Dark Lyrics


1. X2Y

You're sick fuck
Can you hear me out

I'm the next step of your evolution
The most absurd and selfish shit our senseless world puked
Unable to socialize with you pigs
Look at you dancing at the surface of your own lives
Without the conscience you will be ashes before the sunset
You are insanity, not me
You are insanity
Your truth is mine, I shall be X2Y

2. Noise

Rising from the depths
When all the lights are off
It never sleeps, still and waiting
Its breath under my bed
Strikes the ground
With a sleepless terror
Evaporates the smoke
Disturbing the peaceful silence

The exhaling fear of nocturnal
Threat followed by heartbeats
Sweat crawling on the ground with it

Eyes can see, never sleep
Through this noise
Eyes can see,
Keep them open to hear the sounds

Let's listen to this discrete noise
It's the shiver traveling your skin
The hunter aiming at its prey
Calling in a murmur for the help I'll never receive
Nocturnal terror born from the thing under my bed

Crouching in a pale shadow,
Waiting for the bait to show up
Clenched fists, half awake, half asleep
Nothing seems real in this twisted
Dimension of conscience

Materialization of all nightmares,
Drawing slowly the paint
While I desperately wait
For the morning to come
Seconds are hours and I'll try to
Move in the complete dark space
Until it finally grabs my feet

3. Experience Your Flesh

Without touching me I feel
Your delicate hands slide wet and greedy
The sweatiness of my skin betrays
The fear of the unknown close to rise
The smile appearing in the corner of your lips
Increases the shiver of my legs
Your shining glance behind your glasses pierces me
An open window to the internal disorder

Experience your flesh
Ravage the soul like insidiuos cancer
Pleasure of meat you made me discover

Grazing the feverish base which lived inside
The ancient wound gets dug
With the perversion you instill in every cell
Your delicious teaching awakens sleepy parts of my being

Force the passage,
Consume the defenses
Violate unborn virgin paths

Frustrating the lamb,
Increasing the appetite of the sleeping Cerbere
Discreet lights of your imprint
Take hold in foundations
A root surrounding
My trunk until suffocate it
Abrading the bark of innocence
Hardening the seeds of pleasure to come

4. Slaughter / Suicide

Watch my soul, divide
At the dawn of my own slaughter-suicide
Behind the mask all shall fall
While my tyrannical desires
Feed the blackness
As I watch her leave slowly

I'm not sure to know who I am anymore
The absence of hope makes me so empty
The undead part of me burns my needs
Unbearable urges gnaw my guts
I want to be inside you a last time
Don't care about the fucking sunset
Slaughter suicide

Call me the wicked, make me the wicked
Blame me the wicked, I'll be gone!

I don't feel anything
Do you see the scar around my neck?
This fucking "cut here"

I guess I'm losing hope, but believe me I tried
Behold the emptiness you dug in me!
I regurgitate your name once again
Without the conscience of your accusatory eye
Your eye delicately put down in a box

I send you our children as I shall ask your dead
Body for permission
We are so much alike

5. Spit

Behold the black door
My sickness rose between us
Here you roam,
Confined in prison cell
The ghost of your voice in a
Disgusting taste whispers my name

Spit to the face my darkness shall embrace
Sexual meat disappeared in a blink
Dogs always keep their promisies
As you puke on my feet

Behold my entrails border
Your flesh to the sublime
With my claws sticking
Into your decomposed remnants
The essence of your soul
Which streams in me
And that I passionately hate

Despite your vain efforts
Watch your remains
Slide on the wall
All these small pieces of you
You, poor weak little thing

Nothing but this insidious
And treacherous nature
Wishing to expel you
And your toxicity
Exhale your soul
Through my fetid breath

Spit to the face
My darkness shall embrace
Nothing but decay

6. Defiled Purity

My sleeping beauty
Vanished in the sweetest dreams
The never ending process with worms
And mud as witnesses
Returned to the starving ground

You haunted my dreams as I was prisoner
Of this 7 years old childish body
And now I know you chased me my entire life
You're desire and disgust
You're the burning cold
You're the black stain defiling
The purity of the immaculate white painting
You're the infection infesting the cut

I celebrate metamorphosis
I send your pieces to the grave
The beautiful sight of your departure
Infinite passion of the abandoned

You, you are the wound in the corner of my lips
You that I can never stop licking
You made me what I am
You made me what I become

The vicious wind blows in my ears
Mixed with your silent moans
As my cum arrives until what remains of you
Honoring your grave as you deserve it
I beg they catch me

As you watch me rocking your head
Like a sleeping newborn child
The creature in me reads through your absent eyes
See the picture of the delivered monster
Smiling to the ignorance of its creator

7. Jekyll

Imagine there's nothing
Left but pain
And no way out
To escape the circle
Surrounded by spiders
Always getting closer
The circus has begun

In brutality we trust
Time to unleash the beast
Which has been tamed for too long
No mermaid for singing
No authority to obey
Just being what you are,
A perfect animal creature
Only enslaved to
His primal needs
There's no reason
To pretend any more

The social lie is over
And bursts with the rage
The creature inside,
Excruciationg pain
The antagonist compromise
A new level of being

I can only fake for now
But there's no lost hope
For the legitimate birth
Of my coming dominance

8. Collection Of Dead Portraits

I feel they stare at me
With their eyes closed
Sleeping and defenseless
Like their existence were
From the past remains and pieces
Like my forgotten episodes
Confined in old book's dust

In this court you are convicted of treason
You are condemned to be erased
Remember the darkness

Colors have disappeared
Lost in the new born texture
Your hidden childhood anguish so quiet
Your faces move around the deafening silence

Lost name
I can hear your screams under my fingers
I tear the pages away, crush them
Collection of dead portraits

Never mind this desperate howling
None can understand
Killing you once again doesn't matter
Something has devoured me
Rage and conflict burn
Sweet and terrifying
You are just things
All the pages I've ripped willl be back in vain
To torture me and play my inner theater again

The candle's flame makes the lines of your silhouette dance
Mom you look so beautiful in pieces

9. Carnivore Sublime

Un silence de mort lourd et
Oppressant envahit la piece ecarlate
Les ombres flambent
Je caresse leur echine
La main delicate leve le voile
Macule du dormant meurtri
Force insidieuse et devorante
Elle scrute mon visage

Une lueur meurtriere attisee par ceux qui me stigmatisaient enfant batard
Mon regard s'est fige, un pale sourire camoufle la fureur qui bout en moi

Sans pouvoir refrener les emotions dementes qui m'habitent
La peau ecarlate et cuisante du dormant
Garde le souvenir de la caresse de son maitre,
Attendant de tomber dans les bras d'une melancolie silencieuse
Le masque de ma raison a vole en eclats
Carnivore sublime

Le cerbere se reveille dans l'humidite de la sueur et de l'urine
Ton coeur est a l'aurore
Passionnement je te hais
A me perdre dans ta suave noirceur

Quand viennent les moissons precoces
Lors de ta metamorphose
Les tyrans arrachent les apparats et goutent ta viande
Sous ton regard qui m'emascule

Mais si je te contiens,
Nous marcherons dans les copieux charniers
Qui subsisteront apres notre revolte
Achemines par ce desir abject
La realite ne sera jamais assez pour moi

10. Les Morsures Du Cerbère

Distorsion de realite
Assis devant l'epigramme ou germent les visions de barbeles
Pilonnant tes ardeurs

Je souille les bancs miteux ou jadis tu abusais
De ta grace insolente, de feu ecarlate de tes joues,
Sure le sentier ou hurlent les souffles, je traine...
Tes absences me mutilent, ta candeur m'anime

Mes desirs feconds sont si pesants
Eradique ce peril barbare, qu'il cesse
Tel un parasite imposteur, je m'eternise
Afin de plonger et me desalterer
Dans un creux d'epiderme soyeux aux relents subtils
Les charmeurs de serpents

Quand viendra le solstice je deviendrai ton maitre
Dans le penombre des brumes, le chaos des tenebres
J'enroulerai ton corps dans un cocon de soie
Je fuirai la rumeur, etoufferai l'echo

Il n'y aura que la peur
Sur les traces de lutte, d'autres cellules jailliront
Les larmes brulantes rampant sur mon visage
Les morsures du cerbere
Que l'embryon meure
Dans cet enclos de ville morne
Ou jaillissent les fleurs fecondes
Le vent m'interpelle, me guide et me soumet a toi, pauvre larve

La ou tu echoues, je m'eleve de discordance
Je me fonds dans les pores
Pietinant les rudesses
Les moiteurs acides temoignent,
Trahissent tes pulsions

La lueur monochrome de ton regard trouble
Mutille mon pardon, attise le cerbere
Conjure le sang qui enivrera le gout de ta trahison
L'arrivee du gardien sur le trone

11. June And The Laconic Solstice

The worlds close, cold and threatening
They left me no way out, no door anywhere
Just these big white walls and their majesty
Dripping with anger and hostility
They rise in the rigidity of the accuser
The steams of your stench hidden behind

Your emanations contaminate my senses
And enjoy what remains of my damaged soul
Suspended over the fascinating space under my feet
Waiting for the time I fall

My throat hurts as I scream with all my guts but no sound goes out
I feel my veins beat on my temples and their rhythm resounds in my head
The spotless white of the walls blinds me
And crosses my eyelids

Time has come to see the end
Time has come to tame the whispers beyond the walls

The question's why the consolation
The question's why divine redemption
My acts cannot be forgiven,
Forgotten with neuroleptics absolution

These relentless images in my head
Of a magnificent and so familiar red
This silence I like rocks my grief in these last years
No word, no shout, just the silence
I'd like to meet the child I was, tell him "I'm sorry for your loss"

Olivier Gabriel: Guitars
Adrien Guérin: Guitars, Vocals (additional) (on track 8)
Kevin Foley: Drums
Eric Lombard: Bass
Julien Truchan: Vocals

Thanks to pessi.mizohata for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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