Dark Lyrics


1. Root Of Ambiguity

Summoned into this dominion, to be imprisoned henceforth
A place of unbound dimensions, land of disembodied souls
Journey into darkness, perpetual horror it looms
Flayed beings await, high, belest, to berefit soul.
Beholding desolate visions, staring dismally,
deformed miscreancies, stream by incessantly,
severed hallucinations, of an impending woe,
frighten impertinently, prelude to liquiseence.
Esurient Flames erupt this soul Consuming corpses as they boil
Venturing souls set ablaze, kindle the twilight enshrouded maze.
Now somber eyes show umbrage. (A flaw for my dreams)

[Solo: T. Fenech]

Still alive but waiting to die,
My soul strives to eternally lie
Piercing, through flesh to compel,
It's way out of this earthly shell.

[Solo: D. Bugeja]

2. Rigorous Aberration

Abomination within the light of god
Subdued earthly believers inhumane toil
An unleashed affliction upon mankind
Perceiving enslavement to the mentally blind
Divine dream sets ablaze their twisted minds
Demented thought of insurrection unwinds
Rigorous aberration of cataclysmic climax
Succumbs to a mystical ominous vortex
Mourn for the looming twilight ordained,
evangelist's lore endlessly profaned
The bloodline that poured for so many years,
stains the undefiled stream of tears.
Crucify the misbegotten child

Disciples cherish his butchered corpse
Gore runs off the sanctimonious cross
Futile act of benevolence
A sinister way to achieve deliverance
Biblical orisons, testimony of the unblemished life,
In a time where nailed anatomy wasn't strive

[Solo: D. Bugeja]

Ripping human flesh, carnage of our ancient Lord,
epitaph of this sacred stone, sates the unquenchable horde.

[Solos: T. Fenech, D. Bugeja, T. Fenech, D. Bugeja, T. Fenech]

3. Luciferian Enthronement

Misty skies vault of heaven
guiding to the bliss of white
The abode of the holy is soon to be broiled
by the power of an amorphous deceiver
Glittering skies weep the arrival of an end,
moon grims a sad night on the earth
Imbued from damnation, empire is at stake,
proclaimed is the Siege of Hate.

Fate in the abyss, entity's embrued
Majestic reigns hell's glory, bodies gain elude
Shades befall the blest Omnipotent's devise
Unhymned is his recantation, inglorious is his sign
Ashes goes his promised day obsequies of belief
sacred sphere beyond his grasp evil speaks no reprieve
Chosen one weeps the verging sun, nothing can be saved
Angels set to fire, this is what hell awaits.

The impending calamity that extinguished light
Ravisher of divinity, angels seek plight
Jesus weeps, Black Disciples drag him to hell
Forlorn by world mourners, he's born for timeless spell!
Lucerna forgives not hell's reprise overtakes,
Embracing flames virtue, divinity shall be raped
Misery haunts the abode of the host
Begetter of man's sins, wrenches the holy ghost
Immaculate, the virgin pure and weak
Deceased in dark excrements, virginity lost with reek
Triumphant over chaos, his head raised up high

Under the mystic signs adorned with joy
Seperial desires that pass the depths
Control the mind's dimension, the eye of dark Hades
To summit damned spirits, centurians head the war
And guard three realms for Satan, to raise the inverted cross.

"Woe, dear heaven, Your kingdom is destroyed
...and there shall be no trinity Exult, thy Flame of Wrath"

In uteral theophany, a heir for the Realm
Depraved unvirgin Mary her spiritual image shred
A Newborn for the Progenitor the fruit of her lust
Kataklyst's Infinity Our Kingdom Will Last

[Solo: T. Fenech. Solo: D. Bugeja]

4. Souldead

"Lord...I mourn my counterfeit existence in surmise I defy your spineless grace."

Far beyond belief resides your reality
Drowned in the inserutable stream that baptized me
It's chasten water rids me off my skin
To leave my soul venturing in the realm of sin
The stale crimson sky above my head
Emanates the stench of souls that are dead
Forbidden thoughts fruit of a morbid destiny
Now I'll find peace in eternal blasphemy

Day after day I mourn in tribulation
You pose on your throne (while I live in damnation)
Heaven's divinity can't heal this affliction
Cursed is the hour of my conception

Angels praise your divine dominance
There's no truth it all stinks of putrescence
I lust to perpetuate your crucifixion
My last temptation to relieve this affliction

[Solo: D. Bugeja. Solo: T. Fenech]

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