Dark Lyrics


1. Transcendental Iniquity

[Music: D.Bugeja D.Cachia]
[Words: D.Bugeja]

Dwelling in a cold world of emptiness
Cursed to live in everlasting bitterness
Predestined existence that fails to maintain
Its radiance lost through ageing years of pain
Raging hatred flourishing disgrace
Odious retribution bestowed upon this race
Seerful images describe a dying earth
Unbegun lifes damned since their birth
An amorphous creature gnawing at a declining sanity
Forcing our minds into a revolting abnormality
Ambiguously enshrouded in transcendental iniquity
Devouring scarred lifes emerging from a sick reality
A god forsaken existence debauched in grim corruption
Eating its way towards a compelling dissolution
Dipping our fingers in a scar that shall never heal
Watching it widen as the worms within it reveals
All that's left is a life drained of its significance
Paralysed with hatred and undisputed ignorance
A hopeless race indulging in sick abhorrence
Drowning in seas of eternal sufferance

[Solo : David]

As time eats at our last breaths within this dying world
We struggle on this plaintive journey till we meet our death
And with us all achievements shall be laid to rest
To eternally rot, with nothing we shall leave this insane earth

[Repeat verses 3 & 4]
[Repeat last 2 verses]

2. Perpetual Mockery

[Music: D.Bugeja O.Grech T.Fenech]
[Words: D.Bugeja]

Absorbed within this lunatic world
Premature lifes habitually misled
Messengers of a nihil belief
Dispel thoughts that deceive
Thriving on all weak identities
Devoted ones, abused subtlety
An inherited course of malice
Bestowed on those who share their chalice

Oblivious of own infirmities
To fade subserviently
Forced into a falsified reality
Perpetual mockery
Sowing seeds of adversity
Ripping at sanity
Revel in eternal sanctity
Perpetual mockery

All faith is being severed
By the fallacies that are revered
Obscured minds, impaired veracity
Fertile ground for Christianity
Beliefs void of any proof
Pay homage to a twisted truth
Spiritual icons created to elude
Emotions grimly misconstrued

[Solo: David]

[Repeat verse 3]

[Solo: Omar]

Intimidated by the thought of a second life
Restricted eyes can't see beyond these walls of lies
Creativity's lost, choked within a life of dissidence
False ideologies spread with malicious pretence
Rejecting moral values, reality's slipping away
A fragile grip that's fading, weakening day by day
A frivolous place in heaven will surely be secured
For all sacrifices that are vainly being endured

[Solo: David]
[Repeat 1st verse, chorus & verse 3]

3. Inborn Lust

[Music: D.Bugeja]
[Words: O.Grech]

Strengthened by a call of abnormal parentage
Echoes reverberate off this (incantatory) patronage
My footing's uncontrived in an urge for revelation
As I trace the aforehead voice in ascendant volition
Sun's rays - perforate the horizon inaugurating another day
Nature's music - halts my dream withering the night away
Dawn's light - melts against me giving birth to a misty haze
Her voice - touches me deep setting my restless desires ablaze
Inborn lust temptates my incandescending crave
Visualising forbidden allurements -
I'm enslaved Helplessly divulging the sound emanating source
Imperative sensuality discloses to follow its course

[Repeat verse 2]

Churning and twisting
Inside these flaming scars
Unveil your stained identity
Tear off my horrid mask
Buried within my ruthless obsession [X2]

With outstretched hands I grope at the misconceived
The same voice guides me as the calling perseveres
Wallowing on planes roamed by fatidic entities
Nailed to prolonged solitude and contentment depravity

[Solos: David, Omar]

[Repeat verse 4]

4. Subconscious Deliverance

[Music: D.Bugeja O.Grech]
[Words: D.Bugeja]

Crawling down obscure passages in utter revulsion
Deeper into vaults of metaphysical interception
Radiant substances entrance this reign
Lucid visions projected from an impetuous brain

[Solo : David]

The scars that extinguished my will to be
I now behold before me
Past and present infuse become one
Hideously mutated, life's undone
As I wallow hollowly inside this torture
Through murky clouds of an adverse texture
Ghostly beings evolve out of nothingness
Despondent animations of embodied bitterness
Unbelievable sights - my eroded sanity is at stake
Within this timeless slumber there's no awake
Self-created purgatory - the peace I'll never find
Here my ravaged soul shall eternally be confined
Travelling deeper inside this lunatic domain
All signs of life wither as I drown in pain
Heedless of what shall dare decide my faith
For I've parted from a world I've learnt to hate
Tired of life I crave for another existence
Where flesh and bones no longer disturb my essence
Not knowing what encounters lie waiting for me
I commit myself to this painstaking journey

[Solo: David]

Hatred rages oozing from my bleeding soul
Washing away the anguish with a life full of woe
The scars and wounds that only time can heal
Soon I will no longer be able to see nor feel
Here is where my I now shall belong forevermore
Amid these astral walls with a new life to explore
Undisturbed for all eternity,
I'll procreate In a realm where no
God shall ever dominate

5. Void of Empathy

[Music: D.Bugeja]
[Words: O.Grech]

Striving amongst walls of horrid thoughts
Pensive corridors ramify and deplete solemnly
Opposing currents in the blend of life flow by
Incessant left hand path will never cease to sigh
Unearthly presences shudder out my brain
Inhuman is their world, sanity is profaned
Tears cling to my eyes and blind my sight
Chronologically surpassed and forged in plight
The darkest silhouettes weep
In sepulchral tones of sorrow
As the gates of deepest sinisters
Are pulled apart in a repulsive climax of shrills [X2]
Attempt at conveying thoughts to words
My tortured heart pulsates, my eyes decay
What's present in my mind is perpetually incised
From preordained gladness I'm eternally deprived

[Solo: David]

Embraced to my innerself I await the night
Empathy's void hugs me in the absence of light
What warmed my heart and lit my way
Is now the hatred that runs in my veins
Miserable sense of being burns its path deep
The sweet fragrance of anguish draws me in my sleep
The carnal lips of death press tightly against mine
Now my weakened soul surrenders to the undivine
Spiritually chanting doom In sepulchral tones of sorrow
As the gates of deepest sinisters
Confine my deafening shouts of pain

6. Vae Victus

[Music: D.Bugeja T.Fenech]
[Words: T.Fenech]

"I close my eyes ... the state of metempsychosis? or transcendental dream."
The realm of sins, metaphysical interlude.
Interdiction of realities, iridescence captivates, visual stimulation
Flight, over the seas of thought, forging grotesque imagery, foretaste
nudity so lewd
Sanguine knowledge of beyond the radiant pool of thought

[Solo: David]

Deeper travel, prelude to incrassate pool
Contact with beings, who are inarticulate, and bear no sight
Demonic chants, ringing in my ears, luring me to the misty cool
Incubus ejaculate thoughts into mine
(Halitosis lured me out of light)

[Solo: David]

Vae Victus,
Vae Victus,
Vae Victus
Dissolution of the black dove, panic consciousness
Mandatory knowledge of the mental undead
Malformed dream, malignant plaintiveness
Perpetual lunatic fringe, inquisition of the incubus draws me in
Vile derision, pixilated metamorphosis, voracious agnius dei
Mysterious master, origin unknown, rapacious rapine
Must rescind, however spellbound, dei gratia
Behold! Realms of dream, I learn metaphysical interlude
Prenatural microbe devours networks of the brain
Lactation from my nipples, effeminate eurythmy, am I insane?
Denizen of the mind, complexity of death, foretaste nudity so lewd

[Solos: David, Omar]

"O ye sons and daughters of mildewed minds close my eyes death in my sleep"

7. Omnipotent Carnage

[Music & Words: D.Bugeja]

Morbid images carved inside my mind
Reoccurring thoughts left undefined
Stream of mental anguish eerily defiled
Flows through passages of the undivine
Disturbed covenant spawning malevolence
Gods clash in unbridled abhorrence
Contrived hymns chanted to ease the mind
Of forlorn disciples forever blind
Dreaming bleeding faces of man created gods
Bathing in abundant torrents nourished by their blood
On their draining endowments hungrily I consume
Growing stronger as I feed my senses bloom
Feasting on this inexorable opulent carnage
Blood soaked I indulge in this omnipotent lineage
Immortality and prophetic visions I acquire
Fulfilling my ever inexhaustible desires
Shallow creatures, self - aggrandised entities
You're just a product of man's mental sterility
Corrupting your way to complete domination
Time is due to obliterate this misconception

[Solo : David]

No more tortured souls of sacrificed human beings
As your presence slowly parts from the world of living
To be imprisoned in abysmal depths for the rest of all time
Putting an end to these obscure visions of mine

8. Souldead

[Music: D.Bugeja D.Cachia T.Fenech]
[Words: D.Bugeja M.Scalpello]

"God, I mourn for my counterfeit existence in surmise I defy your spineless
... grace"
Far beyond belief resides your reality
Drowned in the inscrutable stream that baptised me
It's chasten waters rid me of my skin
To leave my soul venturing in the realm of sin
The stale crimson sky above my head
Emanates the stench of souls that are dead
Forbidden thoughts, fruit of a morbid destiny
Now I'll find peace in eternal blasphemy
Day after day I mourn in tribulation
You pose on your throne (while I live in damnation)
Heaven's divinity can't heal this affliction
Cursed is the hour of my conception
Angels praise your divine dominance
There's no truth it all stinks of putrescence
I lust to perpetuate your crucifixion
It's my last temptation to relieve this confliction

[Solos : David]

9. Suffer In Silence

[Music: D.Bugeja D.Cachia T.Fenech]
[Words: D.Bugeja M.Scalpello]

Chalice of fire, heed my summons for war
Defiling false preachers an affliction of gore
Choke the vapid words of their credulous lore
So they shall reap the fruit of day no more
Ancient Gods Your will be undone
Dominions fall
Withered forever gone
Silence shed upon religious crimes
Victims tortured in the beloved name of christ
Martyrdom granted to those who abstain
Sanctifying the ones who have died in pain
The lesser ones
With vengeance I will strike
Their deftness
Shall appease my apetite

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