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1. Star Guiding Light

2. The Reunion Of Stars Katarus

I'm dormant in the Starry darkness
Without end, without spring
I'm the one that breathes in thee,
Preposterous God's sting

I am All that moves in dark
Star Hell of your hardship
I'm the One who spawned the Beast
In the mind of your jati

I, the infinite light,
In the shards of Dark Stars
I… fasten my sight
From my spider heart

I made your dreams
From Circle of Four,
In lucid golden hues.
Take it and know, oh soul
In Infinite life's incarnations.

Where fear is the last confine
Below which your freedom
Where pain's the last tribute
That you shall pay, gained the new Eden

Come soul, in light of living Stars
They point the way, where everything's alive,
Come soul, where vortices in chant,

Of stories about what was, is and will be shrived.
Come soul, I'm your tune and light
From very end and new beginning.

Nothing will stop, nothing will win
Spiders, weaving their webs,
Carrying lives from other planets
I hear, I see… the plebs,

Listen to me! — I summon…
Come into my world
I'm willing to answer so sullen —
I'm fully now unfurled.

3. The First Transmigration Over Planet

Demon, I summon thee
To open the Circle of Five Aspects,
And fill me with a thought…

Demon, I summon thee
To baptize my soul with the water,
And fill me with the Will…

Demon, I summon thee
To dignify my lightless body,
And fill me with fortitude

Demon, I summon thee
To come into my consciousness
And fill it with the power of the Word

Spit the fire of suffering souls,
In the grip of the Faceless Something…

I'm going after, reaching the goals
Toward the darkness, craving the laughing
Of Infinitude…

All smolders in hearts,
A senseless emerges the arm
I had arrived for a New Star
That would eclipse the Old Sun


Oh God! Hearken to me!
Awakened from a cup with blood…
Oh God! Behold and favor me,
Dressed in new skin…

I'm coming to you, at the signs incised in the body,
I'm coming to you, finding Infinity's ray!

O God, contemplator of heavens
You are dissolved in my blood
O God, the destroyer of tethers

O God, You gave me the freedom
You are dissolved in my blood
O God, the destroyer of the fall of man.

4. Satas

Follow the path, granting the aeon
Where Satas — the way to infinity
And the Maelstroms and Typhoons of Golden Wagon
Rushing to Earth, crushing divinity,
Scattering ashes to choirs!

Accepted the Sign for the soul and the heart,
Standing therefore circle of Death and Life,
Will cut by the whirl incarnations inside,
Dividing the essence from phasm and qualm

Bugle in Horns of Heaven, and tell
Of Angels of Death that reaching the Earth
Only Satas inside as flame — burning hell
Shall protect his Filii, the Stars calling forth

And only those who burned the word on body by the anguish
And only those whose eyes reflection of His Will
And only one who knows the new Word of the knowledge, banished —
There is and Will be Light of His Celestial Een

Satas, descending to Earth,
Thou art God that is dormant in dark
Now is the moment of wakening
See the fruits of thy creations’ spark!

You open the Path for your chosen
And present them the Sword of Insight
And force them to see once again
By the eyes of a God — death and life...

Satas, the old God of the universe
Constructive and destructive
Thou art my incarnation!

Satas, the vortex in the Shadows
Waking and somniferous

5. My Visions Of Transcendent Mind

The idea of demonic confession,
I'll open for You the door to the essence
Through dreams and the falchion
I'll carry your soul to the very crescents
I'm on the verge of fortune,
Mutated into the matrix spheres…
And breathe a dead matter of infinite years…

The Afflicted!
Remember your name, Came-in-the-Circle,
I'll tell you the secrets of invisible Darkness —
He is your shadow and the soul, unimmortal
She is the truth and your sparkness!

Everything in it is born and disappears,
By flashes of light in the palms of God,
Playing with forms of crystalline spheres
Everything's changing, transforming in might — thoughts of the planets…

On the horizon, where the world froze in horror
Will be a ghost, the Light of four asters
And in groans of millions, of million souls
For whom fear of God is ruthless disaster
Your mind shall hear the names:

Astaroth! Beherit! Belial! Ashkheth!

And the eye of golden pyramids,
Leading to throne the igneous tribe,
Explored the nature and God's Wrath —
They shall proclaim our Might!

The time is now! Come and manifest!

6. 7th Triangle

I saw a lot of signs on My Way
They like the dark shadows were following me,
Leaving a horror — immoral blood trail…
There are Fallen Angels who're blinded by weed
And their own fool parasites,
They're looking for their lost paradise…

O mighty Lord of the Pass,
Free me from the stretching destinies' bonds
Deliver me from fallen and unworthy,
Those who were calling out your name but left Thee, fucking earthy

You lead me in the desert, for I am not be breached
And harden me on fire as steel on your Truth's Sword
A myriad of stars has canceled off Thy Wings,
There's moment in a cosmic oblivion, o Lord…

Entrust to me thy legions that nurtured on the ashes,
With banners and the horns I'll lead them into fight
Promethean pyr-fire shall enter to the lifeless
And it will be the battle for New World and the Light…

Almighty Seventh angel!
Thou Wanderer in battles, in battles were not peers,
Beside each other's weapons I'm murdering and sizzling
What was birthed in a lie!

We go through the Way, the Star Way of aeons…
Only the ashes lie of traitors and the false
They are as myrrh and chrisom indulge very paeans
For you, my Angel, lift thyself above the worlds
As Brightest Star, inscribed
The bright-eyed light

7. My Way To The Star…

Roaming on Star Way,
Passing through the light of glowing stars…
Wandering soul, knows no rest,
In a whirlwind of deaths and rebirths…

Thou art the one who once woke up
From a long deep sleep;
Thou art the one who has found
The strength and loyalty…

What can be stronger and brighter
Than every step on that Way?
Where there are no more memories,
No more sorrow…

Thy reverie is burning as the Brightest Star,
Igniting hearts and giving light to the infinity…
This is your Way to the Star!

Egor Menshikov – Bass
Andrey Karasev – Guitars
Alexey Bushuev – Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to Azmo Lozmodial for sending these lyrics.

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