Dark Lyrics


1. Dying Sun

By the powers vested in me
By the entity of choice
I pronounce myself dead
At 4:18 am
I am gathered here
To remember the deceased within me

Last flames of the dying sun
Will burn my world
Creating a starless universe
Awaiting the kingdom come
And for rebirth of angels
I sacrifice this earth

Lowered into the grave
My empty casket
So I can rest in peace
Self created funeral
Will finally purify
By this burial
The stains in me

2. Exile

A crossroad
With no direction
Destination zero
I am nowhere to be found

Save me

Borderline ahead
This is the edge of my world
Burdensome was my cross
To bear this far

What have I become
An exiled
My self caused affliction

3. Silence

I destroy all in me
That might be understood
As weakness or fault
I condone and embrace
The inescapable
End of it all

There are no words in this world
To make you comprehend
Darkness beyond all senses
Under the black wings I lay myself to rest
And draw a new note of silence

I behold and observe
That in my reflection
There are no scars
I aim to be reborn
And redress my failures by
The destruction of this form

4. Dead Reflection

End of days
Conclusive in many ways
Burned out and jaded
My blood has become feeble
Strength has escaped
I have been shred by rusty blade
My armor has failed
Cutter is sinking deeper

Watch me fall
And break free

Have trust in me
I have foreseen in dreams
Reflections of myself

Ageless form
Once invulnerable
Now been torn in fragments
Like a puzzle with missing pieces
Assemble as whole
Irreplaceable and sole
Soul of this soldier
I was suppose to be eternal

5. Hide Me

Bleed from core
Destruction with no cure
To repair as whole
Structures of soul grown wrong
Descent of sun
Reveals the map of stars
Hiding my scars

Be still
Don't even breathe
And death won't find you Here
I hide you in my dream
To keep you with me

Ears distorted
False words from venomous tongues
Tearing my world
In pieces
Try resolve
This puzzle of broken life
Move aside
Not in your hands the sands of ages

6. Fabrication

The best defense
Needs to be built alone
Gather the stones
And create your own
Like the time has told
Like the past has shown
Despite the fear we must stand alone

To break the circle of lies and terminate
Everyone that dares to confront
My defense is strong

Bleed inside
Show no signs of weakness
Regardless of the discomfort
Submit yourself to this fabrication

Crawl inside
And be perfectly still
In solitude by your own will
The great escape
From the world around
Is to bury yourself below the ground

7. Savior

Cold days
Cold words so fierce
Violent statements
Distort my ears

Black wall built by fear
Retaliation starting to tear
Piece by piece dismantle
Two rules in my belief
There are no signs or revelations
There is no god

Last dawn of day brought only failures
Another circle of the sun
Not a chosen way
Not amongst the saviors
Rewind my trail until undone

Behold my court law
A judge with endless jurisdiction
I am the law
Sentenced behind the bars
In a hole
Down in the ground
With bleeding palms
With open arms

8. Monsters

4am I'm still awake
Before the dawn the Sandman will come with nightmares
I won't let him in
There's nothing in head
Empty walls, empty bed
I am just waiting
Restless beats of heart and breathing break the silence
I am still here

The absence of light
Narrows my eyesight
But still I see them
It's not angels that sing
And call me by my true name
They have forsaken me

Dead tired but aware
Sleep invites the demons, I am not prepared
I have to stay awake
There are monsters in my head
On my walls, under my bed
I am dying
I am jaded, I am numb, I am counting on the sun
Salvation to come

9. Cold

I refuse to play my role
In this badly written play
Cut my strings
And step down in silence
From the stage that gathered
The characters of my life
Became too small, became unwelcome

If you count my failures
A big blank wall
Will be filled with numbers
And the wall of my victories
Not a single trace
Like a soil covered in frozen rain

Again the winter has won

Descending snow and ice will burn
My skin pale as the landscape
Already cold

10. Last Song

The darkness is finally here
And soon I'll be gone
Farewell in the last notes
Of my last song

Music by Tuomas Saukkonen
Lyrics by Tuomas Saukkonen
Clean vocals composed by Lars Eikind and arranged by Tuomas Saukkonen & Lars Eikin
Produced by Tuomas Saukkonen
Recorded by Juho Räihä at Soundspiral and Manu Audio
Keyboards and additional baritone guitars recorded by Ari Laurila at Studio Villvox
Additional vocals and screams by Jukka Salovaara
Some of Tuomas' vocals recorded by Jukka Salovaara at Manu Audio
Mixed by Ari Laurila at Studio Villvox

Tuomas Saukkonen: dark vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar (keyboard and drums studio only)
Lars Eikind: Vocals, Bass
Juho Räihä: Guitar
Matti Auerkallio: Live Drums

Before the Dawn is endorsed by:
Mayones Guitars
Dean Basses
Laboga Amps
Yamaha Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Pro Mark Sticks
DownUnder Tattoo

Thanks to reapershadow666 for sending these lyrics.

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