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1. Oblivion Awaits

[Music: Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Indeed, the more I give,
The more I want back
In truth I have nothing
(Don't try to shut this out)
My God. Truly I wither
This circle of ashes

Let me sleep when I'm dead
My ruin in the end
My circus. My stigma
(This seed is sown now reap your oath)
Let this hail my ascent
Oblivion awaits
The thoughtless and idle

No pause. The sand rends the glass
You wait and you loose it
(Don't try to hold it back)
My life. My all
I'm transparent
The walls I've created

My strength
Let it boil
Let it tear on me
Let it build
Let it infuse
There is nothing left here to save,
Or remember anymore
Leave it numb
Leave it unspoiled
And the words kept coming on
But we will not stand down
Oblivion awaits

2. New Lament

[Music: Herløe / Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Got a taste for self - torture?
To re-enact the things gone by?
Reassess yourself, just to see yourself differently
You've gone to great lengths just to mend your ways

Got a thing for self loathing?
To orchestrate a new lament?
Brick by brick. You swelled
Saw all others miles above you
Prone to make you sick

Why do you wait?
Bury your dread
Wire the bridge
I'll give you a hand
Paint the soil
Build a lie
Leave the choice
I'll help you decide

Get a place to file your pain
To reacquaint should you forget
Enhance your conscience
I don't think your feeling guilty enough
You'll thank me you know
In time...

Don't forget
You'll thank me
You're all set to
Blow you away


3. Demagog

[Music: Storesund, Lyrics: Storesund]

I can help you
I've helped you to your grave
Because I need to
To redeem myself though I've never made no difference at all

Please, take this for my guilt
Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will pay you for my guilt

Now look
Can you hear me from your grave?
Because I need you to
To remove that finger from my face like I did nothing at all

Please take this for my guilt
Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will pay you for my guilt

Demagog for hire
Bring a toast to my name
Demagog, false liar
Contribute to my game before I stop

I'm touched
Like I touched you all
From my benevolent self
Now put your distress on the shelf
I'll put you back on your feet

Please take this for my guilt
Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will pay you for my guilt

My vision to unfold
My blazing son
Now look to the west, to my chest
The cross of freedom for all

Please take this for my guilt
Walking dead
I will pay you for my guilt

4. Not One

[Music: Glesnes, Lyrics: Olaisen]

A single blow won't take it away
Gets tough and harder
Still, that's the enemy
One wish wasn't all, it never was
He shifts from paste, to solid,
And ponders the choices
He never got to make

Straight away
Pointed line
Mould and brake

You won't get to no one
Not me
Not one
Never fulfilled
Or be what you could be
You won't get to no one
Not me
Not one
It's the hardest choice
Drive till' you meet the wall

He peels the silver lining
Once started, it's irreversible
One taste is all he ever got
He made what he could
Made himself hard as hell

No cause. No allegiance
No sleep. None is needed
No faith. Smarter than that
Regrets? Not one

5. The Dig

[Music: Herløe / Glesnes, Lyrics: Olaisen]

I hate with what is left of me
Too blind to reason
Too dumb to know
I don't care....
I probed your fucking head there was nothing there
But I hope to God that when I step back,
I will see I was wrong, tough I know that I'm not

Hard on the outside, ripe within
But when I dig, I find...

I paint these walls with what is left of you
I blend I shade, but its all, white on white
Some day you might look back on who you were
But if you can think, I'm pressed to believe
You will find it hard to get up off your knees but...

It takes manifest in this,
That I stacked up,
And now it's all coming down
You social slave,
You better be gone
That you insist to persist
Doesn't make you a man

Ashamed, when I find that all that you are...
A living confirmation of my thoughts
But when it all goes down you should know this:
That you need a fix need a push over this,
Cause the hour has come
The world has moved on

Peel a layer of social distortion
Your face is laid bare, and this notion springs...
I fear if I know you, and God do I know you,
Its all for the best
Ignorance is bliss
And now you've come round
You're complete, you're profound
You're perfect
In a certain way
But here you lay, just a frame, just a shame,
Cause time caught up
Caught up with you today

Hard on the outside
Ripe within
But when I dig I find things
You would not believe

6. Industrial Killing

[Music: Glesnes / Storesund, Lyrics: Glesnes]

Deeds and actions, beyond explanation
In line, naked and cold
Strapped down violently, enter damnation
Ethnic cleansing unfold

In the distance, the gate opens wide
Call forth the horror to come
Genocide with a sick wayward pride
Heartless, warp-minded scum

Speech and silence are one
Bell tolls, no where to run
Not to be forgotten
Not to be forgiven

The stain of human nature
Deep and profound

Stripped by pride
Cleansed by life
Remission through shedding blood
The stain of human nature
Deep and profound
The true cry of mankind

Not to be forgotten
Not to be forgiven
Not to be forgotten
Not to be forgiven

7. Perfect Illusion

[Music: Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

She is the self proclaimed new heroine
She is the martyr off all things serene
No human vice
No earthly possessions
She was bred out of your own misconceptions
She was there when your world turned to shit
She was gone when you made up for it
White on black, the perfect illusion
Indulge her while she fuels your delusions

Bitter witch
This Hive Queen
Close your eyes and wait for God
Gone amiss
A ripe pick
Swallow you and
Spit out the seeds
I weigh more
But means less
Body emptied, head severed
A new church
In her. You might just be...
At it again

You think up big words to justify it
But it boils down to you being a prick
Think again when she turns you her cheek
Your resolve just won't make things turn real
She was the self proclaimed new heroine
She made you wish you could fuck up again
She was the self proclaimed new heroine
But wasn't real
Get the fuck over it

8. Parasight

[Music: Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Block the menace, the downpour,
The jibber, the ache...
Let the crust blister. It's for you to taste
To immoral for you to digest but,
Did you ever step over the line?

Get up!
Take that second step
What you were is over,
Now it extends
Explode anew bury the old
To extend
To unfold

Everything is just a mess
Think you got me on the ropes
If you thought I wasn't good,
I'll leave you to your woes
To tell you what you needed wasn't enough
I could spell it with a fist
I could tell you,
But I wouldn't miss this

Watch their faces
Pump it up
Knuckle white
It's not enough

The tide breaks against the memories
Are you still here?
Were you ever?
Bleed your fears; I'll raise you up,
Open your mind, oil your thoughts
Turning back did you ever learn a thing?
Your standing between now and "could-have-been"'s
Sick of holding, of caring, of giving a shit
You made you don't come fucking complaining to me!

9. The Flagellant

[Music: Storesund / Glesnes, Lyrics: Olaisen]

And their feet trod through the ash
White hands blistering
There was nothing here
Only what they had delivered
No light split the horizon
Nothing beyond the veil
Only this blighted earth
(And the sound of dust over bone)

White pain
It's over. End it
No time to undo
We're unmade
It's time to let go
End me

They used to have each other
But no one remembered
Once they gave one another
Blinded by faith,
The sky split open
And time reflected itself
Where does it leave us?
(Build me this god...)

(And so the earth was harvested...)

10. Derelict

[Music: Storesund / Glesnes / Herløe, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Fall into broken sleep and,
You feel mislead
Get it off your chest
Scrape it off your hands
What is this illusion?
Is the only thing that's...

It suits your life
It shapes your lie
You morph to fit
To please the eye

Let me hide within you,
Or eat your heart out

It seems now that you left your faith behind you
Push the envelope, sharpen the pain
Well, what binds us separate mind and flesh
Decisions been made
I won't save me

You feel it
I accept...
Become it
My own fate...

I can map this void
Channelled trough my core
Wrapped around my spine
Trickling from my pores I,
Find sense in solace
Show me what it's...
In your liquid eye
Your minds abyss
I mark this point
It's where it ends

I will dig inside you
Feed off your emotion

It seems now that I find much more in this,
Blatant rambling than there is to it
It's too late for me to make a stand
I won't stop, won't fit won't bend,
I won't break

I fear I've got to much time to reminisce
Reject. Recoil. To close the minds eye
To hold a doubt and salvage the wreckage
A world apart
Unmake to recreate

Thanks to Sébastien Paquette-G. for sending these lyrics.

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