,
Dans le vide qui l'envahit, elle sent cet ennemi qui de l'intérieur la ronge,
Dévore son être, sa volonté anéantie.
Sans effets, elle contemple, debout devant le miroir,
L'amer reflet de sa souffrance.
Elle vomit son agonie constante.
Naissance de la colère, décomposée dans sa chair,
Sanglant avortement, arrache le mal de son repaire,
Elle sent la mort grandir en elle, qui investit ses viscères,
Tumeur oppressante.
Nourrie de sa haine, la lame s'abat, plongeant dans ses entrailles,
Elle enfouit sa main et le tenant enfin,
Extirpe le mal mortellement accroché à elle.
ELle s'écroule inanimée, gisant, noyée dans son sang.

4. Deviant

Something inside of me is watching me and waiting
And the thing which scares me the most is when I cannot fight anymore
I'm hearing speaking the voice of my father, disturbed by fits of abstraction,
Silences of mind.
I always do what voices in my head tell me to do
"You are no one, a child of naught, you'll burn in fire. You have to hide,
Shame of life, mistake of nature, swathe your face, your monstrous features,
You are condemned !"
I always do what voices in my head tell me to do
Atered and disfigured, dysmorphophobia.
The eye fixed, a razor in the hand, determined to comit the worst,
The cost of the loss, a psychic rebirth,
Through this path enslaved to my own delirium, delivered by auto-mutilation.
In front of my reflection so detestable, I tear pieces of my face,
Again until I will be unrecognizable.
My acts relieve my mind, I forgivemyself his absence,
But the voices still present, speaking to me.

5. Perpueral Cannibalism

Begetting of disorder nature
Perpueral cannibalism
The sensation to be devoured
And consumed little by little

She recognizes him behind his disguise, guessing his features
Vile creature
She sees his unhealthy and sinister smile
As the beginning of her torments

Organic liquids flow through the natural
Wide opened wounds of her chest
His mouth does harm, burns the areola
Masticates the breast until the blood

His pupils are shining, inspiring the dread,
In the abysses of the eye she could see the bottom of hell
Absorbing her vital substance
The murmurs of a nameless fear, torture of the flesh by the flesh
Like a cancer which would spread to all the organism

Sensitive illusions, victim of visual hallucinations
Each cry hurts the drums, tears the mind apart
Hunger for killing, thirst for the evil

It would settle the cells until yhe last one in her
Best disguise of the devil hidden behind the picture of the innocence
Her own-blood is searching for self-destruction

Unable to move like paralysed
Perpueral cannibalism
Used as food she can just let it do
Tetanized by what she has by her

6. Self-Proclaimed God

Hear my cries, white is everywhere
There's no way to escape from this strange nightmare
In front of me attached on a bed
Lies the corpse of a child
With a face so pale
He turns his head and his glance meets mine
His voice resounds in me
Hurts and pierces my mind
Words of hatred try to dominate
Religious incantations desecrate my will
"Come to me little child,
See in my the resurrection of your god !
Self-proclaimed god
I am the one who lives in your entrails
Make you rot from inside
Invade me, blasphemy,
*I submit you to serve me
Your blood is mine, I'm your god
You'll learn to believe in my twisted existence
Crouched in the depths of your conscience
All the concepts fly away
End of dreams, beginning of fear."
Nervous disorder, go away !
Vicious imposter torturing my mind
Mental parasite, go away from me !
His words terrify me and I fall upon him
Severe corporal punishment
By pure act of the rage, uncontrolled
Blinded by blinkers of madness
The child lies disgorged
The white bed becomes red with his innocent blood
My eyes are lost in this ocean
Flowing on the ground until my feet
I sit in the most obscure corner of the room
As the child still look at me
I understand what death is really talking about.

7. Dementia (The Precocious Symptoms Of Mental Perversion)

he inconscious repression always grows in the head
There's no forgiveness inside, it's just a semblance of truth
This unacceptable state cuts the mind in two
And one of them disappears in the limbs of oblivion
Anormal human behaviour by morbid rationalization
Installs istelf disguised by perversion
Restrictionof the vision, diversions, manipulations
All the tricks are used to realize the deviated purposes
Dementia, the precocious symptoms of mental perversion
Anger from disturbed childhood
Comes through unconscious paths
Far from our reality, hate for his identity
He wants to become more than a simple human
And behind a wall of lies, build his own pleasure
Violence as answer to affective deficiency
Forever torn between repulsion and fascination

8. Phlebotomized

Lacerations, running blood as acid burns my veins from inside
Searching for the way to escape from this closed labyrinth
Exploring each part of organs, corroding it
In me there's no limit between dream and life
Anguish is so strong, pain so real
Deep-seated wounds have been made on my wrists
I cannot divert my glance from the sores,
Watching flow the sick blood.
Lacerate - evacuate - dominate - phlebotomized
Dominate the ignorance, blood everywhere
I spill blood eveywhere to empty my soul
Morbid paints on my body with the coulour of life, show me the way to follow
Awake from this dark witchery, from the insane delight
I have no feelings in my hands any more
My skin becomes grey and cold like an ancient stone
The conscience goes away from my orphaned mind
Cut the veins to lacerate, cut the veins to evacuate
Cut the veins to dominate. Phlebotomized
The rhythm of the drops crashing on the ground
Replaces slowly beats of my heart. All cis quiet. There's no more pain
I deeply fall asleep in sick dreams.

9. Insane Cepahalic Production

Une vaste et croissante obscurité embrase les vestiges de mon âme
Les ténèbresà présent règnent dans cet abime ouvert.
L'éphémère cocon du monde qui m'entoure, brisé,
Une structure instable dont les limites sont inconnues.
L'archétype de la pazthologie mentale, sublimé à l'extrême,
engendré et perverti par les siens.
Insane cephalic production.
Attrait ou mépris, entre deux notions, imperceptible dimension,
Absence de la peur, perte de l'illusion
La progéniture se retourne contre le géniteur
Mes parents m'ont laissé l'héritage de la souffrance,
Dans une surprotection suffocante,
Dans une indifférenciation totale entre le bien et le mal,
Dans ce berceau si fragile de sécurité imaginaire
C'est moi, cher père, chère mère, qui ai quelque chose pour vous,
Et quel cadeau plus beu que la mort aurais-je bien pu vous faire ?
Insane cephalic production.

10. Insomnies

Errant dans une étrange dimension, épuisé mais trop mal pour dormir,
Obnubilé par une peur incessante.
Sphères parallèles à l'état d'éveil, terreurs nocturnes,
Entre conscience et sommeil.
Crise de panique, discernant des formes dans le noir
Qui m'observent en silence.
Le corps en sueur, il m'est impossible de respirer
De peur qu'elles ne m'entendent
Dans le gouffre de désolation dans lequel je m'enfonce progressivement
Tandis que les heures s'enfuient derrière moi
J'abandonne mon être, submergé par l'angoisse
Chaque bruit, chaque sensation,
Comme si une aiguille invisible me perçait l'encéphale.
Errant à jamais dans ces limbes.
Sphères parallèles à l'état d'éveil,
Terreurs nocturnes,
Entre conscience et sommeil.

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