Dark Lyrics


1. American Vermin

Jesus touched my shoulder
Stay away from me
Grenade in my glovebox
I'm gagging on your bullshit

Hive of scum and villiany
Touch of lice from touching kids

Brought up in West Carolina
Next stop, Tennessee
Harkened back to Hell, stigmata
Only in America does Jesus Save..
Marlboro miles

God loves a working man
But he kills children too

Dreaming in black and white
You only get to die one time
Revel in semen stained sheets
Pelted by my memories

Your winning wet t-shirt dripping rich read
I thought I noticed some labored breathing
Your youth died in the closet that day
When you forgot to say your prayers
Now you know that shame starts somewhere
I think you're too dumb to be this proud

2. Smothered In Sundress

I can see the forest in spite of trees
Barrel of a shotgun tastes so cheap
Fall into my arms

Too many times my designs on you, girl
Were better left alone
When you ignored the ringing
I was checking to see if you was home

I don't live in the world as it should be
I deal with the world as it is
I won't join you in your ivory tower
Now you're smothered in sundress
Lying in a rivers bed

Unfinished portions
My love is timeless
Never growing old together

I will promise you this, the hardest time of your life
You've never looked at me this way
With your blood vessel painted eyes
And your skin turning gray

3. Hell Goes Thru Hanging Dog

Road winds through veins like legs
Godspeed to find the dregs
Full speed and hammer down
Ain't no bodies ever found

Be careful what you wish
You don't want none of this
At the deep south end of town
You're hanging dog bound

I see the tracks and the other side
I know that's where I should have died
On Big Yank's famous deathride
Eyeslammed once again

Nothing shines where sunshine shuns
Which came first, crazy or mountain?
Distant cry of someone's young
Hell is where you're home..

Hell is our home...

Blood flows from veins like wine
God fearing and just in time
They are waiting for you in Telheo Plains
Join 'em, you'll never be seen again
Trees keep blowing, never miss a beat
They aren't missing you and you aren't missing me

4. One Shovel And A Place To Die

There's no more new found glory
can't keep a civil tongue in my head
I will never be your Knight in shining armor
Everyday's a smaller death

Follow the path I will sear
Put your arms around your beliefs
Weaken family structure
In deep in your chest I know what you stand for is wrong
Explosives are effective at incinerating your agenda

Ebony princess with a name I can't spell
I believe she's warming up to me
Can't quite make it out because of the duct tape
Her eyes know where I'm coming from

Let the world see your conviction
It's the only way to ignite change
Don't want to leave the world same
Unmetered hatred and a thirst for headlines

Raise up your glass to hero's fallen
Deathrow hall of fame
Foot soldiers unafraid of Hell

5. Where The Sewer Meets The Sea

Oceanview is like nowhere you've ever been before
Gypsy haven, whiskey heaven, white trash shangri-lai
The only way I believe I will be able to leave is in a pine box
Now that's a fuckin' shame

Knee deep in hooker cum
She fits so nicely in the trunk
Body parts work well as chum
I do my part to clean up the streets

Pro-active in every phase
The ocean makes infidels pay
Time for the rise of shame
Get down on all fours, I draw my clawhammer
And reign down its vengeance on whores

If you want crack, you got it
I will put the brakes on self indulgence
Your sunken eyes bring disgrace

I'm nature's helping hand..

I'm tired of whores and junkies
I look around and don't think it's just me
Take a long walk off of Harrison's Pier
And drown, where the sewer meets the sea

6. Pillars Of Tomorrow, Piles Of Yesterday

Wheelchair drawn chariot
Marking time near the sun
Earthworms laughter
Under wood I carve fingers on..

Kicking back with the shakes
Face down in the snow
Insane from drinking
Wash my hands off you

Like a whore in a candy store
Touch whatever's within reach
Six times more filling than you rmouth of rotten teeth
Find myself cheering for your abuse
Like I'm ringside behind close doors
With a press hat and cigarette
Boys run from the cockeyed girl

Held down by your dreams
Delusions of self sufficiency
I've seen what's wrong with you
You're a fuckin' junkie with a record for christsakes
Nobody wants a crackwhore dipping her cock soaked hand in the till
Thought nobody would notice, didn't you?
Well I fucking did..

7. Vertigo


8. Running Out Of Neck

I stand.. naked and alone
Staring.. at my neighbors fuck
Fingering.. a rusted bear trap
That I found like it was a gift from God

Failure is my strongest suit
God's greater plan
From the tit to life support
To the term of jesters court

Running out of neck, but much too soon
There must be better days for me on the horizon
Pass the failure wine until the end of time

Running out of neck, but none too soon
They fly lay circles and then watch me die alone
Mountains to more hills
Tending to the still

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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