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1. Buried Among Skeletal Woods

The autumn is arrived
All the forest's trees
Seem as burned skeleton on the night
The rain fall from the moon
Full of desperation
On this time of deep melancholy
I have to wander
To seek my body
That's falled on the heretical's chasm
I am my soul
This sad autumnal wood will be my grave

I'm near the place of death
I feel my body
That suffer its eternal pain
With dismal light of moon
All seems without life
Burned trees embrace my soul
The rain fall here
And wash all blood
But you can hear
My bloody mouth
That screams and crys its tormented pain

What a horrible vision
Must to see my eyes
Looking at my corpse
I understand what I felt
Picking up my body
I want to be buried
Far away from the consecrated earth
The sky's turning black
Nature shows its power
To honour my unholy death
Shouting to the sky
Cursing the god of weak
I fill my soul of hate
My dust will remain here
Among this skeletal wood
Where mourning and sadness reign

[F.G. Smara - Spring / Summer 2002]

2. To Feel The End Near

I can feel angels and demons yet
Contending my dying soul
I can feel the cold northern wind yet
Arriving to blow on my dust

Do you know what I feel in this moment?
Nothing other dreams, nothing other hopeness
The black frost has invaded my eyes
Can you understand what I feel?

Smile has left my mouth forever
Replaced to infernal screams full of hate
Death is going to welcome me in its reign
I know now this life of pain is about to end

Yes, make me die now
And throw my corpse among the thorns
When it will be dark and cold
Let the sad snow of winter
To cover my pain forever
And calm my eternal cry

[F.G. Smara - Winter / Spring 2002]

3. The Charon's Embrace

A cryptic nightfall
Has now seized your eyes
In the gloomy grimness
The light of death awaits your soul

See the arch of the deads
That everyone is destined to across
For to reach the riverside
And to see the ferryman

You'll be accompaigned
From the sepulchral silence
And from the tortured screams
That arrive from the deepest hereafter

Ah ah ah,
You thought to be immortal
But you too are arrived
Into the arms of Charon

This is the true fate,
After death you will find
Only pain and suffering,
Only blood and torment

[F.G. Smara - Winter / Summer 2002]

4. Beatrìk

When the moon is full
And the sky is dark,
All seems dead
But in the deepest forest
Where no beat of human heart
Ever was heard
Something evil reigns supreme

Only prayers are left for humans
Prayers to a god who won't hear
Because tonight is the night of Beatrìk

Never step into the forest
Fear the night
The children cries
Tonight the witches will dance
The wolf from hell is on the ride
Tonight he will hunt
Tonight he will kill
Nature darkest forces will prevail

Only prayers are left for humans
Prayers to a god who won't hear
Because tonight is the night of Beatrìk

Ancient Tales are never wrong
Pagan fears still alive today
Cause when the moon is full
And the sky is dark
The infernal wolf is still-hunting

[Berserk - Autumn 2000]

5. Last Dawn

I'm standing here
Looking at my sword
Which reflects my troubled eyes,
Eyes that have seen more than a man can see.

So many battles I've fought
So many enemies I've killed
The face of every single I can remember
Desperate and full of agony

At dawn another battle awaits me
Will this be the last dawn for me?
I'm the mightiest of warriors
I'm the mightiest of warriors!

But am I only human?
Will I die as those I've killed?
At the end only death will win
At the end only death will win!
...death will win

[Berserk - Spring 2000]

6. Journey Through The End Of Life

7. Spell Of Destruction

[Burzum's Cover, on Vinyl only]

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