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1. The Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches

Reach out my hands
Feel my cold pulse
I bit more than I could chew this time
Sinking slowly down to china
Wish you could help but your hands were tied.

I'm fucked again

Fuck me again, this time more slowly
I dont ever get to cum
Bleed me freedom, I don't want it
Staring at a glass of jagged rocks

Shellshocked vision, time spent poorly
Raining chum on my parade [x2]
Mother fortune going down for the rent
My end time message, my time has been well spent [x2]

Mother fortune
Bleed me freedom
Staring at my glass of jagged rocks and jagged ice
Oh no, oh no, I'm fucked again, goddamn

To thine ownself be true
And you can find me
Underneath the bottom of your hopes and dreams

Leave me here
I can find my way
Choosers can't be beggars too

2. Wheels Coming Off

Eyes are burning
Motherfucking mouth is drier
Goddamn wheels are turning
Medication kicking in now I know that I'll live on

Head spinning round and round
Get down, face down
Watch my hands shake when I'm speaking
Everyone knows I'm drinking again
Wheels on the wagon coming loose
Looking at the bright side
It aint' nothing new

Retard, well hung jury
I speak the truth

Goddamn, wheels coming off again
Driving off a bridge screaming and numb

Reaching my peak in time
Pour on the holocaust
Come on fools

I swear, I failed, I swear
I swear, lord I failed
Wheels coming off one more time

3. Syphilis

Shell of a man twisted
Let's go

3rd stage graveyard fodder
Blinded to the light of day
Life's lesions kindred spirits sore
Ascent to sod

Please don't keep me wasting
On a bedpost masturbating

Cunt taste burns my skin
It spreads to Jesus' eyes

Grim baptism in my precum
Seething is believing
Heart aches and my cock is numb

Owe this shit to the hootch, blinded
Better days lay beyond this filth
My life sucks a sin soaked truth
Leave behind but my hands are fuckin tied

Choking up grog and lung
Pain on end [x2]

Insane at death is the best that I can hope for

4. Shards Of Mason Jars

Afterlife bedpartners
Soulmates grasping for straws
Tomorrow's a better day, waste of slurring season
Too much time remains
Your god has left me here to die
Oh lord unsatisfied
Am I coming on to fucking strong?
Then I'll put your body in a dumpster

Choke on my tongue
If you want me too
I don't need this
And i don't need you
You fuck me
Feed me to the sharks
It all works out better in the end anyway

See me falling
And you won't catch me
You know I feel it [x2]
Don't forget who you're talking to

Mainline Marlboros
The truth comes seething through
I know where I belong and it's not with you

5. Paleface

Cut off my air
Chasing my living will
No matter where I fail
I lay down like my beaten dog

Cut off my hands
Chasing my living hell
Another day has come and shed
Ignore the best that I had

I can help you

Savannah bound and downtown forgiving me
Reach in my vest and unload clemency
Good of the many outweighs the few

Time falls like sand
I believe the world could do without
Another goddamn set of helping hands
Breathe like me and go without

It's culling season

Time for me to make my stand
Choking on the ebb of whiskey tide [x3]
Spitting bile upon myself
Day in day out and unsatisfied

Ignoring all the good that's left in me
Open my arms to all disease
Ripping my lids to avoid the hated sleep
The pictures that I saw of you I like them

6. 866 Days

New virtue everyday becomes
Kicking the old dog you cant
Teach new shit anyway
It's all same

Running with the wolves
Hunted by the prey
Playing with shells
A shredded shame

God help us all

Falling from grace

Beaten back to pure

At the end of mating
We saw the mess we had made
Had to check ourselves for it's origin
Now fade away

Give blood please
2 fingers inside
Godless and all wound
My sinking ship is coming in
It dont mean shit at the end of the day
I put my head down and slowly walk away
It's all over but the dying

In my bed we were not to be forgranted
Like the stinging rain which pelts my shell
Only to remind us all
We live on borrowed time

I know what I did
And exactly who I fucked been forced to eat crow
Goddamn I ate enough
I'm tired of walking with my head down the other way

My dreams and life agian in shambles
Here's half the rent/half the lights/and half the phone
I know I owe you more after 866 days

7. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny


8. Double Barrel Blasphemy

Eyes toward the sun
I can hear them mocking me
When i'm on my feet they run
I live to hear their screams

Fields and fields of swollen deer
Harvest of wretchedness
Eyes bulged, grinning ear to ear
Bodies on bodies.....

Culling down the herd
Well it's freedom for the land
I know you hang on my every word
Dont understand
My inhumanity towards other man

Hunting seasons greeting my friend
Come out fields of carnage baby
From my rooftop treestand
I wait for sand to drink their blood
But it doesn't come

Shake it off man

Hooves turn to feet
How do i know the tongues they speake
What does it mean, what have I done
What I have I done

No sand to drink their blood
It rolls down concrete
Life's a bitch baby, 18 lay dead on the street

From my rooftop treestand
Disillusioned I won't say all that
It was easier to choke down
When I believed
You were covered in fleas
I apologize for showing you that side of me
Nothing and noone can take it away
Force fed from a hot lead feedbag
Tattooed teardrops stain my cheeks...and losing teeth

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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