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1. Vae Victis

Drown. Swallowed by these tides that cry. Not one moment too soon. Regret. Close your eyes, let them pull you away. In this bleeding dawn. wake for the first time. in your eyes a light shines so bright it blinds me. under a sky of rust. raining down on me. walls of red close in. so cold. always one step behind. Broken like so many times before. Vanquished. shards of your shattered self slice even deeper. Wash it down. a bitter world. wash it away. Regret. Yet it won't let you forget. so take one last breath and swallow your grave.

2. Thank Heavens When Someones Crazy Enough To Give

Take me bound and gagged. These moments never seemed so clear. Vivid memories. I awake. Whispers shatter the silence. buried in this womb. we stay lost. Buried in this womb. Shelter from the rain. still we are left searching for someone to mend these wounds. we stay under shelter from the rain. searching for something that was never there. I open my self. I awake. your whispers have shattered me. left to die. You bring me to this as I break. words speak through scars. As this hailstorm presides. I feel everything.

3. The Stars That Rose When I Set Out For You

grey skies turn red. choking on the bitterness it brings. the autumn winds blow right through me. so when you shoot, aim straight for the heart of October. I hold my chest as tomorrow bleeds away. such beautiful words you fed me. I see now that I was choking on each line. so turn your back on me. forget. seasons change just as the swollen tears burst and run down your cheeks. you have so carefully burnt these bridges. where do you run to now. I hold my chest. I hold my chest as tomorrow bleeds away.

4. Eastern Kansas Love Song

To what ends we justify. One word tells all that can be said. Feed the fire of aggression. charred skeleton of a past remain. Silent. relinquish the thoughts to dust. Red as the blood that flows from our wrists. Insatiable. red as the blood that flows from our throats. Our legacy remains. arid dependence. Dehumanization. the machine runs on. Silent scarification. look twice at what remains. Fractured earth bleeds black.

5. Look In There Eyes Mom, You'll See Me

Burn with the rest. all innocence lost. regret my love. I starve for your dagger. put to rest this warm sadness frame by frame into the fire. I starve for your flame. I have seen better days. So take this last one with you. And fly the colors of your heart at half mast. Standing at the brink is never as clear. Don't say one more word. Like a disease you infect. So let the angels weep in all there bloodied glory. Burn with the rest never turning away.

6. Bled

7. Open Eyes

I will never take the life of innocence. This world's malevolence will be its demise. Compassion is not something that I am willing to compromise. For once mankind must open its eyes to the world around. Realize a change must take place. How long must we live on the death of the world. A sterile world. No respect for life. Antiquated notions of survival. the world's demise. How can we be so selfish. so short sighted. to those who look away. and to those who make excuses know that the blood is on your hands. and know that you hold the blade that kills the soul of life. To those who make excuses, the blood is on your hands.

8. No Fortress, No Fire, No Fame

The sadness locked inside of you. The beauty of nothing. The absence of sacrifice, of pain. Fortress of solitude. burn it down. buried by arrogance. stones crumble. walls fallen from clenched fists that feel no pain. the fists that built them. Shadows of a scarred and skeleton world remain. You are still alone. nothing can protect you now. fortress of solitude. burn it down. no fortress. no fire. no flame. Birth takes a new meaning when it's into death. reinforced misconceptions. the plague of apathy that threatens to consume us all. fortress of solitude around this cold heart. burnt to the ground. afraid to face another day. still afraid to die. the fear remains.

9. The Eleventh Hour

Lost to the scars that frame. The one last glimpse of you. Portraits of a past fade, rot, and disappear as the dead are carried away. For a moment it was so clear. Break the windows. smash the mirrors. erase the memories in this eleventh hour. nothing says I love you like slit wrists. Beauty through dead eyes. forgive me. I bear the weight of the clocks hands in this final hour. It was so clear. Wandering through these open doors. wanting and broken. in this final hour. Wanting and broken. chamber by chamber. my blood runs cold.

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