Dark Lyrics


1. Mechanize Blitzkrieg

He provides the key to hell
General desert rat
Obey his iron fist and will

Armoured core division
Tactical incision
Panzer rolling on

In this heat abyss
Forging bending steel
Altar of wargods

Ride to victory
Ride through pending doom
Ride for war and blood

Storms are howling
Cross the sands
At the general's command
Mechanized blitzkrieg

Steel is thundering through the storms
The desert will soak blood
Is anyone prepared

Tanks bleed gasoline and oil
The second slimes of war
Run from the desert throne

All servants must obey
Hail the lord of death
Mindless subordinate

The battle will commence
From all angles attacked
Then suns burns brooding red

Inside a monster's belly
Inside a tomb of steel

Inside a riding carcass
The squeaking rusty wheels

Providing little shelter
Only cries and hate commands

Aiming down the sights
Firing away powder shells

Hitting hard, hitting fast
Spreading fire full front attack
Shattered tanks and armour plates
Shooting bolts while nozzles break

Another round
Away is another shell shock bomb

2. Cracks Of My Coffin

Locked in this chamber
For ages to come
Home is here
In this oblong box
Velvet and lace
Caressing my skin
A flash of memories tells me
What has been the last winter of my life

Comatose survival
Forced me
Subconscious terror
Made me breathe

Burial rites
I can't recollect
Woke up after my medicine fix
Seen awe and horror
Nobody should
They kept me alive
By the grace of the lord

Cold sweat asphyxiate
The cracks of my coffin
It won't let me breathe
I should have been killed
While I was alive

Dirt is slowly creeping
Its way into my mind
Webs of desolation
Spread in my soul and heart

3. Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch

Following the long road
Through the cinders of changshu
Threatening east Asian culture
Breaking through the walls
In service of the emperor
You must beware dishonor

Fearsome soldiers march into
The outskirts of the town
Bloody vengeance in their eyes
Restless heartbeats heard
In the silence it precedes
Acts truly unspeakable

Ready to destroy and degrade
Trained prepared exterminate
Burn down and obliterate
Animal is king
Smother life and profane

Stain with filth
A symbol to oppress the enemy
Red sun rises fucking fast
Massacre civilians
To increase the high death toll
Three hundred thousand more

Smell of burning embers
In the capital Nanjing
Swallowing east Asian culture
Widespread horrors
Don't contemplate the actions

City of atrocities
Acts of severity
Death, more casualties
Testament of mortality

Unheard stories of extreme brutalities
Gangrape of the women
Spike their tongue in tables, penetrate their cunt
Bayonet the babies
Gape the uterus

Forced to commit
Incest and necrophilia
Lashed and beaten man
Pummelled to the death
Decapitation common
Chopped heads in the streets
Appalling count of bodies
Punishment severe

Infamous trench
A stretch of land
Then thousand corpse ditch
The graveyard's end
Executed, mutilated
Buried fast, alive
Slaughtered for no reason
This is civilian genocide

4. Throne Of Lies

Create worldwide deception
Create a track of doom
Contribution to an ancient tyranny of worlds

Suppression by divinity
Corruption of the soul
Trickery of submissive minds
Malevolence behold

Blasphemy and heresy
And tribunals of death
Ridden with anxiety
You reign without regret
Preachers of the light
Your fucking lies will not suffice

Psychotic, despotic
It's how hard you will try
Malleus maleficarum
You're willing to achieve
The greater good of god and soul
I will not grant reprieve

Taste my wrath as I summon knowledge
Demon eyes staring through your heart
Now it's time to swear allegiance
Weren't you always tied to the dark

Usurp the throne
I was cast to fire and stone
You use my name
To purify while you're to blame

Circle of blood
And heathen visions
Step away
From weaving flame
The boundaries of hell
Are beyond his limits
Gain your strength
And slay in my name

5. Blunt Force Trauma

With might we swing our hammers
The earth she shocks again
We deal in crunch and power
The ones who split your head
Visions of mortality that linger
In your brainwashed minds
Soon put to rest
By the fearful mark of metal rites

Penetrator, crying out war
Stone is smacking against your head
Fractured skull is what you'll get, violate
Blunt for trauma

Steady hand we aim our weapons
The earth she shrieks again
Rattling of machine gun fire
Prepare for ripping pain
Vengeance boiling in our black blood
Churning up the metal sound
Shifting gears to speed up faster
Battalion's coming to your town

Our will is strong
Conviction and inner strength
No make-believe
Submission, we let them feel

We eat the weak
They see supremacy
Muscles of steel they tender
Go for the kill

Rivers of blood run red, conspiracies
Be swatted cold to the ground
Show no mercy

Spitting forth the guts and glory
When they suffer at our feet
Take no prisoners
We turn to overdrive
And make 'em bleed

Machine of death
We thrust the enemy
Into your fangs of concrete
And high speed steel

6. Curb Stomp

They walk the streets at night
New world order
Got other gangs in sight
Frantic aggressors
Flash knives and andish sticks
Scream bloody murder
Lead pipes and dirty tricks
Siege of power

Warriors brace yourselves
It is time to make and take a stand
Go for the throat, riot act
A full fledged gangland attack
Run your furies rampant
Through the neon city streets
Choose your weapons, meet your fate
Soldier out to strike with

Bare knuckles, broken teeth
Curb stomp, you're gonna bleed

Warriors, shadow fiends
Protect your turf and take by all means
Metal chains, iron and steel
We live by malicious intent
Run your furies rampant
Through the neon city streets
Protect and serve go to hell
Soldier out to strike with

Bare knuckles, broken teeth
Curb stomp, your jaw it breaks

Face you inner self
Face your enemy in the dark
Back alleys and slums
Battlezones where you leave you mark
Make 'em eat concrete
And plant your foot in their neck
Feed 'em broken glass
Make ready for the next attack
Inhale the calm after the storm
Another fight is won
But at what price it comes

Warriors, run and flee
The daylight comes and you got what you need
Another victim, another spoil
Another thug to join the crew
Run your furies rampant
Through the neon city streets
Cause tonight we will fight
Soldier out to strike with

Bare knuckles, broken teeth
Curb stomp, your neck it breaks
Bare knuckles, broken teeth
Curb stomp, you're gonna fucking bleed

7. Verdun Meat Grinder

It comes to stalemate on the western front
Bogged down into trenches
Falling citadel
1916, the year all hope declined
Millions into war
Terrible casualties
By command of the German chief of staff
Erich Von Falkenhayn
A battle of attritions is the road to victory

Winter chill of February breathes
A million shells, three army corpses draw near
Artillery bombardment fires spree

Flamethrower simmer corpses into mud
French soldiers falling back by the attack
Failure and communications down

Come into the war, three days of retreat
Impending defeat, two more days are gone
Old or new relief, into combat flee

Commander general Ptain
Orders infantry to hold defence
Tenacious, bayonet between the teeth

Battle sector of village douamont
Heavy snowfall helps the allied cause
Four regiments are virtually destroyed

Come into the war, one month of retreat
We reject defeat, nine more months await
Thousands it will take, hill of le mort homme

The french must hold the flanks
Unable to progress
Three months for a stroke of land
General Nivelle
Village small we fight to death
Rats we eat and shit we smell
Bying comrads fellow man
Wade through the thick of guts and maim

Poison gasses
Diphosgene mince heat
Humand feed meuse mill

Take the battery
Of thiaumont and the village of fleury
Capture fort souville
German advances is stopped right here
Seal french factory
This lands is an ossuary
Bones and skulls to tread
Piles of human scruff to burn

Come autumn, sound the fall
For douamont back in our hands
Hunt the Prussian army to the death
Swift infantry strikes and heavy bombs
Execution style, soldiers go
Into the wringer of Verdun
A million march to the abattoir
Into the grinder of Verdun

Douamont ossuary

8. Radiation Holocaust

Swamps of green are damping
Fro the smelling pits of the earth
Boiling metal structures
Witness acts to an exalting death

Cold war crisis lives again
Leaders of the western world
Race the eastern tyrant kings
Primal nuclear control
Advantage built, warheads mount
Tension rise again
Talks of peace and disarm sheets
Freedom speeches lost

Choke the earth with fallout clouds
Erase your kind without remorse
Fall to fear and mind control
Theory of chaos born

Full speed head-on target clear
Countdown has begun
Nearing death's door
Hostile factions prepare for this war
Bend the truth to save your face
Blame it on your enemy
Sworn secrecy
We know what roams underground

Thousands of missiles standing
Rising heads for launch
One skeleton hand, presidential stand
Goes for the red button
The rockets sing a hymn of death
Dust will cover all
Debris is flying all around
And radiation starts to fall

Neon corpses dwell around
Mutations start to grow
Cancerous breed, infected seed
Toxic breath of millions
Another dawn, another year
Another era rotting
Chemical war is all around
And radiation it falls

Expulsion of the human race
Where is the president
Buried with the same effects
Of mass retaliation
Bunkers ooze, reactor fluids
No matter where you were
Corruption runs through human minds
Ultimate devastation

9. Opening The Blastdoors To Hell

Spearhead we march
To the devil's domain
Eerie and dark
Is this forsaken lair
Bodies impaled
And beheaded for lust
Better prepare
For the ultimate punishment

Beasts roam these tunnels
Eat toxic waste
Mutations so vile
Made of metal and slime

Opening the blastdoors to hell
We fire bolts of flash and flame
Fearless we will stand this storm

I'm loading my shotgun
My squad is on the edge
Soon running through this maze
Of torment and black

Invasion, we reach the black gate
Setting the bombs to blow it up
Counting, we aim down the sight
Blasting, here goes the door, to to war

Inhabitants of hell
Come through crumble and smoke
Emtying clip after clip
Still they come
Unleash our hate
We've got bullets to spare
Is there a way
We'll reach the deepest lair

10. Mass Incinerator

Towering to the sky the chimneys fade in haze of grey
The ashes wrapping in black death
Factory of massive death
Vomit cremated remains

Ovens are the law never your children here will grow
Your future lies in licking flames
Vault of terror open wide
Extreme hatred of life

Unbridled aggressions
Decimate the prisoners by the ton
Grin tooth smile commander
I say the killing' s just begun

Condemned to die without remorse
Death procession takes it course
Dragging bodies to the pit
Subsequent abyss feast
Bestial savage deathspell

Morbid genocidal wrath
Let the dead bury the dead
Subversive acts of tribulation
A zone of piled up bodies, decay
Await the day you die
Schizophrenic sate of mind
Suffering in agony
The end of life, and humanity

Keep hanging the bodies high, the ashes still they fly
Never ending dual conflict and pain
Warlust still reigns
None shall defy

Ridden with disease, apocalyptic dormancy
The final curtain's all they see
War promoter
Mass incinerator

Erre Schellekens - Drums
Pieter Van de Putte - Guitar
Ruben Luts - Vocals
Kristof Hectors - Bass

Thanks to herrdomke for sending these lyrics.

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