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1. Ascension

I recall the days before the world turned cruel
when two young descendants had not yet thought to rule
As these seasons change it seems to me
he sees not a brother but an enemy

he has spoken of the voice that directs him to rise it
sings in his ear and promises ascension as his prize

father is growing old amidst this strife
I fear that my brother is growing bold
factions are building
and the turmoil is boiling
great gains can be made upon the pain of the people

he has spoken of the voice that directs him to rise
it whispers in his ear and promises ascension as his prize

it was an unassuming August morn
the younger of the brothers the last to be born
presumed upon himself my birth right
father was slain with a stolen crown
he cast me down the river
has taken a turn and I must follow its course
I must seek the strength that lives in me

he has spoke of the voice that directs him to rise
it whispers in his ear and promises ascension as his prize

2. War Spirits

War spirits sing
and battle souls cry
forever they'll live though their bodies have
died wolves signal storms
as they howl in the night
they strengthen our might
when days are forlorn

Good friends good times!

divinity defiled

in the darkness i bleed
a blasphemous discipline
upon which i would feed
the people declared
that i would be the one
who would venture to the stars
and bow to none

those who sought the dawn
became so hollow
they feared to follow
the crimson shadow

the path of the poet
the fist in the skull
the will of the ancients
bow to vesperia

big son of a bitch

we have grown so weak with longing
for a life far gone we were strong
but now surrounded by corpses and horses
and the shadow of the westerman

an era when the blind
sing the sylvan
they speak of days long since gone
and after we have left this world
the ferriman will guide us home

3. Going Home

Rallying cries rang through the land
The king was killed by his sons command
By the swords of the prince!

We were sent to the keep of the son
To wage a great war
In the name of the one their blood will rain
For the king who was slain and all who remain!

Before we arrived we were ambushed
In the forest that borders two wintry lands
An entire war band

That day we came to understand the rules of the game
We were pawns to lords and thanes who reveled in our pain
We will show them the same

In a forest cold along borders old
Trapped by swords in foreign lands
In winter we will make our stand

On this day so far away I never thought
My life would end this way
Surrounded by foes as they scream my name

We walk in fear of a day we know we'll never feel
And still we wait like eagles
Wait for season's change

Yet the world stay on it's course
I am never, never going home
For me not to be found
Like a raven falling to the ground

The forests edge nears along with dawn's light
We have killed as well we can
But our wound will end this fight
At most one more night!

We are ready now to weather their charge
Though we fade the bards will sing of those
Who fought for the king
We die for the king!

A legion strong when we arrived
Now there remains only five
Back to back and sword by axe
We fight until we breathe no more

Light the fires and praise the day
I say my brothers we are going home
Though it is not the way we came

4. Plague

Drive them back their tactics have failed
Command the knights begin pursuit
It took four nights to line them
And break them

Let the terror take them
With screams or with silence

The fight on the plains had taken a turn
To a keep we'd travel
The battlefield changed

Surround the structure
Bathe them in flame
Let the traitors burn in my brothers name

By ladder and tower
We hit them like waves
Their walls were strong
But the were not safe

This tide was turning
Their keep was burning
We'd break these walls
Before winter arrived

The dying remained
Autumn brought change
The deaths we were seeing
Were not the same

Men spit up blood
And began to shake
The will of the living
Started to break

Grief must wait for winter will not
We need to leave this field of death
Lest we give our lives to the falling plague

If luck is our ally
The men of the keep
Will be stricken with this sickness
And die in their sleep

But if they escape
And take to the sea
Then we must ensure
That the fleet is ready

The ice has now fallen
It blankets the hills
They flee from the keep
And ready their sails

So too must we
Take to the sea
Let this nightmare
Turn into a dream

5. High Sea Hell

The sickness abates
The day has come
We have gathered on the shore

We are greeted by the morning sun
It warms our bodies
Like the kiss from a whore

The ship is prepared
For those who would dare
Venture out beyond the waves

We follow those
Who withstood the siege
Who ride into the sea

Oars will crack and backs will strain
But we cannot let them escape again
I have never felt so alive
As when I am about to die

We can't fuck around
The weather is fierce
And we are at the last of our strength

The enemy flies
While we drag behind
We are running out of time

Thunder roars and the stars disappear
The sky begins to shed its tears
I have never felt so alive
As when I am about to die

We've cleared the storm
And I see them ahead
They're upon the shore

They're heading up the coast
While a ghostly fog rolls in
Follow them deep into these lands
Leave no peaceful night

The snows will come
And the road is hard
But do not lose sight

Welcome to the edge of life
The corner of the world
That is sheathed in ice

I have never felt so alive
As when I am about to die

6. The Dead Road

That you would send an army to its death
Without a hesitant breath
Our family divided
When you decided to have it all

Is it because you are blind?
What was the price?
What was the cost?

Father is slain
Father is slain
Our name is stained

And I don't know what's going to happen
I will not allow this reign to continue
My path will steer into yours

Is it because you are blind?
What was the price?
What was the cost?

If I become lost the world will burn
I must call the banners
Those who answer
Will write history with me

And you will be greeted by my knife
I only hope I am the one
Who cuts your throat

So in the end you will see
That our father was strong
And he lives in me
His spirit lives in me

7. A Winter Day


8. The River

It was so perfect that winter day
Intending to pass I decided to stay
I meant to follow the winding river
But it came to a lake in a frozen vale

Ice became a mirror
Though my reflection
Was not the same
Something had changed

My youth was gone
Age had gained
How could it be
My best years left me

Life is a river that ebbs and flows
Nobody knows where it's going to go
All that is left is to ride the current
Hope that it keeps us one day more

I have let this go too far
Will I shine with the stars
When I see the betrayer

What is there that one can say
To mend the wrong done
Is there any love left?

Life is a river that cuts the shore
It shows your life as a shattered mirror
When the water finally runs dry
Will you stand to look yourself in the eye

I am an island alone in the sea
Life is a river and I believe
That it has grown too late for me

Broken in the cold, how did I get so old
Life is a river that passed me by
Was it always my desire to lay down and die

Outside the lake I'm held by ice and tears
And to this day they hold me still
I died in the lake many days ago

I closed my eyes and let life go
I thought of myself as a man of will
But I know now that the ice keeps me still

I can see it now, the moment I drowned
I was a lonely forest, I began to freeze
Surrounded by snow, lost to the trees

I let my river end, don't lose sight my friend
Hold on to your life while you can
Stave off the day when your river ends

Through the ice we see the water
As still as the blood within me
Softly touched by the sun

Through clouds of white
Like looking through ice
Nothing seems clear

I walked for leagues
Or perhaps not at all
It seemed I would stay
It was so perfect that day

Outside a lonely lake
I am held by ice and tears
And to this day they hold me still
I will find my river

9. Drakkar

Fire; cleanse my dreams
Lost; I can hardly see
Ashes; vengeance has come

For the death of my son

Those were old days
The thing we would say
Were met with honour

When the rains finally came
It spilled the blood
From our open graves

Ride; towards Ykfalter bay
Listen; to what a murderer has to say
But first we wait a day
So I might send my son to the drakkar aflame

I say my goodbyes
He will grow into a man
And wait for his father

This feud has ended my line
So the time has come
For theirs to end as well

Rain starts to fall
As I make my approach
Lay the reed in a challenge broached

But the combat of shields
Will not decide
How a child killer
Is going to die

These are new ways
We will drift and fade away
And wait for another

Give them to the fire
I burn down their hall

Running for the flames
I cut the coward down
So that he might die
Without sword in hand

In the cold air I can see
How he fears to breathe
I open his chest
And tear out his heart

Now I am alone
Without kin or land
With his heart in my hand

10. Chosen

You seek to find
Something within yourself
That dissipates everything
You've ever known

There is no knowledge
To be gained without pain
And so you've let
Your sickness grow

He was just a child
When he faced the dream
Uncertain of what be beheld

It was with time
That he began to see
What his dream could be

He grew and gathered
To him men of three
Of which one was me

We set out to alter
What was deemed to be
Our destiny

Light passed to night
And back again too many times
Reflections spoke to us of age

Our vision dimmed but his will was stone
As though he still dreamt of the day

I needed to believe in me
But instead I followed he
Who was meant to serve
Only as a guide

Something I could not see
I could not understand
Until he died

Seasons have passed
This winter it was my last
I feel no sorrow
I feel nothing at all

Life is just a poem
That must reach its end
But I would hear another verse
Before I die

Now that my days are done
Spirits let me see
It was not the child who was the one
It was me!!

11. An End

The wise kings of old
Heard their stories told
When gods and men
Fight together again

There would come a day
Their prophets would say
When man is near death
He will bow and pray

Listen to me to what I say
This is not that day
Those of you who wish to pray
An end I'll give with my own blade

A family torn
Born to rule
Cheated of the throne

The younger son
And the chosen one
Ripped a kingdom apart

Years of dirt
Decades of pain
Have seen me arrive
At these gates again

The house of my birth
A strange sight now
I will watch it burn

Tears may fill these eyes
Perhaps even after I die
I am all that remains
Of a once noble name

Listen to me to what I say
This is not that day
Those of you who wish to pray
An end I'll give with my own blade

12. This Winter Night

The night it gazed into our souls
We wished the light would stay
Alas I know not what to say
I cannot promise a new day

Reaching out across the snow
Slowly a shadow grows
It takes the shape of a hand
Across the realm of men

We thought that we were blessed
We were spared when others died
Now we see this winter night
The pain for those left alive

13. Shadows

Tell me then what do I say?
When I have erred
And others pay the price

What will they say
When I look in their eyes
And tell them
They didn't have to die

Familiar old songs
The trees used to sing
When the men of the world
Relinquish their fear

It rings in my ears, its all I can hear
It tells me I must face their ghosts
We were the same only in name
Under the eye of the old grey mountain

I carved my heart from stone
What was the cost?
The price I have offered
Could not be paid

And when my day
Has finally arrived
What will I have to say?

We had learned the taste of defeat
The pain of a triumph stolen away
If we don't persist then it will ring true
We were doomed all along

I made mistakes that day
But the night swept away my pain
I breathed the air of the dawn
And lived without regret from that day on

I recall simpler day
Tending fields
And broken hearts

Like the songs we used to sing
Like the rain for which we prayed
I wish I'd died on that day

Light of day
Killed away
I remain

Say goodbye
To the pain
Of yesterday

I slipped away into a fitful sleep
Greeted by their ghosts
I held their gaze
They spoke low and long

Friend be strong
And carry on
Now wake!

14. Tir Na Nog

The summoning of ecstasy
The voyage to escape all of time
The emptiness of my mind
Carries me into death's hands

Return an older man
I've been here once before
The pain of my departure
Forever in my thoughts

Tir Na Nog
Land of the ever young
Joy in the rivers and trees

Tir Na Nog
Haven of fury
Time a bane no more

I must find the light in the forest
There is nothing but time
I see the world, I don't feel the world
I feel nothing

The winds of the west
Caress me, welcome me
They beckon me to cross the western sea

The voice of a maiden
Calling my name
I am being summoned again
A thousand years have passed

Centuries of pain
They flow through my veins
Yet her face is ever young
Her grace is flowing

Tir Na Nog
Land of the ever young
Joy in the rivers and trees

Tir Na Nog
Haven of fury
Time a bane no more

A hand beckons me up
Her eyes meet mine
Am I to come to the island of Tir Na Nog
Where life blossoms in the waters

Has she come to give me life
Or in mercy grant me death?

15. Songs Of Our Heroes

Walking the grounds
Of an unguarded keep
The last sounds of death
Ring the courtyard beyond

It feels like years
Since I've been asleep
These steps so steep
The days so long

I open the door
And see an old face
The face of a brother
Who taught me to fight

And 9 years ago
When father was slain
He taught me betrayal's sharp sting

So long ago in a world
Masked in snow
A place you would not recognize

The world was changing
We saw the signs
I close my eyes
And think of those times

Songs of our heroes fade away
We'll sing songs of our own
The words that remain outlive the day
But they could never be the same

Something speaking
Speaks of seeking
Seeking an old door it opens
And the light pours forth

Echoes, sound and round the walls
And fall into a whisper
Like the wind breathing in the north

He betrays no fright or feeling
Night is day and we are dreaming
Laughter heard and scheming words
We are gone like faded songs

Only death remains
His will was broken on the stone
Does he know my face
Or recognize this place?

He draws his sword without a word
I speak his name
He seems not to hear
One last task for a well stained blade

Songs of our heroes fade away
We'll sing songs of our own
The words that remain outlive the day
But they could never be the same

Nich Ireland – Drums
Mike Grund – Guitars
Thomas Ireland – Guitars, Samples
Jon Doyle – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Bill Elliot – Bass

Thanks to fillkill for sending these lyrics.

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