Dark Lyrics


1. Nothing, Save The Power They're Given

These words might mean nothing
But it's a chance I'm willing to take
Cause maybe I'm wrong and lives can change
I'm singing out of my insecurity
So someone, somewhere might be impacted by what I've made
I fidget and sway back and forth
Biting my nails down until they bleed
There is a lie that I've believed
I'd tell you, but I'm so scared of what you'd think
So I apologize if I've caused you to wake
Just close your eyes and let the beat rock you back to sleep
I'll tell you in the morning
About how this man you see
Often times feels like a child
Self-conscious and weak
I'll still put pen to paper
Try to explain these things
That invade my thoughts in my waking hours
Stories of Kings and princes that have lost their way
God, we'd give anything just to feel safe
Deep down, we all know our worth
We just need someone to truly love us first
So we tip toe around these crowded rooms
Hoping someone in attendance might be able to dress our wounds
We cry without uttering a single word
So gather close, circle round
Cause maybe you've just never heard
And I'll tell you the story of the Love I've found
About the Truth embedded in you long before your birth
I'll ask once more
What are these words worth?

2. Dear G-d

As I pen these things
It might literally be all I have
Ink on paper
Does any of this matter?
Then I’m reminded of what I’ve seen
The places I love and the people I’ve been
Only Love could have brought me to this place
Holding in me a joyful heart while spit covers my face
I’ve come to forgive those who’ve wronged me
Knowing that they’ve helped make me into exactly who You intended me to be
I’m trying my best to be a better man
Despite all my fears, I really am
I write these things to remind myself
That amidst this darkness, there still remains
Light, Hope, and a perfect plan
For the first time in my life
I am writing for the sake of writing
Living for the sake of living
Loving for the sake of loving
And I’ll live
So you can call this sort of life a hopeless endeavor
That this tiny vessel could ever endure such violent weather
Call it pointless
I’ll continue to carry out Grace none the less
I will scream it till my face is blue
There is a point to all of this and its always been You

3. The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget

There sit two lovers
One’s eyes intently chasing the other’s
She doesn’t love him anymore
But he’ll stick it out till the end
This he had sworn
Lying awake in bed
Feeling the spot on my chest
Where you used to rest your head
You see love’s a funny thing the way it lingers in the mind
No matter what you do or the passing of time
That ember still glows for those lovers behind
No matter if it’s well remembered
That light still shines
Good times take precedent over every incident
No matter how poorly spent
So we put on these ridiculous fronts
Like we were just fooling around
Our love was only childish fun
Yet we know different
That it meant something to us
And that piece still lingers in each one that we’ve loved
So we pick up the pieces
Try and make a half a whole
But in the back of our minds
There’s quite a different story to be told
That Love has kissed our lips
That Love has touched our eyes
And no matter how sincere
Love has changed our lives
And even if all love has flown
We’ll have a few scars to proudly show
Cause at the end of our lives
We can say, ‘At least we tried’
Lying awake in bed
Feeling the spot on my chest
Where you used to rest your head

4. This Loneliness Won't Be The Death Of Me

I swear this isn’t the end
But I still feel so alone
Even when I’m surrounded by my best friends
Word’s can’t penetrate
A tree in the wind
I bend
Falling faster into the depths
I’m falling, I’m falling
Under such depression, I can barely even catch my breath
Words can’t mend and love does not sink in
Why can’t I see Your face?

Clawing at my chest
Looking for some sort of reprieve
I swear this isn’t the end
But when will I feel comfortable in my own skin?

Knowing fundamental truth
Doesn’t seem to matter
After such tremendous abuse
Cause I’ve worked this ground since my youth
And still, the land has yet to bare any sort of fruit
I’ll continue to toil and plow
Hoping one day I’ll make You proud
‘What have a got to show?’
As I wipe the sweat from my brow

So tired, so tired of showing Love so deep
That most aren’t even willing to feel
See what I’ve seen
Open your eyes and recognize that this is real
This season brings darkness so profound
I’ve become lost and can’t seem to be found
Contorted, racked with pain
I know should feel free, yet I continue to sing this sad refrain
I can’t sleep and food has lost its taste
God, I’m so sick of this place

Then I’m touched
By the hands of a brother
And like a rush
Passing through my exterior
I hear my name
A hush
A son, loved by a Father
I’ve been made alive again

5. The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease

You are the topic of every epic we have ever been told
And as I stand on this cliff, the wind whips through me and I am made bold
Once again, Your presence creeps into my consciousness
Grace made tangible in this newly anointed place
And I am brought to my clear senses
That none of my perceived failings or disgrace
Has ever touched my being or inheritance
I am whole, I am clean, I am free
And I brought to my knees
Sink in; permeate this weary flesh
Breathe; life as clean and fresh
As the salt-seasoned breeze
Please Father, pull me to my feet

‘Why are you kneeling, my son?
I put strength in that back-bone
Knowing that you would fall
But I promise, you will never taste defeat
You are whole, you are clean, you are free
Get up, rise from your knees!’

We can no longer linger in the shadows of our shame and brokenness
For as sure as the wind blows
He has already redeemed all of this
Live as whole, live as clean, live as free
Everything you were made to be
Standing at the edge of self-discovery
Tired and weary
Our body trembles, buckles
We are afraid of being hurt again
Been stabbed in the back by our own friends
We don’t know if we can mend
Minds riddled with unsuccessful recoveries
We’re scared
Lord, we’re terrified
But dive in we must
Cause there has to be something better than this
For we see testimony of You in the sea
Your creation, all of nature
So with a sudden rush
We abandon our solitary perching place
And as we wash away the mourning dust
Immersed; we see Your face

6. Salute E Vita

Raise your glass high
And share with me in my joys and grievings
I toast to the mountains and valleys
To the future and the days gone by
I invite you in with good humor and levity
All I have is yours and I pray that you drink deeply
My cup has been emptied
So I may see what it tastes like to be free
Cause for so long this glass has owned me
Focused on the chalice rather than what it contained
So I gave all of worth to the needy and the rest to the sea
Then I looked around at all of the beautiful things that I had gained
What can a glass speak of its contents
And can it boast at its filling?
What else could it do but mutter a quiet thanks
So it is that I look forward to my spillings
For I am sure that such times are the only thing steadying my hands from their violent shaking
So with gladness in my heart and hope in my eyes
I drink to my fill of Your celebration wine
And as I pour glass after glass
I’ll lift it high
(I’ll lift You high)
And give a hearty toast to life

7. It's Really Not As Complicated As You're Making It Out To Be

I do dimly perceive that while everything around me is ever-changing, ever-dying there is, underlying all that change, a living power that is changeless, that holds all together, that creates, dissolves, and recreates.
That informing power or spirit is God, and since nothing else that I see merely through the senses can or will persist, He alone is.
And is this power benevolent or malevolent?
I see it as purely benevolent.
For I can see, that in the midst of death, Life persists, in the midst of untruth, Truth persists, in the midst of darkness, Light persists.
Hence I gather, that God is Life, Truth, Light, He is Love.
He is the supreme good.
But He is no god who merely satisfies the intellect, if He ever does.
God to be God must rule the heart and transform it.
He must express Himself in every smallest act of His votary.
It is proved not by extraneous evidence, but in the transformed conduct and character of those who have felt the real presence of God within.
To reject this evidence is to deny oneself.
This realization is preceded by an immovable faith.
He who would, in his own person, test the fact of God’s presence can do so by a living faith, and since faith itself cannot be proved by extraneous evidence, the safest course is to believe in… the law of Truth and Love.
Exercise of faith will be the safest where there is a clear determination summarily to reject all that is contrary to Truth and Love.
I confess that I have no argument to convince through reason, faith transcends reason.
All that I can advise is not to attempt the impossible.
[Mahatma Gandhi]

8. Humble Servant, Am I

Oh God, I can’t believe
All the places that I’ve been and all of those I’ve come to meet
Blessings of faith, when I have only a mustard seed
For every hardship in my life
I’ll hold Your name and I’ll do just fine
All praise are Yours and none are mine
Instruments played by hands that cannot read or recollect one solitary note or line
Yet play in perfect harmony
God whispers into some men’s ears,
Well He screams into mine
Speaking, endlessly, all my hopes and fears
Nay, simply I’ll reply

Blessings so sweet and divine
None of which I do deserve
For only a humble servant am I
Lowly, I’ll wash Your feet
With the tears I’ve cried

Each joy in my life and each breath in my lungs
Attests to Your overwhelming grace
Show us Your love
You see my tattered shoes, my broken spirit
Unequipped to finish the race I could have never won
So You snatched me up into Your strong arms
And over Your shoulders, I was slung
Lord, You’ve given me the tools to live as Your own
Talent, drive, and the willingness to run
All praise are Yours and none are mine

Blessings so sweet and divine
None of which I do deserve
For only a humble servant, am I
Hope my humility can outlast my pride

9. This Room Is Alive

This room’s alive
In this moment, each one of us is leaving
All of life’s worries and troubles far behind
Speaking in tongues
Sweating blood
Some people search their entire lives for such a cure
Screaming silently inside
Past horrors plaguing their minds
This is our release
This is our violent plea
Hearts scarred and bandaged
Souls weathered and damaged
This is our release
Our violent plea
It’s time to burn the past
Take off our self-fabricated coping masks
We’ll let each other see who we really are
With our broken limbs and battle scars
Naked, all things stripped away
You’ll see we’ve all gone through similar pains
And like children, we count and play our hiding games
But we won’t come inside when Grace calls our name
Slaves to our guilt and shame
Pointing the finger at the one who was never really to blame
Reopen your wounds anew
And watch the broken come to stand by you
You don’t have to feel alone
Cause I know this place could feel like home
There is no need to run and hide
When your true family is standing by your side

10. We Will Never Be The Same

Let the Kingdom fall on this place
Those who have never felt Your love
Feel Your warm embrace
We will proclaim Your continuing creation
Made evident by our many reconciliations
The blind will see
The deaf will hear
Loving with every ounce of our being
We are made whole as we draw near
We will see Your purpose brought about on this earth
Men, made giants out of pain and dirt
Those of us brought up in broken homes
Don’t have to fear, we will be made whole
This world we used to view as broken
Is truly a masterpiece in progress
Set in motion by the Words that were spoken
We can choose to stay on the wayside
And watch others grow, while our spirits die
Or we can pick up our tools and chisel away at this life
Revealing a perfect plan
This world is not past redeeming
Creating perfection will take quiet patience
And a love that’s endearing
We will not stray
We will not tarry
And in the end, we’ll see all unbelief dead and buried
The blind will see
The deaf will hear
Loving with every ounce of our being
We are made whole as we draw near
No one will leave this room sick
Cause You are especially fond of All
And we have faith that You can do this
We have faith

11. If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out

There is such hope in the stories we’ve been told
Recounted endless times by the aging and old
Tales of peace, worship and holy places
Palaces adorned with gold and lofty terraces
But I’m always left with quiet dismay
Cause I’m told that some of those I love won’t be with me
So I’m left behind in an eternal place
Cause the ones who meant the most didn’t receive Your grace
They called it beautiful, but to me it holds nothing that is holy
I can only know what I’ve seen
And what I’ve seen is that You’ve made us clean
Given us the right to be anything we want to be
Why would You give me eyes to see and then deny me these?
Eternity is a lock found inside our hearts and You’ve handed Humanity the key
So I won’t be swayed by fantasies of unquenchable flames
Or some place of torment, the damned never to see Your face
We are all Your creation
You love us all the same
A Father doesn’t sit idly by while His children are maimed
I’ve seen true Grace
I promise you we will never feel the lick of those flames
Where Death is your glory?
Where Death is your sting?
For we are all children of the King
Every last one an eternal being
So I’ll reject your fear and hatred
For I bring Good News that will be for all nations!
I’ve seen wholeness in the broken
I’ve seen health in the sick
Why do we stifle the Word You’ve spoken?
If it kills me, I’ll tear these walls down brick by brick
I’ve seen hospitality in the homeless
I’ve seen Light in the darkness
And I’ve seen hope in the damned
So if all that has meant the most to me isn’t present after my last breath
Count me with the fallen sheep and send me to the depths

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