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1. The Loyalty Of Desperation

Blinded by the snow
Five souls now hopeless
Crippled by the cold

The hourglass is running empty
Deranged by famine
Hunger is all I know

Like pigs to a slaughter
Who’ll be my first to die?
A pick axe my ordnance
One blow to split you wide
Madness begins

Deranged by famine
Hunger was all I knew
Every man for himself
Forced to be born anew

Now you are the hunted
Primal instincts taking over
Starving, out for the kill

As your bloods runs cold
Avert your eyes
Ashamed of what I’ve done
I must survive

2. Blood On My Hands

What the fuck have I done?
I don’t know where I am
I don’t what I did
Or even who I am

Is this real or just a nightmare?
I can’t wake up from this
Is this just my imagination?
Someone save me from this hell

Has the whole world gone fucking crazy?
Am I the only one who’s not insane?
I seldom find this life worth living
Because of you

Why torment me?
What did I do to deserve this?

Trapped inside a demented state of mind
I can see myself transforming before my eyes


It’s been a long time coming
And it has just begun
I spent a long time bleeding
And now the damage is done

Now that the deed is done
I must admit
I have no remorse and no regrets

I’m going to carve out your eyes
And then burn you alive
I want to shatter your skull
Fuck you up

Going to carve out your eyes
Burn you alive
Shatter your skull
Fuck you all

I’ve got blood on my hands
But I’ve got no regrets
Your blood on my hands
I’m not done yet

Blood on my hands
Your blood on my hands

It’s been a long time coming
And it has just begun
I spent a long time bleeding
And now the damage can never be undone

3. Born Of Chaos

You can’t escape
This is our nature
Struggling to fight infection
All will crumble in our wake
Born of chaos and malice
The fiercest evil surges through our veins

This is a war
A war we are winning
Infecting the mind to manifest your doom
Laying waste to your precious world
Spreading like a plague
Engulfing all you know

Hunger is setting in
On your brains we will feast
We can’t be stopped
Can’t be killed
Tear the flesh from the bone

Rip the eyes from their sockets
Entrails line the ground
We’ll never stop, never die
We will consume evolve and multiply

Rising from the grave
Undead slaves of pain
We will not fail
We will prevail

Bring her to her knees
Bring forth the decay
We’ll find another host
The end of days

Burn it to the ground
Let her waste away
We’ll find another home
The end of days

There is no hope
No other way
These are the end of days

4. Seventh Seal

Beware of nightfall
For at dusk the hunt begins
Behold the fury unleashed in darkness
As the moonlight burns its cursed skin
Once human
Now feral
Transformed in pain to serve evil

I awaken to a blizzard
An onslaught of swirling snow
The winter wind surges and pummels
Relentless under the full moon’s glow

My heart is pounding
Unphased by the bitter cold
This rage so blinding
A thirst for blood I can’t control
A primal calling to maim and slaughter
Bearing the wretched mark to yield this beastly form

Fleeing the forest
A maze of twisting turns
Hear the piercing cries of the hunter
Sacrifice to serve his father
Footsteps are closing in
Your life is at its end
Stare into the haunting yellow eyes
Tearing limb from limb

The rotten breath of the undead beast
Fills the air soured from the feast
An offering of the purest blood
Possession of the ultimate power
To feed this wretched soul

Spill their blood
Ravenous rampage
A warrior’s heart beating furiously

The royalty now sacrificed
The seventh son spreads fear
Moving under the cover of darkness
The nightly hunt continues
A sacrificial feast

The beast will devour
The lord of night
No longer confined

In a blood red sky
A full moon rise
Another mortal victim
Another human life

Eternally the night will fall
And the beast will surface
Each passing day of this blessed curse
A transformation unfolds
A constant threat to humankind
Innocent blood feeds
The ferocious predator

5. Awaken The Reckoning

Hate hammer
Confrontation with deadly force
To cleanse the earth
Awaken the reckoning
The covenant of retribution
I am the face of hatred
That you have denied
Cast aside
I have the tongue of the truth
To expose your lies

Be dignified
Eyes drown with tears
Behold the strength to conquer

I will hone my hatred
And use my strength to target the wicked
Face down on the concrete
Execute them one by one

Believer of justice
Surviving this pain
Defender of freedom
Living enslaved

Sedated and captive
Sadistically bound
A permanent solution to a temporary condition

Welcome to a mind full of hate
A masterful ideology
Eradicating scum from this earth
Violence the outcome
Dealing death’s hand

6. Illusion Of Serenity

7. Storm The Gates

In a world overwhelmed with corruption
I find it hard to believe that you cowards live by morality
That you wear on your fucking sleeve
You force-feed your philosophy
But you’re not going to feed it to me
Not then, not now, not ever
No truth is what it seems

Heaven is burning
Why wouldn’t it be?
Just take a look at us now
What should we believe?

We are at war with the world
We’re bringing the fight to your front door
Thousands are marching now
Toward your eventual demise
They have been trained to kill
Get ready to die

In a world that’s filled with deception
I won’t believe religious lies
I’ll reject your bullshit rhetoric until the day I die
Why is it so impossible for so many to see?
You live a life of contradiction
Yet you are judging me

We are at war with religious control
You better make a call to your savior
Hundreds of millions pleading
Can’t stop what’s in store
You’re on your knees crying and bleeding
You might as well be praying to me
Because no one hears you as heaven burns

Feasting on our own infection
Buying the lie that brings us torment
Set us free on by one
Creation comes undone
And you can bet one thing’s for sure
The worst has yet to come
This is a message of hate
Opening up your eyes
We remain defiant as heaven is burning

8. Dying Will

Welcome the author of sin
The bitter taste of hope
The bright white divinity
Deeper than the darkest intentions
Watching, waiting
For the ending of a pitiful story

The wrongs that we have suffered
Victimized by injustice
Catatonic and hollow
A sensation of unspeakable terror
Endless hours of torture
Enduring the damage plagued with madness

May the blackest of blood rain from the sky
Bringing no mercy into this trial
Darkened heart subhuman scum
I remember those words that you said to me and the echoes are haunting me still
In a lifetime of triumph and tragedy
A commitment to this dying will

Liberated for a purpose
And may this oath be spoken eternally
It doesn’t change me
It sure as fuck doesn’t change you

The silence of excommunication
Clinging hopelessly to all that was lost
Now the purest heart dies a painful death
Innocence desecrated and defiled

Save your last breath for one last wish
Final words
A dying will

I pledge my oath to this sacrifice
I put my heart on the line
For the end of all time
To this dying will

9. Hour Of Atonement

Break the paradigm
The ties that bind
I refuse to submit to false ideals
It’s a jaded world
Consumed by hatred
I won’t live in judgment
I’ll rip your forked tongue out

Led blindly by a headless leader
Break the chains and grow stronger

This is the struggle
An uphill battle
Spark revolution

We must break these chains
We must rise up and fight to change our ways

Take off your mask
A weak facade
Accept the fact that you can’t disguise a hollow soul
Against all odds
We will fight all who oppose
The underdog will have his day

10. Unleash The Swarm

Biological experimentation
Governmental blasphemy
Bring forth this human experiment
To unleash their fury on the enemy
The swarm will descend like a plague
And cover the earth with our blood
Confronted by evil
Initiate the fall of man

They’ll keep on storming until there’s nothing left to destroy
Manufactured killing machines
No sense of pain or remorse
An empty conscience with an unrelenting need to kill

Programmed in heart and mind
To serve the bidding of the master
Hell bent on world domination
Incapable of being conquered

Genocide the most effective way
To impose the will of the empire
A new breed designed to consume the world with fire

Thrown away and cast aside
A byproduct of a failed experiment
Buried beneath the surface lies an ugly truth
These creatures won’t relent until they’ve buried us all

Devoid of human emotion
A decadent uprising
As the clones become independent
The heart that mourns no longer exists
A soldier returns from the war
Believing that death endured his suffering
Yet the suffering has only just begun

Manufactured killing machines
No sense of pain or remorse
An empty conscience
An unrelenting need to kill

The swarm will descend like a plague
Covering the earth
Confronted by evil
Initiate the fall of man

Hope has died
Man has failed
Abandon faith and move onward
The killing fields littered and burned
No surviving the onslaught
This is the end of the line

Some say they’ve been sent from Hell
The chosen to destroy the human scum
Or maybe it’s God just killing us off once and for all
Unleash the swarm

11. Ascend And Prevail

Speak not of tongue
Your words will fall short
Victory is forged through heart
The weak will be slaughtered
No quarter
No mercy
Pierced to the hilt
Gutted and bled dry
Slain by inherent weakness
Buried by the foot of the code

A Faceless aggressor
Looming in darkness
Hunting in great numbers
Thirsting for the blood of the damned
Strangle the victim
Leaving no one to tell the tale

Choke on those words
And never forget

We exact our revenge through ruthless aggression
Weather the storm
Ascend and prevail
Your reign is at its end
As we capture the crown

Geoff Colvin ‒ Bass
Jon Gerner ‒ Drums
Jon Tooley ‒ Guitars
Peyton Allen ‒ Guitars
Rodney James ‒ Vocals

Thanks to rodneyjames138 for sending these lyrics.

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