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1. The Wrathforge

On fields of war, we had to grow
A bloody rage, a hear of stone
That's what we have learned

When bullets fly, above your head
No time to lose, there's no regret
It's fight or be dead

Soldiers marching on, the last command
Young souls raising hell, rain of fire
Warcries fill the air, will this ever end?

They kill for greed, not peace to find
Forget the past, don't look behind
Don't stand in the line
A secret plan for mind control, the price of life?
Expendable, that's what we all are

Soldiers marching, for the final stand
On their road to hell, load your guns
When sirens scream the end, living in despair

When a lonely child prays to the sky
Dreaming of kingdoms, of ages gone by
When a million voices join as one
A new star is born, the king claims his crown

March, they march, in the rain and mud
Lords of torment and disorder
Flashing lights, in the dead of the night
Heralds of attack and violence

Burning in the flame, of unholy forces
Locked in a spell, you'll never be free
Gazing at the sun, looking for a vengeance
Black soul, blood red steel

Pouring on the land, like a rain of evil
Sewers of the storm, leaders in command
Marching in the rage, of a magic winter or a fiery sand

2. Dragonhelm

Born with eons of sorrow
Cursed son of Hurin
Crossed the mountains of shadow
Exiled from Dor Lomin
Onward the hidden kingdom
Away from the eyes of Morgoth
Bearing the helm of his fathers
Crafted by gold and grey steel

Out of the land of Doriath
He followed the ancestors call
An army of lawless by his side
Became the fear of the orcs
Gurthang spread blood and disaster
The time for battle has come
The serpent will die from the chosen
No one can escape the black sword

Dragonhelm, ruler of blacksword and steel
Lord of fate

Pride of the great house of Hador
Shield me from wound and from death
Strike in the fury of battle
As the dragon that lies on the crest
Fear in the hearts of beholders
The powers of Hurin grow strong
The serpent will die from the chosen
No one can escape the black sword

Dragonhelm, ruler of blacksword and steel
Lord of fate

3. Finis Mundi

It's the end of the year nine hundred ninety nine
For nobles and countrymen, peasants and lords
The edge of oblivion draws near

Medieval darkness, cradle of magic
On through the night, the fears are growing
No more tomorrow, a merciless ending
Nowhere to run, the time is coming
The time is coming!

In the name of the Lord
The Pope and the Bishops preach
The beast of damnation will rise from the sea
The serpent of hell devours

Sinners are chanting, pay for salvation
You'd better prepare when judgement calls you
Is it too late now? Omens are clear
End of the world, the Finis Mundi
The Finis Mundi!

God, hear the call of the sons of the Earth
We will stand tall in this time of despair
Prophecies old from the dawn of all days
Only the pure will survive this dark age

This is the end of all times, it's the Finis Mundi
Damned are the souls left behind, it's the Finis Mundi
Angels descend from the sky, it's the Finis Mundi
Watching the world as it dies, it's the Finis Mundi

4. Metal From Hellas

Flying with the eagles, soaring way up high
Aiming at the red sun, warriors of the sky
Lightning strikes above us, storms are raging on

Look upon the mountains where the gods did reign
Sword of Ares shines on, ruling once again
Father in Olympus, guide our burning blades

Steeds of black with wings of leather
Diving on their prey
Souls of hell obey the master's call
Pegasus reborn in magic
Entering the fight
Sworn to seek his victory, or to die!

All hail, here we rise again!
Metal from Hellas!
Gods sing, in the land of pride!
Metal from Hellas!

Dreamers of the nightside, lost in crumbling halls
Stalking sacred ruins, where your demons crawl
Witness of the ancients, draw the secret signs

Riding mighty chariots in the arenas of the world
Launching into battle, to conquest and beyond
Mystic winds of Aeolus, fill our black-eyed sails

Crushing down the devil's minions
Through the underworld
Cries of battle fill the burning air
Here anew we swear the promise
We made long ago
Keepers of the flame that will not fade

5. Hyrkanian Blades

In a time when children sing
of magic, lords and rings
As the eagle spreads its wings
We rise

When ancient empires fight
Steel gleams across the night
Hyborian kings, conquest and might

Breed of Atlantean kings
Masters of the sword
Rulers from the East
Hyrkanian Blades

With mace and chains we'll grind
the tyrants of mankind
Civilization's just a dream
conceived in Erlik's eyes

Where thrones are shining bright
like jewels under the sky
On roads with jade and amber paved
We will ride

Rising from lemurian ashes
Riding savage steeds of war
Flashing Steel's their only answer
Rulers from the East

The living Tarim knows
What Skelos once foresaw
A mighty flood will sweep anew
The savage plains we roam

Black steeds of war will ride
Across the steppes that night
With flashing axe and deadly sword
To storm the gates of time

6. Oceans Of Pain

There is a sea in the soul of all men
Who dare to choose
The winds of their destiny
Those who sail, know they could never return
Back to the shores of their land
Follow the dream, soar with the tide
Glory and gold, shine through the magic rain
Free as the wind, will you be legend
or drown in the oceans of pain

There was a boy, born and raised in a cruel time
He lived in a town by the coast
All of his life, he daydreamed of fame and adventures
Far from the dust of his land
Follow the dream, soar on the tide
Glory and gold, shine like a magic rain
Free as the wind, will you be legend
or drown in the oceans of pain

That boy is a man, his eyes as grey as the cold wind
That carved all the scars in his heart
So many years, he struggled at sea
For his own life, slave to the wheel of despair
Nothing is real, nothing but pain
Floating adrift, tied to the bloodstained helm
Watching the flames, as they devour
Born of the oceans of pain

7. Born In The 70's

You play with soldiers of clay your mind is not sane
You live in a game of war, oh, no!
When will you realize, that today, you're losing ground
You're really getting nowhere, nowhere at all!

Your naked sword against my gun
Now it's too late, your time has come
Gone is the majesty you fantasized
Your Glory's a book made of lies

Why can't you see you're losing now
the magic of the moment! You fool!

We were born in the 70's, we got lightning in our veins
We were born in the 70's, and we'll never fade away
We were born in the 70's, we got future in our brain
We were born in the 70's and we'll never lose the race

We were born in the 70's
Born in the 70's, born in the 70's
We don't need no other way

You really think I'm out of my head, you're wise instead
for all that you have learned at school!
Deny this time to live in the past, you were not made to last
You're getting older, you know!

You think your Eden's close at hand
For those who die with sword in hand
Homer and Caesar, have left you alone
You were mistaken and still you don't know!

And now that you came and you joined our cause
Together we stand and we boldly go, to planets unseen
where no man has gone before

And now that you're leaving the Earth behind
A blinking illusion, for all mankind
It's time to live for today, to learn to be free

8. Warlord Of Mars

Out of the darkness, he's riding the sky
Call of the wild, inside his steel heart

Soldier of metal, this won't be your last
God of the battle, will lead you to the stars

The Warlord of Mars!

Soul of a tiger, can never be tamed
Lust and desire, won't chain his steel mind

Soldier of metal, there's nowhere to run
Death in the shadows, but you will save us all

The Warlord of Mars!

People of the Earth, we command you to kneel
The kings who betrayed, are soon to be slain

Out of the darkness, he's riding the sky
Call of the wild, will take your steel heart

You live for metal, the voice of the past
Gods of battle, will lead you to the stars

9. Death Before Disgrace

They rise out of the ashes
In the burning sky
No hope left for the remnants
On this endless night

War is its name and it binds you
with chains of thunder
Only the brave will defy
Seeking death before disgrace

Stormclouds casting dark shadows
On the fields of death
Phantoms ride on the black winds
Soldiers of unrest

War is its name and it binds you
with chains of thunder
Only the brave will defy
Seeking death before disgrace

Remember the heroes, the battles they lost
Alone in the darkness, their spirit rises

Remember the heroes, who died for a cause
Again into darkness, they fight to death and beyond

Daylight, the battle still rages
The combat is high
Warstained soldiers of hell stand
To the final fight

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