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1. Stormgiven


2. The Swords Are Drawn

The day is dark but you feel strong and brave inside
The war is on but you don't fear you'll not survive
Others fall in glory's name
With no doubt heart you run onward
Defying death and pain

Blood of warriors soaks the broken wasted land
To the last man fight - You must stand strong - Defend
For the crown and for the king
Spill more blood
While brothers dying - brothers fighting sing

Rise - legions - fight - legions
The swords are drawn - And then you die

You think that you're a hero - Not a brainwashed fool
You think you're something special - I got news for you
Those who died they thought the same
Just another victim on the road to hell
Pawn in the game

Blood of warriors soaks the broken wasted land
To the last man fight - You must stand strong - Defend
For the crown and for the king
Choke on blood
While brothers dying - Brothers fighting sing

Another tear shed - Another soul dead

3. Poisoned Well

[Instrumental, "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable" Soundtrack]

Freedom is why I'm gone
I live by the sword
I bow to none
A path of an outcast who lives on the run
No time to regret the things I've done

Crawling on the trail of sorrow
Dreaming of a new tomorrow

Who fought your battles
All across this cruel world
The've died - Long before
Your fallen brothers gave their souls
And their lives - Forget them not

My heart's a poisoned well
Enchanted by dark spells
Should kill fire and thirst
Drink from it and you'll be cursed
You'll be cursed

Warriors - Forget them not

4. Blood Of Legends

On nights like this, my heart is sad
I dream and sing
For the deeds of glory, aeons passed.
Beneath the full moon
Cursed - Doomed
Let it be known
Where the blood of legends flows

Swords and rings, thrones of great kings
Eternal Hymns
Tales, come alive here through my strings
Where the blood of legends flows

Man, will you be remembered?
When your life line is severed
Or will you be forgotten?
Just dead and rotten.

Do you have dreams of greatness?
Or are you struck with blindness?
Will you be king or peasant?
Will I sing of your glory, too

You live and then you die,
You'll find the reason why
Just take a look inside,
And find the road to light

5. Immortal Chariot

Balius and Xanthus - From the burning wind
A mighty force eternal - Breathing flame on battlefields
On so high in battle overlord Achilles stands
Directs the war commands

Ride the winged harpy - Stear the beast into the fray
Drown the world in slaughter on this sacred bloody day
Trampled under hoof - Now grind him down the enemy
For all the gods to see - Yeah

Immortal chariot - Immortal chariot
Riding high - Across the sky
Riding high - Forever

From above he viewed the blaze of the rising flames
He saw our vessels burn - And he saw the death and pain
Dressed in armor of the Gods - Proud he bears his shield
his mighty spear to wield

Upon his head the helmet - his sword is claiming death
Ruler of the battlefield - On these fields of dread
Here the death of heroes of all legends may await
But victory's his fate - Yeah

Immortal chariot - Immortal chariot
Riding high - Across the sky
Riding high - Forevermore

Immortal chariot - In strength and grace
Immortal breed - Like wind in speed

6. The Curse Of Medea

I am a wretched suffering woman
Oh how I wish that I could die
This agony that I have suffered
Deep enough to make even gods cry

Sons of a mother doomed
What gain is life to me
Oh to die and win release
Quitting this loathed existence

I did bind that accursed one
By these strong oaths to me
Oh to see him and his bride
Brought of utter destruction

The fierce black fury of my wrath
A bitter cry of mortal lamentation
I call on to the cursed traitor
You'll pay for this humiliation

A coward at the sight of steel
With deadlier thoughts than mine
No heart is filled
No deadlier thoughts than mine

Poor children your blood is mine
Poor children your mortal blood is mine

7. Valkyries Above

The clouds hang heavy in the air - The air it smells like rain
I lie here waiting - Fever dreams - A shelter from the pain
Not long ago I was alive - A man so full of dreams
Now soon the dark will fall on me and death will set me free

I have no fear - In limbo trapped - My life so far beyond
My mind so blank - My heart so cold - Yes - Soon I will be gone
No hymns of praise - No words of grief - Alone in hell I'll die
No light to guide - No help in sight - I see no valkyries fly

Are the valkyries above us

The battlefields lies cold and dead - I hear no screams or sound
I see them move - I see them run - To fight another round
Is there still hope - I don't believe - Just sadness black within
A wasted life - A wasted fate - I hear no valkyries sing

Are there valkyries above us - Don't see their shadows fly

Comrades fall - Yet all is mute - We poor will count the cost
Valhalla waits just for the pure - No valkyries above us
The songs we sang - The lords we hailed - The words we thought were true
All meaningless - just utter lies - They led us to our doom

Many die and many bleed - The clouds bleed heaven dry
A vision comes - The last I see before my inner eye
A frozen stare - A manic grin - Unburied in the frost
The valkyries ride and leave me here to rot - Yes - I am lost

8. Chivalry (Noble Armor)

Defend the weak - Fight for the right
Justice we serve - Live like a knight
Honor gives strength - Truth fills with pride
Immortal on our lonely ride

Noble armor of chivalry
Alone you walk - Alone you pass
Through night or bright day

Embraced by the duty
For a better world
United by the code and the creed
Noble armor of chivalry

My heart my armor - Tall and strong
To tell what's right - To tell what's wrong
My words are sharp - They cut like steel
My sword - My principles - My will

Deceivers and traitors
Deceivers crawl under my feet
Oath-sworn to the code

9. Exile Eternal

Far away from home
I roam these lands and distant shores
Damned - Forsaken - Banned - Cast out
A pariah of war
All I held so dear I had to burn and leave behind
A solitary man who's the run into exile

No - Never again I'll see the faces of my kin
But all their faces are engraved & locked so deep within
All I had so easily taken away from me
But no you'll never take away these treasured memories

I'm free - I'm free - Yes - I'm free

Forever banned into exile eternal - Exile eternal
Forever banned - Banned into exile

Come - Oh dreaded foe - Follow the trails of my escape
Send all your dogs of war
to catch my scent and seal my fate
I will not rest - I'll lead you beasts away into the wild
You may catch me - You'll hunt me down
but not my wife and child

Some they called me golden tongue
For I gave generously of my private means
I founded hospitals for the poor
A social being - Not a religious activist
I spoke out fearlessly against the custom of bowing
before their statues
For this defiance of authority I was banned into exile

10. Relentless Waves


Alex Papadiamantis – Violin
Nick Papadopoulos – Drums
Kostas "H.K." Tzortzis – Guitars
Antreas Sotiropoulos – Guitars
Stavros Aivaliotis – Bass
Gerrit Mutz – Vocals

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