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1. Send Me Those Evil Words

I like satan as the only one messiah
I believe in him only
I blaspheme like name of jesus
I hate this bastard human race

Archangel who wears
The unbroken wrath

You are the ultimate fear
I will kill for you
I will kill for my race
My last breath is for you

Send me these evil words

Satan, lord of the plagues
My hate for human race is so real

2. Forgotten Nazarene

My Hell is in this world
I proudly throw church's laws

Nazarene - my hate is on your name

Just to see you to die in ignorance of all
Die! with those who believed in you!
Die! with all those so weak!

3. Medieval Deathcamps

Slaughtered bodies
Human bodies dragged in their blood
Human race should become a myth
Any proofs of human life are sought
And burnt by the Heretics

All those slaughered human bodies
All those extinguished human lives
All those creations of god kill for satan

One by one human bodies are burnt by Devils
Are burnt by Satan's Messengers

Medieval Deathcamps for christians
Medieval Deathcamps for humans
Medieval Deathcamps for god's creations
Medieval Deathcamps created and ruled by Satan

4. The Devil And The Sorcerer

Near all hates
Near all that is Evil

The sorcerer called the Demon
After his last Sabbath
The Demon answered him
By fire and storm

THe sorcerer had to defeat the secret of human life
And he crossed the obscure way of the last ritual
Now should come the day of the cummunion with the Devil

5. Impure Blood Shall Flow

Traitors don't deserve to die in dignity
Shame to those who betrayed Blood
Shame to those who run away from death

Traitors of the race will be banished
Traitors of the Demon race

Impure Blood shall flow - evil prevails
The Sombre Throne will be ours
We are climbing the steps
To Dark Victory

We, Demons and Children of
All that is Evil will triumph
Beyond the Death and accept
The Black Fate

We will fight with the Prince of Darkness
Our Father

6. Children Of All That Is Evil

Black Fate to the traitors
Black Fate for human race

Only Evil Blood shall remain on our veins
Impure Blood of those Humans must disappear
This is the law of the Black Fate

Judeo-christian, you must accept
Not to exist anymore

We, Demons and Children of all that is Evil
Will eternally live in the near to Satan
Will eternally live to spread the Black Fate
Black Fate to traitors. Black Fate to humanity

Impure Blood of those Humans must flow.
Shame must be overcome
Jedeo-christian have to pay
For thier impure blood
And thier useless existence

To die would have been so great for them
They simply need to disappear
Death is a reward that they don't deserve

The Empire of the Beast is near
The end of humanity gets near
The Gates of Hell are open to us!

7. A Thousand Demons

Admire sadness spilling in thier life
Disheartening those human worms
Heartrending thier hopes
To burn thier empty souls

A Thousand Fires, A Thousand Demons
Which burn all hopes of the so-called christ

A Thousand Fires, A Thousand Demons
We will enjoy to see the pain

We are waiting for the primordial torrent
We'll laugh watching humans dying

Only dark creatures will be still there
In the name of The Lord Chaos - Satan

A Nation will survive, maybe more
But Legions of Satan as we are
Will be still there to crush all kind of human life

Admire sadness spillin in thier life
Disheartening those human worms
Heartrending thier hops
To Burn their empty souls

8. From The Most Devastated Lands

From the most Devastated Lands
Lost Souls are the only to survive
Terror, Mayhem and Chaos
Are only the Landscapes to see...

From the most Devastated lands
Only Demons will come back...
Only Demons of Our Blood
Will still exist and reign as Masters...

From the most Devastated Lands
No humans, nor other living things
From the previous era survived
They killed themselves by thier fault, thier weakness
Those humans were only feeble worms...

Humanity died by itself
We, Demons, don't need to build a new era
We are the Evil era, the Evil Way
We are the Satan's disiples...

Terror, Mayhem and Chaos
Are the only Landscapes we need to exist...
From the most Devastated Lands
The Demons We Are Will Never Die...
The Demons We Are are devoted to Satan...

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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