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1. Child Of Darkness

Come with me now, Child of darkness
Come with me into the night
Let me show you this land of enchantment
Let me be your guiding light

This world is dead: It's broken its back
But I can show you what's being done
It all lies now within your soul, girl
Use your mind and it will come
My child of darkness has given her gift
Of love and lust and burning desire
She lies now while the wind blows gently
Carrying her charms, set the night on fire

2. Enslaver Of Humanity

Come on down to this place I know
I'll show you it has a very grand show
Locked behind bars, it keeps you sound
Are all of the beasts this race has found

Politicians and chemical men
Fed on lies and pollution again
Our government is as polluted as the air
But they can't care about your neighbor's despair

3. Frozen Fear

Time is short, death's growing near
Mind and body, frozen fear
Try to run, my legs are stiff
Mind and body are adrift

Try to run, try to hide
Pain is clutching at my side
Afraid to look, he calls my name
It's all a part of the dealer's game

My time is getting near
I'm crying... does no one hear?
Burning fire inside my head
I pay or I'll soon be dead

Paid money, now I'm well
For a while I'm out of this burning hell
I was blind but now I'm taught
The rest of my life must now be bought

4. One-way Road

It's really too bad it had to turn out that way
What happened to the friends you thought you had yesterday
Now they have gone: they've always won
But you know they'll come back when they want some fun

They took you for a ride down a one-way road
They have no respect for feelings they owe
Now they have gone: they've always won
But you know they'll come back when they want some fun

They're knocking again at your front door
But the carpet's stained crimson where you lie on the floor
Now they have gone: they've always won
But you know they'll come back when they want some fun

5. Serpent Venom

Serpent venom's got into my blood
And the rush I'm getting through my soul, it floods
Fly me high, so high in the sky
I'll tell you how I feel as I kiss you goodbye

When the serpent's fang bites into my flesh
It's a feeling I want, I get, I relish
And I know that the serpent's ever so so so sly
As he grips and twists and twists at my side

I'm so high up in the sky
But the day's gonna come when I kiss you goodbye

Fang marks show all over my skin
I gotta keep others from where I've been
Don't do as I do: Do as I say
Nothing's so torturous as the serpent you obey

6. Last Call

My final hour's getting near
The time is getting close I fear
Footsteps at my door I hear
Time to pay for life so dear

I want to flee but it's too late
My soul is in the grip of fate
Close my eyes and one last breath
Feel the cold, cold hands of death

Slowly now I drift away
Into an eerie time and space
I cry out, it does no good
In this lonely strange new place
Blackness closes all around
No longer can I see or feel
The last thoughts slowly echo out
Am I a dream or am I real?

7. Drive Me To The Grave

In sleepless night I hear the thunder
I feel the dead hands round my neck
No telling what's this spell I'm under
I breathe a lifeless, icy breath

Someone help me look for what I'm after
I'm choking on the bad dream that I made
Just try and stop the evil laughter
Or there will be no one to save

Death's confusion, disillusion
And there'll be no one left to save
So if the driver's dressed in black
Tell him to drive me to the grave

8. Into The Grave

You stand alone, hoping for a start
As she goes away, friends drift apart
You know, people have no reason to stay
People turn their heads and then walk away

Step down lower, into the grave
Step down lower, into the grave

But no one cares just about how you feel
'Cause the things you do are strange indeed
And you call out but no one is there
No one nearby, no one to care

And you met a life-long friend
But I think he'll leave you round the bend
He ain't what he seems to you today
Tomorrow he'll lead you to your grave

So you live all of your bloodshot dreams
But no longer hear your female screams
Death to some seems very bad
But death to you's the best friend you've ever had

9. Skinned

When you take the time to stop and think
That life is just a game
You realize it don't matter what you do
'Cause it all ends up the same

You live all your dreams and heartaches
Live all the joys of today
You know it can't mean a thing
'Cause life only ends one way

Just go on down the road alone
Come ever closer to your doom
Death's 'round the bend every day
And I'll seal the door to your tomb

10. Through The Gates Of Hell

Drifting in time for eternity and space
A timeless entity with no life, no place
In His afterlife which is death, nothing more
No one to share all the fates God bore

Man created God but time twisted men's minds
And they worshipped a being no one could find
Our savior will walk the earth again they say
But open your eyes and see if he comes your way

How insane are we, the Human Race
Serving and bowing to God in His place
Too many are blind to what lies ahead
They foolishly sit by and pray for the dead

But some came to realize what lies they'd believed
And the mask of "truth" Jesus wore was relieved
Their soul were reborn unto the Left-Hand-Path
Now all the others will bear Satan's wrath

11. Touch The Sky

I'm so weary, so tired of this place
All the people so eager to join the death race
Foolish games have trapped my soul
The pains of suffering are taking their toll
Look into my eyes, catch a glimpse of Hell
But just to be free again, my soul I'd sell
I'm a prisoner of myself, my fear and my need
Just stick me with the death-needle 'cause I'll never be free

Blistering heat burns inside my head
But it'd be drowned by all the tears that I've shed
Tell me my name: let me know I'm alive
This place is so dark: I'm scared inside

I closed my eyes, let everything die
I walked through Heaven and I touched the sky

My days of Hell are soon gonna end
No more worry about you, or a job, or a friend
Life'd be so much easier if I were to die
So honey if you care, please tell me goodbye

I closed my eyes, let everything die
I walked through Heaven and I touched the sky

Someday you know you're gonna die and leave all things behind
There's days of blood and roses, buried deep within your mind
Have you thought of the newborn babies, born in this world of sorrow?
Or are you content to live life today without any worry of tomorrow
Oh lover, don't show your impartiality
You just don't know the burden of reality
Deathmaster calls, time to kiss you goodbye
But I'll see you in Hell when it's your turn to die
You're gonna die, baby: Yeah, you're gonna die

12. Child Of Darkness II

Dark shapes entwined in the night so black
This woman before me lies on her back
Moonlight shines through the willow tree
Making shadows dance in the cool night breeze

My child of darkness lies still in the night
The candles about her bare little light
Her mouth locked open with that piercing scream
Of lifeless fantasy buried in her dream
No, she no longer comes my way
No longer cares how long she'll stay
The memory she left me to behold
Died within her, died within her soul

13. Time Bomb

Got a girl on a high wire about to fall
A girl in the gutter with her back to the wall
A girl with no face, a girl with no name
No needing for love, she's just playing a game

You're a time bomb baby
It's getting ready to explode down a one-way road
You're a time bomb baby
Takin' away the time just a moment ago

I saw her again crawlin' down the street
Says she got friends that she wants me to meet

You're a time bomb baby
It's getting ready to explode down a one-way road
You're a time bomb baby
Takin' away the time just a moment ago

Up in her room, she strips off her clothes
She's made it so plain now everyone knows
A thousand needles have scarred her for life
And she's livin' in Hell as the Devil's wife

14. Nighttime Killers

Nighttime killers all glitter in gold
Makes you feel hot, makes you feel cold
Comes around in trance and time
All the burdens in life slowly grinds
Close your eyes and lay down and dream
Forget your worries: they ain't what they seem
A thousand faces all out in the street
With holes in their arms and holes in their feet
You are the ones who will die every night
For a little bit of heaven, for a taste of the light

Shut away the world, turn away the lies
Life is the cost, oblivion the prize
Your mind's corrupted, got no time to lose
Gotta keep movin', you gotta pay your dues
It's the end of the line, no need to ask why
Time to go home, time to lay down and die
Your blood is yellow, your mind is decayed
You know you got more than the devil to pay

15. Axe To Grind

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