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1. Hours

A bridge from home to nowhere. Blackened faces & laughing crowds. Turn to dust and become a part of everything. Hours and hours of time will tell, the moments of our lives that we’ve had to sell.

2. The Looking Glass

Sprawled against the glass keeping me miles above Earth. I feel the weight of everything compelling in this life from above and below, asking me, begging me to push with each finger until the tips are white with frustration. I see me. I see it all. Where do we fit in?
Somewhere in between I guess.

3. A Book, A Mind

The prophet speaks to an audience of the dead. “I am your God”, he says. The dead they laugh, the dead they cry. From fear that all along that there really was nothing for them. Seething into what’s left in buried books and empty pages. Our hearts will find either meaning or deceit. Burn my eyes, I don’t ever want to see again.

4. Reinventing The Veil

Blur the lines, with your lies. How do you still survive? Why do we teach such bad habits? Where do we go from here? Nothing is real anymore. It hurts to fall together, fail together. My knees are bruised. Stand and lift your arms as high as they can go. Higher and higher, bring everyone with you. Then with your eyes in the stars stay there as long as you can. You’ll never want to sleep again.

5. Respire (Meta)


6. Cloudcity

And in the dark, we can see our words, waveforms of pillow talk, plumes of our personalities, figures of speech. All laid bare for us to see. As it stands, there's nothing hidden between us--something to consider. Minds made like beds the morning after, tidy decisions with loose corners. Unkempt in our attempts to put things right. If it's lost you can't have it. Now it's gone of course you want it.

7. "It's Not An Art, It's A Myth"

Walking down these stairwells water drips over head. Feeling the pressure......beating on.. take a deep breath for this rot gut feeling is taking over. Waking up in dead sweats as anxiety flows over. I Just want to see you fall. Gold plated spoons fill your lungs with lead. Collapse from the weight as we rise above. Always taking advantage and now I've realized things seem a little worse. I'm worn out, tired of wearing thin.

8. Bare Trees

Ghastly this place has become. Once a sacred place of old, beautiful and tranquil. This unnatural disease has left your limbs bare. No room to breathe, no chance to give. The wind like waves buries the land. It hurts to know that you’re no longer full of life and dancing. No color, no emotion. The raspy shrill of agony is heard by no one. These bare trees bear no fruit.

9. Lost And Leaving

Waking up in a panic day after day. My eyes slowly take to the light, my lungs take in the cold air. The days arrive too quick and melt together. Take it in. Love for greed, love for money. We live to make amends, we live to die.

10. These Ashes


11. Solemn Moon

Room. Bed. Sit. Stand. Laugh. Cry. If only I could pull myself out of this place. Although the moonlight shines through I will not sleep until the melody on these worn ears fades. I’ve loved you I’ve lost you, but I’ll always remember your song.

12. Remnants

Imprints of your hands can still be seen on my back and my chest. As I run my fingers along them to retrace our lives entwined, I can’t help but fell alive. It seems almost as if every memory I have left to hold on to is with you. You were always there to help this boy grow. Every smile and every drop of life. First one in last one out. If I could have you forever it still wouldn’t be long enough.

13. Respire (Sync)


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