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1. The Bastard Wind

Second waiting, the bastard wind
Left you swaying but held again
So allaying, you'll call to the veil
Where bled you fail

Found you longing for steel and field and cave
But still shackled by rows of endless waves
Will an essence you drown now cast you away
To sand and clay

So a shimmer of wave will strain to the sun
While deceiving the eye that's lost and won
Where a lesson to burn is fast to decay
In swell and spray

So as endless a dream it seems is lost out of shade
There in shoreless of hold you long to fade
For the cleansing of waves are naught to avail
Where bled you fail
Where bled you fail
Where bled you fail

The lie
Means nothing to the sky
Or veil
The way
Will burn another day
Or fail
This time
In passage you divine
This grail
And climb
From waves in endless line
That pale

The granite lay sunken
As below
The wind that wrought the fire
So below

Soaring ascent in flame
Cinders of victims singed and maimed
Strip the wind to bleed again
Fall below oceanic flame

Naught the strain
That death has claimed
You leave the kill to pain

Deeds that bled away
Where in fairness war's ascension is to stay
There in violence you're mastering decay
You'll feed the beast this way
Where an effigy will climb towards the sun
There a peak on high will witness what is done
Air to thin and turn before the flames are gone
Carelessly you're burning all there is to one
Share the burden left in cinders by the ton
If nothing's to be done
If nothing's to be done
If nothing's to be done
If nothing's to be won

Strain the shadow and steep in shade
Earth left fallow for steeper grade
Climb once narrow is now the blade
That severs the wind
Calm but quaking on the shroud of the sun
As it's forsaken and below it's flung
The storm is raging for the past has won
And led by the wings
You're led by the wings

Need led the lie
To deny endless sky
Deeds led below
As above
For the foe

2. Heaven Torn Low I (The Passage)

Heaven torn low then thrown in the fire
Weep of the woe to mirror the ire

Joining the foe as ash in the pyre
Heaven torn low then thrown in the fire
Heaven torn low then thrown in the fire
Heaven torn low then thrown in the fire
Heaven torn low then thrown in the fire

Wake as the shattered flow
Further than far to go
What was above when they held you below?
Are they to know?
Cull for a quickening
Horizon is found on wing
Would it be sheer where the living still cling?
Are they to show?

Hold of the handle fray
Crumble of silt betray
Fingers that claw at the last of decay
In mirrors
Backwards the fall will gleam
The last of the blur of screams
Would lift you as felled beyond nothing it seems
So now that it all seems clear
Away from the far and near
We'll orbit the climb beyond circling fear
And if I could hold this sphere
And vanquish all once held dear
I wouldn't remain to deceive or deny
I wouldn't hold pain in embrace with a lie
So wouldn't disdain fall away with the sky

Secrets you know
But barely can hold
Through mirror you fray
Fell from below
All of the way
With you in tow

A lesson to learn will pale in the shade that was ever to grow
Where seven will spurn this tale the sixes in triumph will know
So here is a sphere where a tomb and a throne are left cold and alone
And if they unseen are to burn, would their meaning ever have been known?

So shatter the mighty of sword, for you still are to end in the cold
A desolate moon wouldn't now shed a tear for the lives that you sold
So here is atonement and here never read what the epitaph told
And I wouldn't know your name unless you had since shattered the mold
I wouldn't know your name unless you were the blackest of souls
You wouldn't call my name unless I was the passage and toll

3. Heaven Torn Low II (The Toll)

When you're stolen from the thief
And led by shadows to belief
Where beholden to defy the sacrifice on high
Now low to lie
When you're coldest, will you leap?
Set ablaze the path that only living keep
Where they told us none will lie
It's only there I'll fly in all denied

When in holding colder seas
Singe the edges from inside that shattered freeze
When it's only left undone
No battle to be won
Beyond the sun
When you're stolen from belief
When in waiting to be torn
To be torn

4. Prelude


5. The Unbodied Air

You rise as shadow, seek to avail
These lies of marrow that fray on the nail
Leave nothing to deny (Avail, a veil)
So fry the gallows and sever the tale

Liquefied sphere rising to noon
Where the sun once beat down
Upon the deadest of eyes
And the bloodiest of ties

Has cast its eye
From fields where pained the fallen stained the deathless sky
Where drawn
To peak now torn
From cradled land a void in hand from this demand
For nigh
Will draw you high
From mountain rest the blackest crest on stellar nest
Should eyes
Return to lies
They'd fall like rain upon the slain that hold no blame
To fall like rain upon the slain that hold no blame
To fall like rain upon the slain that hold no blame

For broken and dismayed the rivers rise
Cast ashore to where the balance has decayed
For delay will only stoke the lies
For broken will evade the bloody reach of time
If to pour beyond the distance where the frayed
To delay the burden and the crime

For broken and betrayed now cast the die
As the tumble falls beyond the shattered cry
Now to lie in scattering divide
For broken now the stayed are last to tow the line
To beyond the burning the valleys where the eye
To defy, will only see the sky

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