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1. State


2. Quasar

[feat. Alex Erian from Despised Icon]

Surrender to the quasar
My body dissembles and slowly vanishes
I am consumed to death
The horizon is collapsing on itself
Surrender to the quasar
May I decline death's offer
It's barely worth it
You think the world we knew
Will bring us down
Quasar realize what you're facing

I am
Making an eye to eye contact
Craving for matter and worlds to destroy
For matter and worlds to destroy

Realize the astral in agony
Pleading this consiousness
For our provocation was too intense
We are the architects of a revolution
We are the architects of this atmosphere
We are the builders of the basics
That rule the junkyard you're calling our world

This is the last moment
As the light in the sky loses its beauty
This is a strunghold of men
The nearest point of extinction

It's the end of innocence
Acting without consequence
At your expense, I'll have a ball
Contemplating man's downfall
I'll crush everything in my path
You'll feel the rush, the aftermath

I am the voice of the mute
And the ears of the deaf

And the time as come for us to try
To get out of this place alive.

3. Bible Crumbles

You know me
I'm a one man army with more then a trick up these sleeves
So nothing ever gonna stop me
You should know you
Life comes at you fast
And its gonna take all you got
To make it last
You brought me
Under your wings
Only to shelter me
From my true destiny
Settle not for less
It only makes you stronger
We live as sinners
Pretty day you make it big
Soon, fear with remorse
As the pillars of your temple
Collapse and hear your assets cry
As they burn alive
You know me
I'm so much more than this I will bite the hand that feeds me
And bring fear into man eyes
One thrust two thrust
It never stops
I can never be the man I was before It came down to this.

4. Off With Their Heads

A crown adorns his face
With wretched judgement
Emblems of royalty have vanished
Suburbs are infested x 2
Now facing the blade
Up in the crimson sky

Facing the blade

Facing the war in the mind of the sane
I am crawling back to the source of wisdom
Of wisdom
And we'll make him fall
Fall as his throne crumbles

We'll make them collapse
Under the rising sun
For all to see
That their structures are taken down

New utopists
Your dreams died tonight
You the people
Your dreams died tonight

You've built so many reasons to believe the lie
No wonder why with theses wolves behind your back
This is the last time you'll ever see the sun
You realize your mistakes
As it now seems impossible to get rid of your misery
This is the the last time you will ever see the sun.

5. Reclaim This Gold

Emerge from the deep water

We sail into the dephts of this ocean

To gain evidences about his existence
We were once cursed by the prohibited gold

Will i ever know the end this time

Immerge in the deep water
Searching the forbidden treasure

A lifetime promising to treason
Salty waves invade my diseased heart
Concuding my hands to impurity

We are forever lost, but we'll never drown
The truth has been revealed
Beg the abyss as your last faithful thought

I am bringer of misery
I reign on crimson water

Emerge from your trapped corpse to lead the march

Their faces blemish at the sight of my ship

Reclaim this gold, RECLAIM THIS GOLD.

6. Leader Of The Suburbs

The laws of nature have just been bent
For the people of the imperfection
This is a calling to all of those
Who follow in silence
Don't you tell me it's nonsense
I wear your bruises as a coat
And wear your scars as a lesson
We all decide the role we play
And the side we are committed to

Carry your name and the weight of your sins
Carry your name and the weight of the legion
Carry your name and the weight of your sins

Time as come to decide
Wether you're on my side or you're on the one of those pitiful existences
Who lead the modern era
And I'll curse this world for a better one
And i'm gonna keep on hitting

I am the leader of the suburbs

Evicerating the guts of the fearless council
Everblazing the light of a flawless living

Your legs now fail you
As the wolf devours the conscious
That lays beside your crime
I will never forget
What you did to us.

The bringer of undecision

United as one
We'll serve our own will
And they'll glorify me as the icon
Of a new concept.

7. Pandemonium

Ostracism of the walkers and banishers of integrity
I could lie and tell you that the music will be fine
Enter the chaos of the day the sound disappeared
When I first heard the last scream coming from this stone creature
I thought to myself that this was the sound that summed up this existence
The gods of the past have spoken through my mouth, as the mirror explodes in a shattering silence
Behold the false messiah
Behold the brothers of dirt
Behold this arrogance
Behold the fangs of the wolf
Behold the questions of life
Behold the fragments of time
I will not die without answers
Support the force
Disharmony infested by the flies of sound
The strength of a nation that created something so strong
That it will eventually, definitely exterminate us all
Exterminate us all
The key to heaven is under your feet
The key to heaven... is under your feet
The key to the paradise
Will you take this creation of the race of men and adore it as your own son?
Accept all the consequences that might come with it?
Will you take this complete disaster for the better or for the worse.

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