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1. The Diabolical Reign Of The Four Fallen Angels

There's no light, just decay
Waiting for the judgement's Day, Lucifer is dying
Hell in mourning for its King
Devils gather in council to spill the blood that war appeals

Satan and Astharoth bring the war
Belzebub and Cerbere bring madness
Devil's requiem for God

Legions progress, destroying paradise
Last evil will, his dream they realize
God will be slave for Eternity
Under the reign of the four fallen Angels

Into the light, human souls fly, dying, through the Devil's path
Fire burning from everywhere, they fear the Sentence in Evil Arms
Demons staring upon God's Torment, another Path of Cross Eternal Night...
The diabolical reign of the four fallen Angels has started under the sign of cruelty.

2. Werewolf's Nightmare

Darkness replaces the light; I'm a creature of Night
I hide my dark side of personality.

I'm as the wolf; bestiality rules my life and my heart
My prey tries to flee but it's running in vain
Hidden in gloomy wood, I am slavering for meat.
My sight has changed; my green eyes are now deathly pale
My blood-spotted muzzle dives deep in entrails
And I greedily devour muscle, tendons and veins.

I stare at the Moon
There's a smell of Death beneath Darkness of sky
Torture without cruelty
In the woods reigns something funeral
Beneath Darkness of sky.

Do you know why you die?

3. Last Part Of Humanity

My conscience lies, scruples betray
Erase trust, love and kindness.
Emotions lead to suffering, forget all compassion.
There's no mercy for the weakness
Deny all your existence
Black eyes empty of any expression gleam in frenzied brightness
Intent glance of the dead creature shines in the dark, like fire.

I condemn myself to be insensitive Screams and Nightmares of a life I wanted less cruel for me
I behold all Twilight's magnificence for a last time
Then I take a leave of the Sun's light
And prepare myself to become what I am,
Dead part of life.
What is dead this night in me is my last part of humanity
The dark silhouette of my body crouched on the corner of a cliff edge
Waits patiently for exorcism of its mind sepultures of Mankind
Peace finally I find

What's dead this night is my last part of humanity

Born, suffer, dying...
Love, lie, hate...

Ruling emptiness, I stand up full of glory
Inhaling deeply I look down upon the Sea
I fly up into the night and plunge from the ridge
I'm drowning in Darkness, howling out immortal cries...

Leaving all I have been as the ground comes near me
In a few seconds I feel strong, free from feelings.
I have chosen my way and taken control of my destiny
Merciful Death...

4. Nocturne

Dans l'obscurité nocturne
Et la brume épaisse du lieu où la mort se cultive
Les âmes rôdent, impérissables.
En ce lieu où je demeure, dégagé d'enveloppe charnelle
Pour un repos éternel,
Je suis mon corps et ce qui l'entoure.

Les yeux ont disparu des orbites de mon crâne
Le sang ne coule plus dans ce corps raide et pâle
Lentement les vers se nourissent de mes chairs

Déjà apparaît la lune
Des ombres se dessinent.
Dans cette atmosphère lugubre
Je devine leur regard m'observant dans le noir

Le bruit sourd du déplacement du socle du cercueil me fait frémir
Le froid enlace mon corps livide
Ils me tirent de ma sépulture
Les articulations s'étirent et cèdent, les os se brisent comme du bois mort
Mon cadavre démembré retombe dans les poussière et les cendres,
Remuant les odeurs de chairs putréfiées.
La peau s'effrite et se déchire tandis qu'ils parviennent à extirper mon cadavre de son antre
Et le place sur la pierre.

Un douloureux requiem se fait entendre,
Orchestrant l'autopsie finale.
Une lame plonge dans ma gorge et m'éventre sur toute la longueur
La vermine s'en échappe, me ronge de l'intérieur,
S'enfuit des os qui craquent.

Mes complaintes se meurent, s'égarent parmi les tombes.
Mes angoisses demeurent, déchirant la nuit sombre.
Impuissant devantles acyes de l'Innomable
Ma décomposition reprend son cours
Le temps m'engloutit, minute par minute.
Tandis que se meure mon âme déchirée,
Le soleil se lève sur ma dépouille mutilée.

5. Benighted Transcendence

Tell me the right end fed by our hate
Driven by my fate habits of today
Hi-tech machine, just controlled by some hands
Forgive the feelings, desire my end.
By a bleeding hand.

I fight in silence, I do it in the name of mine
Searching for the piece lost in their painful dreams
Breathing under black water, hidden behind a face
Illusion of a day, gloomy is the sky.

Mountain of life, tears of hate laying under the eternal lie
Fire of light, I am now ready to die
And born again.

What I become is now what I used to feel
Take my visions, feel and leave your body
Escape the mind sorry for what you see
Immortal sin visions of what's the becoming.

You will die by fire
Cry, no escape for the curse of your life
Die for them
Die by a hand, bleeding
Live for them
Sacrifice all your dreams for ideas
Nothing is real.

I break the silence and the long way
I forgive and I hang my destiny
Dumb is the soul, fire and flames surround my body
I cannot breathe too much dust feelings away.
Sounds of the night I can't describe fear inside
I am the necrobutcher of what I am.

Thunder falling from the red sky black lightening
Long trip for desire.
I am crawling under evil of hell
Heaven upside
I die alone, into the ground, death against a new desire

I'm knocking my chains, sound of the night
Lost breath of hope in the burning cry
I cannot accept the right of living
I'm touching my head, sound of the night
I am my own pain burning inside
I cannot accept the right of living.

Goddess dressed in the flames gives me this sin of life
Spirit blessed inside me for this lie
Eternal lie creating about a destiny
A new world ordering growing inside of mine.

I stand up for my rights but I don't want to give
My soul is rising from an unknown place

It's killing for me my fate and they can't see this crime

Whispers, no light, shadows in the endless night
I am dancing with angels to celebrate
Sounds of sorrow my soul breaks up in the dark
I am what the human machine creates
Dust in the night I create this fear inside
I am the butcher in glory of fate.
Give me a new soul flowing from veins
Driven by a fate over the lies you told before
I'm a new man rising from ashes of life
From a great desire, I find light into the dark.

6. Abysses Of Sadness

Falling down, searching for Satan
Your hypocrisy comes too far, too fast, stand up the ripper, coming soon
You fall into the abysses of sadness bloody curses from the one of the unlight
Hidden somewhere in old flames, manipulations of senses destroyed your mind
You wanted the forbidden but the power escaped from your hands, not betraying.

You tried through lies; you die on your lonely way
I die in my mind, ashes become my power
You created hate atrocity will come for you
I swear revenge; benighted was your cold destiny.

Power is mine
I grown too
In your mind you complain
Never-ending pain born from your doubts tears your soul apart

From the fucking dark past waking up again
Trying to justify that your fault was betraying your conscience.
You lost your mind creates a new line for your future, cold illness.
Ready for rising, smoke through the hole
Crawling from my soul, ready for a night to fight against your will

Rising again, breaking the unlight
My own destiny, escaping from the dark
Knowledge comes as the power of ancient gods
Delivering fire from the sky, burning
Thunderstorm shining over your soul
Your minute is coming, be ready.

Escaped away far from the light
Into the night, into the dark
In the deepest mystery, unlight
Dying too fast

Dark as the night, benighted feelings
Hate blinds your eyes, you've only enemies
Satan lines are life through your ill mind
That will never stop to rule your thoughts, haunting your nights

Trust in yourself, forgive the others
You are in the light you can choose your way
Coming from the mountains of thousand lies
Your hope makes your strength, you can trust in future of your life.

7. Infernal Killings

As tears of blood are raining from the sky
Sleeping body of the visitor lies
From the depths rise the eternal singings
Which orchestrate the march of the ceremony


Opening his eyes the amazing spectacle
Of the torturers enchained at the stake
Imploring faces are devoid of this hate
Which condemned the supposed heretics to death
The visitor's looking at this stream of pain
The pleasure in his eyes rises higher than the flames.


His feeling of injustice dies
Pictures of torture seems so far
The pain for fictitious heresy
Revenge comes a day finally
Episode between death and life
The evil consumed bodies lie
The visitor falls again in big sleep
This dead man can now rest in peace.


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