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1. Oathbreaker

Sworn to defend and protect the realm,
Dreams have shown me a different path,
We command our destiny,
The time to rule has com to pass

Wash the field in the fire of gods,
The well of wounds pours endlessly,
Courage bestowed on us this day,
Given to man by the world tree

It's taken too long to turn back now,
We found them ready on the battleground,
Over the walls, hold your vows,
Shown them your steel cut'em down

Waves are ready to take us home,
For oaths we break we must atone,
We must shown the gods what we learned,
Cleansing fire must be left to burn

I clad the earth in cloak of blood,
I paid no heed that my warlike deeds,
Might one day be repaid
I am the oathbreaker, and i am king

What do you see now father?
I have reworked the stars
And written a new fate
I am the oathbreaker, and i am king
I beseech the gods, i dare not say,
That i never was afraid

The tomes of time will echo with the rhymes,
Of eternal conquest
Forget the fallen for this day, for always
The oathbreaker reigns

2. Signal The Storm

Brothers of the north
Fallen like the snow
Pushing towards the line
Maintain form

Banners on the hills
Signal the storm
Battered with there blood
They are gaining ground

Speak to me with conviction
The eagle departs from my vision

Out of control
It started will the call
The shattering of shields
Strengthens my resolve
The beautiful canvas
The water of life
My brothers are dying
And my guilt is growing

Speak to me with conviction
The eagle departs from my vision
The strength of the one
Is all that remains
The weakness of the many
Is one and the same

3. Wisdom


4. Wolf

Your silence sings louder then
Your sword ever could

The wolf stand atop the slaughtered lamb,
Without meaning to eat of it's flesh

Your silence sings louder then
Your sword

Burn away that which was yesterdays,
I never thought i'd see the like,
I am the wolf who calls upon his pack,
Vercingetorix is my name

Burn away the day,
Sound we knew are gone,
Into the tales of old,
Bow down to my name

Burn away that which was yesterdays,
I never thought i'd see the like,
I am the wolf who calls upon his pack,
Vercingetorix is my name

5. Lay Down Thy Burdens

A vision of victory,
Shaman said righteous men
Rise up to tyranny,
And thus our path is pure,
It's right in front of my eyes,
We must just take these steps,
Embrace destiny

I have searched
The corners of my mind,
These lessons should have never
They are not beyond our reach,
The time has come to teach,
We will show these bastards
How we kill

Justice has fallen into venerated souls,
I will not let the darkness embrace my people,
We are children learning from cruel master,
We will make them pay at last

Who i am now,
Who did i think i was,
What strength is left in me,
Your leader of nations,
I cry with wisdom,
I cry with the wind,
Those years long since abandoned,
How did it come to this,
The nightingale sang,
About an old king to feeble to save his people,
The lake and trees, they lied to me,
I cry with hatred i curse my dreams

Prophet sangs,
They guided us home when we were lost,
Bleak have become,
Helpless to deliver us
I searched not for sorrow,
It sought me out,
Her soft kiss to lay burdens down

6. Poet's Patch

Don't cast your faith with the stones,
Remembering the phantoms of old,
They have departed,
I am all you have

So to do i depend on you,
My swords alone will end no wars,
Save to submit it in defeat,
A fate worse then death

We have come so far,
Sequence repeat once again,
Scars bathed the land in light,
We have come so far

The stars depart, across the sea,
Returning to me the memorial grows,
For those of fallen flame,
I swore I'd never release this land

7. Bow To None

As our army grows,
We're bolstered by fear,
Of common foe

Leave not to chance,
We must be swift,
For my time is short

Bow to none,
For the future of gaul's sons,
Through the chorus of terror,
Bow to none

No stone and no marker,
No name to remember,
But why think of this when
Battles are near

Spirits of old,
Open the sky

8. Those Who Sought The Dawn

Vengeance panic, dept owed depts paid,
Stars fall, bone break wood shield splinter,
Star gaze tempest, hearts break, with time,
Vengeance panic, dept owed depts paid,

Flames of the council reaching out towards us,
Light danced along as methods were discussed,
Like lovers pouring over secrets long with held,
We make know our intention

I descend from a long line of kings,
I am the iron used to forged great lands

Trees sing us songs recourcing old tales,
We must recall to help our journey on,
The breaking of spears, shields and hearts,
Time itself is our greatest enemy

Liar are beholder to this display,
A showing of true courage
As the seekers take the test,
Moving out into the nigh tout of sight,
Blooding farewell they've seen they're sunrise,

Light have flickering with my eyes,
At the thought of going home,
A long forlorn return,
That's drifting away with the rain

Don't wait for a dawn that will never come,
I will stay, swords withdrawn,
Embracing the night forsaken the dawn,
Doing what is right

Please run,
Run my friends, my countrymen

9. Silence


10. Gaul

Signs have come with the darkening clouds,
We have waited far too long,
I thought I knew the world at last,
But still I long for days now passed

We're run too fucking long,
Mist cleared from my eyes,
Lies spewed from their mouths,
Truths forgot too many times

We were once the joyous sons,
We knew what we become,
That fateful day the romans,
Invaded our home

Mourning for the man I used to be,
Keeps from growing into a seer,
Betrayed those thought of a life not lived,

11. Warriors In Carrion Kingdoms

We are fighting for something more,
The world we known

We are dying,
For reasons we do not,

We must stave off death to defend,
Or the green will bleed away,
It's on this day we made our stand,
We sworn, we fight them to the end

This they do not understand,
We will live forever,
And if they wish take our home,
They'd better fight to the last man

This struggle's gone on too long,
These sacred shores have kept us warm,
For all of time,
We will not let you burn it down,
Take your sorrow and leave us be
For all of time

Rally to me and share my strength
We are alone as we've always been

Don't turn your backs, don't pray to the gods,
Raise your swords and pray to me
Stain the ground with the defiler's blood

Welcome the end of this futile campaign,
I've seen enough of my brothers fall,
Lay down my sword and forfeit my life,
That my people might live though this endless night

They leave the song of old,
To echo within the earth,
So that all may be reminded,
Of those who had fallen first

12. To The Stars

I've broken oath but so have they,
We summoned our wolves to the feast,
The crows were the only victors,
They lived long in those bloody days

Life being choked out of me,
They enjoy the view,
A thorn in their side for these many years,
Finally removed

Lessons were learned on the battlefield,
I've taken them to this prison with me,
Contemplating on might have been,
They robbed me you see, of my victory

One last warrior in the kingdom of the dead,
One last seeker of the dawn,
The time to lay my burdens down,
Finally has come

Break me apart, burn my burden down,
It doesn't matter now,
I have traveled far and now,
I journey to the stars

My brothers await, pride in their hearts,
They light the night sky,
They have traveled far and now,
I join them in the stars

Nich Ireland ‒ Drums, Penny Whistle
Jon Doyle ‒ Vocals, Bass
Thomas Ireland ‒ Guitars
Mike Grund ‒ Guitars

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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